Empire vs. Lyon Dynasty: A Family Divided

Without a Country S2, Ep2

This episode began with Cookie, Andre, and Hakeem leaving the Empire headquarters with their boxes o’ shit. They ended up at a building in the hood, marked with graffiti. The boys gave her all the side-eye, but Cookie ain’t worried ’bout nothin’. She’d been in that predicament before. You know…rzn1f

She talked to the owner about using some space, only to find that Anika was already there in the studio with Veronica, who was singing for the gawds, Baby Jesus, and a few unicorns. THAT VOICE! Whew! Right when the two ladies were about to have a misunderstanding over creative differences, Cookie swooped in and took over. Ohhhhkay. Bye, Anika. (I still don’t quite understand Cookie and Anika’s dynamic, but whatever.)

Meanwhile, back at the prison…

Lucious didn’t have some type of authorization form in his chart, so he could no longer get his meds to control the symptoms of his myasthenia gravis. Where was the form, though? It was there the other times he needed the meds. Jail Nurse Dude told him the best thing he could do for him was give him some advice: “Contact your lawyer.” Everything about that was clearly shady.

Jamal sat down to have an interview with a gossip show called Spilling the Tea. Right in the middle of it, Cookie stormed in and disturbed the groove. Outside, where no one could hear their conversation, she laid it on him. “I need you to give Hakeem his album back.” Jamal tried to play hardball, but Cookie wasn’t buying it. She told him he wasn’t ruthless like Lucious, even though he was pretending to be; so he needed to stop frontin’. They smiled and waved at the interviewer and her crew as Jamal escorted Cookie out. As the elevator closed, she had one last thing to tell Jamal: She and her other boys were forming their own company since he’d shut them out.

Back at the yard, Lucious freestyled…or something like that next to Petey Pablo and ‘nem. I’m going to leave it at that because: not the jam.

At Hood Studio Headquarters…

Hakeem wanted to do something epic like put together a girl group. You know, like Destiny’s Child. He was never clear about which version of Destiny’s Child, though, because:


A chick who gave me Ariana Grande meets Selena Gomez came to the audition and wowed Hakeem and crew. La Chica Loca went off on them once she learned the audition was for a group. That only turned Hakeem on. (She ended up in his hot tub later.) Andre entered and told Hakeem he couldn’t just hold auditions without informing any of the other partners, but Hakeem wasn’t hearing that. As usual, he felt he could do what he wants.

Andre and Cookie chatted about Hakeem, and she compared his actions to how Lucious and Jay-Z made their come-up. Huh?? HOLD. THE. FUCK. UP. (They made me cuss for real.) Jay-Z-whoaWhat I WON’T stand for is Jay-Z’s name being mentioned in the same sentence and in the same context as Lucious’. Were the writers high? I don’t care if Lucious is a fictional character. There is no comparison. Don’t even play like that.

Lemme take some deep breaths and rub my ear lobes. Woosah.

During Jamal’s visit, Lucious told Jamal to get him some basic recording equipment because he was thinking of making an album while he’s locked up. Dude in a flashy suit at the next table eavesdropped and introduced himself to Lucious. He was a lawyer and wanted to help Loosh Dawg get out. Lucious decided to give him a chance.

One of the prison guards summoned Lucious to follow him to a supply closet. When he opened the door, a few other inmates awaited with studio equipment and a ready-made track. The guard told them they had about an hour to make a hit. They had to be done before the shift change. They came up with a Whoop That Trick/Hard Out Here For a Pimp-esque song and called it “Snitch Bitch” or sum’n. I would speak on Lucious’ awkward kind of rhythm distracting me from the beat and how his voice wasn’t thuggalicous like the song called for it to be, but why? It’s Terrence Howard. And Terrence will always sound like Terrence.

Hakeem decided to leak his album to the world since Jamal was playing games. He didn’t give a damn if he caught a case because of it. At that point, Andre was out. That was his last straw. That ghetto building, Hakeem’s carelessness, and Cookie’s nonchalant attitude were too much for him. He pleaded to Cookie, “Let me go,” looking like the walls were closing in. Lyon Dynasty wasn’t his steeze. He needed something more. So he went to visit Lucious. He wanted back in. Empire was in his blood. Little did he know, his wife had already gone to Jamal and begged for his job back. She even played the “I’m pregnant. You’re gonna be an uncle.” card.

Lucious: “You still goin’ to church? You still believe in God?”

Andre answered “Yes” to both questions.

Lucious: “Then you pray to God that He forgives you, because I don’t.”

Andre was like, Hol’ up! You rejected Jamal for years because he likes boys, Hakeem boned your fiancee, and you won’t forgive ME? “Why do you hate me?” he asked. Flashback to young Lucious and his mother. It was a flashback that was not executed very well in my opinion. But hey, that’s been my issue with LPB (See my post about the season premiere to find out who LPB is.) since the first time we got down.

Lucious told Andre he didn’t hate him as he walked away. Shoot… Loosh should be the one thanking God for favor. All things worked for his good in that situation.

  1. Andre had found Jesus, who is the Prince of PEACE.
  2. Andre must be taking his meds regularly again because he didn’t pop off and react violently after Lucious served him epic shade.
  3. Even if Andre did pop off, they were in a prison. So Lucious had built-in protection.

You ought-ta thank Him, Lucious!

Anyway, Lucious’ song was released on the radio, to Hakeem and Cookie’s dismay. They’re the only ones running Lyon Dynasty now and want to be on top of their game because they know Lucious is going to come for them. Little do they know he is coming sooner than later. Lucious was set free after Random Lawyer Dude presented the judge with some photos of him doing some kinky thangs that he’d never want anyone to see. The prosecutor in the Victoria’s Secret push-up bra and low-cut shirt was outraged, of course. Oh well. You win some; you lose some. One false move, and her bra would’ve lost those tig-ol’-bitties. She was the one who had Luda (who played a jail guard) harassing Lucious and she was responsible for withholding his meds apparently.

This episode was much better than last week’s, but it still had holes. It really wouldn’t take much to fill in those holes, either. LPB once again left me lying in bed blank-staring at the ceiling while he pumped and sweated atop me. One day, I hope Empire gives me climax I’m longing for.


  • Andre was looking good this episode.
  • What in thee hell did Tiana have on?

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