End of the Road

If you don’t know much about the show, it is about an Asian-American family who moves to the suburbs of Orlando. Eddie, the oldest son, is in middle school, and is obsessed with hip-hop. It’s set in the 90’s, and it is amazing. I was all in from the moment I watched the pilot and saw that Eddie only wanted to rock t-shirts with black men on them. Granted, I just saw the pilot a couple weeks ago when the network was apparently prepping us for the Season 2 premiere, but whatever. I guess that makes me a fan who almost missed the boat.

In Boy II Man, S2, E2 Nicole charms Eddie into being her tutor instead of playing the piccolo during his elective period. It doesn’t take much to convince him because in his mind, Eddie is hip-hop. He’s hood. And a little flute is so anti-hood, it’s not even funny. Oh, and Nicole is fine, so there’s that, too. And she drew a Wu-Tang Clan symbol on his hand. Damnit, she’s the one!

When Eddie’s mom finds out about this, she’s pissed because she wants him to play piccolo. In fact, she forbids him to tutor Nicole and told him he WILL learn to play the anti-hood flute. Eddie let out a loud and confident, “NO!” like he actually had a say, like he paid bills in the house. You know the kind that’ll get you fucked up by your mom who plays no games? That one. My eleven-year-old daughter was watching with me, and when he said that, she was like “Oooooooooooooooooooh!!!” and covered her mouth. Damn right. Even she knew Eddie was in danger of Jessica (mom) getting in that ass. #TrainUpAChild

Since this is TV, he didn’t get snatched up. Instead, Jessica had a plan. Since Eddie wanted to be a tutor, she was going to let him tutor er’body. She convinces the teacher in charge to let Eddie reach his full potential and tutor more than one student. Next thing Eddie knows, his alone time with Nicole is snatched. In walk a few students, but the only one that matters is the tall, good-looking transfer student who uses corny jokes to gain Nicole’s full attention. While she giggles at dude’s impressions, poor Eddie is like WTF?

So now his heart is broken. (Grrr…That little beeyotch.) Eddie sits in his room and plays Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” on repeat. He even reenacted the video, wearing his flannel shirt, sitting on the chair… I cried laughing.


Then at the dinner table, the whole family is eating and looking pitiful when suddenly Louis (dad) busts out with the chorus to “End of the Road.” This is the moment when I could NOT stop laughing. He was all into it. Look at those closed eyes. This is how we all look when we are feelin’ a song.


Next, Eddie’s younger brother Emery joins in like he knows something about heartbreak. Jessica looks on with what looks to be a mix of horror, confusion, and insensitivity while Gram is smiling proudly. Eddie finally starts singing, too. He better. He wore the damn song out in his room. BUT WAIT! THEEEEE absolute funniest part of this scene was when the youngest brother busts out with Mike’s rap: “Baby, I’m here for you. All those times at night when you just hurt me…” How old is that boy? Like six? Did one of the Sesame Street characters break his heart? I was d-o-n-e.

At the end of the show, Eddie stops by the music room at school and what does he see? A cute girl playing the piccolo. What does he hear? She’s playing “Nuthin’ But a G Thang.” Hmm… Now THIS might be the match made in heaven. Playing the piccolo may not be such a bad idea after all.

snoop cwalk


  • After having a conversation with other men, Louis decides he wants to have another baby. “A girl one.” Because, you know, we can choose the sex of our children like we’re placing an order for custom drapes. Jessica’s response: “Shop is closed.
  • Jessica is such a strong TV mother. I love her character. During a conversation with one of the neighborhood friends, she explains how baffled she is by many American parents wanting to be friends with their children. She’s the because-I-said-so type of parent, so she doesn’t need her tiny offspring to like her. She’s like, “No children-friends.” She later realizes that maybe she can at least be kinda cool with her kids.

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