S5, Ep2, Yes

My GAWD! It’s been quite a while since Shonda and the Scandal writers had me staring at the screen with my mouth open long after the episode ended. However, I experienced the Scandal Stupor again tonight, and I’m not mad about it. (This might be long ’cause I’m amped right now.)

So, the episode began with Liv getting the hell outta the White House. She escaped like a modern-day Harriet Tubman, using that underground railroad (er, tunnel) to her advantage. She was so slick that Fitz didn’t notice her exit. She was in Fixer Mode. Fitz called her and found out she was strutting down the tunnel and couldn’t be bothered at the time. Un unh, boo. Shit had hit the fan. Standby for the next move.

Problem was, she wasn’t sure how she would fix this relationship leak thing…again. Remember this happened before. Kinda. Anyway, Abby and Liz pressured Mr. President to make a statement, but he refused. He was adamant about waiting on Olivia. That’s that special kind of “whipped” right there.

In walked Mellie. Surprise! Fitz looked at her like Why are you here? while she flipped her invisible cape and declared she was there to save the day. She was ready and willing to move back in and make a joint statement with him to let America know their marriage was just fine and Olivia was just a good friend of theirs. She even suggested finding Liv a fake boyfriend (sounds familiar) that looked like Fitz. (I guess y’all didn’t start that GoFundMe campaign to get her some self-esteem.) Fitz continued to to look at her like “Bish, huh?” and then she gave him the one condition that came with her “help.” She wanted an apology from him because handing her divorce papers was hurtful. The poor thing thought he was just being petty. Um. No, ma’am. He wanted you to pull out your pen, Senator Grant, and sign dem papers.

Fitz told her he wasn’t stupid. He was certain she was the one who leaked the affair to Sally. Miss him with that. She told him she had nothing to hide and had nothing to do with that. Leaking the affair meant her own husband didn’t want to have sexy times with her, and America wouldn’t want to elect her for president in the future if she was unsexable (<– new word). She bravely prompted him. “Two magic words.” She still wanted her apology. Fitz leaned in like he was going to give her a kiss and said, “Get. Out.” Oop. Byyye, Mellie Mel! God’s speed!

tyra wave

Meanwhile, Liv made it to Quinn and told her they needed to take a case. She needed to work to get her mind off of the shitstorm that was taking place. The best part of that scene was watching Liv chug wine straight from the bottle. Because: bad nerves.

The Scandal:

Gavin, also known as “G Preezy” was on the run. He was out on bail after being arrested for murdering his father. His stepmother contacted Liv to see if she could help find him. Liv promised that she would have Gavin back before anyone else knew he was missing. Yes, even though she was dealing with the shitstorm.

Jake and Huck showed up and OPA, ready to work. Quinn had nothing but shade and side-eye for Huck, who still was a disgusting animal to her. She found it hard to believe that he was “fixed,” but Huck kept saying Jake fixed him. Jake told Quinn to back off so they could get some work done. When discussing the case, Quinn delivered a classic line. When the question was posed why Gavin would get bail in the first place, she said, “Being rich and white.” Like, duh! Ha!

So Liv chased Gavin. With help from her team, she found him at a casino. Looking casually fly in a baseball cap, she sat next to him at a table. He thought she was a prostitute at first. Tickled by his assumption she reached down to the floor. Maybe she dropped something. Nope. She cuffed his ankle to the chair. That was bossy. It made me want to carry my cuffs in my purse just in case I need to do something like that. I’on know why I would need to, but… Wait. Cuffs? What cuffs? I’on own handcuffs. kandi sip 2

Anyhoo, Gavin sized Olivia up, talmbout he was sure he could take her. He wanted to know her plan. In walked Jake. Awwwww. Her loyal puppy followed her. I can appreciate him always being right on time, though. Gavin basically pinned his father’s murder on his stepmother, saying she had an affair and needed him gone so she could be with her side boo. Lies.

Later at a diner, some black chicks at a nearby table recognized Olivia, even though she had on the baseball cap. She could’ve at least worn some type of glasses, too, or ordered takeout. Dayum. She’s so much smarter than that. So, one lady approached her and asked if she was Olivia Pope. Nope. The lady already knew the real answer. She asked to take a selfie, but basically Deeboed her into taking the picture. While Liv tried to leave, almost everyone in the diner mobbed her, trying to take selfies. Guess they did it for the ‘gram. In the midst of the chaos, Gavin escaped.

While spooning, (Liv is such a pimp.), Liv had a reflective conversation with Jake at the hotel. She concluded that she wasn’t any different than Gavin. She was steady running from the truth, her truth. When they found Gavin, he held them at gunpoint. It was a nail gun, but let him live. Neither of them were afraid, but Gavin was like, Make me put the nail gun down. SMH. Jake walked toward him, and Gavin pressed the trigger. A nail whizzed by Jake’s head. Gavin quickly put the weapon on the ground and pleadingly said, “Sorry.” Well, well, well. If it wasn’t apparent prior to that scene, it was then: “G Preezy” was a punk-ass fo’ sheezy. Siren sounded in the distance. Jake and Liv had already called the cops on Gavin, and Liv told him, “It’s time to stop running.”

Back at the White House, Abby found the president and told him to face facts. All of America (at least) had seen the selfies from the diner by that point. Liv was with Jake, doing what she does best: avoiding the storm. This lead him to call Mellie. I almost threw up when he said, “I apologize. Come home.” WHET??? Not only did he give in to her, he gave her four words instead of two! Come on, son!

On the way home, Jake drove while Liv listened to Fitz on the phone. He told her he understood. It wasn’t about what she wanted. It was about what she didn’t want. She didn’t want all the shit that came with being with him. He loved her too much and didn’t want her to throw her life away for him. Tears. She looked out the window and cried, and I coached myself into not crying. Before she got out of the car to enter her apartment building, Jake asked if she was okay. She assured him that she was. Bravely, she Pope-walked through the herd of reporters who asked a ton of questions simultaneously. When she reached the building door, one asked, “Aren’t you the president’s mistress?” I’ll be damned if Olivia Carolyn Pope didn’t turn around, pause for a moment, and say, “Yes.” Yes???? YES!!!!!!!


I. am. here. for. this. In fact, I wish I could fast-forward to next week so I can see what happens next. Liv gave us bawse bish in this episode, reminding me why I love her (and her flaws) so. Bravo, Scandal! Bra-vo.


  • The VP is so adorably clueless. When she stormed in and defended the president, I cracked up. Everyone stood quietly while she ranted that Fitz would never do such a thing. But then Fitz told David to find out who leaked the footage. All she could could say was, “Oh.” Yep. “Oh.”
  • Abby discovered that Liz used her access to Mellie’s logins and whatnot to leak the photos/footage, thanks to David. When she confronted Liz, Liz asked, “Do you want me to be your bitch?” Um… Bless her heart. Abby just wanted to be her equal. It was a deal.
  • Quinn and Huck made up.
  • I wonder how Cyrus is gonna ease his way back in the White House.
  • Olivia is that chick. It seems that her milkshake not only brings the boys to the yard, but it intoxicates them. These dudes bring sleeping bags and tents and shit to the yard. Fitz has been willing to give up the presidency for this woman. He was okay with leaving his wife and kids for her. He hired Jake (Heh) to stalk her. He bought her a friggin’ house in Vermont because she wanted to make jam and whatnot. He started a war for her – a WHOLE WAR! You can’t tell me she’s not the truth.

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