Grey’s Premiere is a Train Wreck. Heh.


This episode was cool. I wasn’t glued to the TV, but I did appreciate the overall theme. It was deep, but not depressing.

Two teens (Jess and Aliya) jumped in front of a train so they could be together forever. What sense did that make, you ask? Well, Jess’ mom was a homophobe who hated that Jess and Aliya were in love. She planned on sending Jess to a camp with a pastor who was going to unlesbian (<– new word) her. Jess wasn’t down with that and figured she’d rather take a hit from an object weighing thousands of tons, traveling hundreds of mph, than be snatched from her bed in the middle of the night and taken to You’re Not Gay Anymore Camp.

When Jess’ parents arrived at the hospital, they met Aliya’s widowed father for the first time. Immediately, Jess’ mother went in on him, because he clearly had everything to do with Aliya being gay and turning her daughter gay, too. *insert blank stare here* Jess’ dad says nothing with his mousy ass, while Aliya’s dad is looking like WHAT THE F*CK JUST HAPPENED?

While performing surgery, Maggie, Callie, and Alex talk about bullying. Callie reveals that she didn’t take no shit when she was younger. She said she was an easy target because she didn’t look like the other kids. So, they came for her. She rerouted their mean asses after learning how to fight early, though, putting that bully crap to an end. Alex joined in and shared some bullying highlights. Maggie admitted that she was bullied and it was obvious she was still affected by it.

This became even more apparent when Jess’ mom got in Maggie’s face and told her to stay out of her parenting business. (In an effort to protect Jess from her intolerant mother, Callie had called Child Protective Services, and mommy dearest thought Maggie was the culprit.) She yelled and pointed and probably spit a little while Maggie stood there in shock. But then…*BLOOP* Maggie punched her in the jaw.

In the end, Jess’ mousy dad grew a set. He told his wife to STFU with all of her nonsense before he left her and took their daughter with him. He said he didn’t care if their daughter was gay and she shouldn’t either. Both girls lived and Jess even passed a love note to Aliya’s dad for him to read to her. Awwwww…


  • Meredith is trying to get used to her new living situation with Amy and Maggie.
  • Bailey gets the job as chief.

My takeaway from this episode:

  • Love who you love.
  • Sometimes you have to punch a bish in the face.

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