Who Died and Made ME an Authority?

Well, nobody.

I’m just a girl who likes to watch TV, would marry music if I could, and is addicted to pop culture and all of its foolery/fuckery (You choose whichever word feels good to your soul.). On Facebook, I often post about shows in real-time, particularly awards shows, and then I do one big ol’ recap. People kept encouraging me to do an entertainment blog, and finally I listened.

So here I am. And here you will find my thoughts about anything from my undying love for Jay-Z to how badly I want to learn how to walk like Olivia Pope.


I’m no authority on anything except “me” and how I live my life. (And I consult Jesus everyday when it comes to that, so…) If you’re here, stay a while. Sit on the virtual couch with me. Bring your own remote. Leave your high horse at home. This is all about fun; all about entertainment. When you miss a show, stop by. Chances are I’ve already run that back.

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