Thank You For Your Services – Basketball Wives LA

One word typically sums up this whole franchise (and most other reality shows):


But I watch. So let’s run this back.

I swear nobody can go to paradise and just have a good time. It happens every season, no matter the location or cast. I can kinda understand how this is possible because you can’t travel with everybody, but dayum! Angel got into it with Mehgan. Bitch this, bitch that. Finger pointing. Ho this, ho that. THOT. And they probably combined insults at some point (e.g. THOT-ass ho). You know, the usge. Angel hit below the belt when she brought up the abortions Mehgan had. At that point, er’body was up, and it wasn’t clear who might swing on who at some point.

Once everything kinda settled, Brandi and Malaysia felt some kinda way about Shaunie and Tami kee-keeing a few feet away. They assumed they were laughing at them and the drama that had just occurred…as usual, let them tell it. They reminded me of six year old twins whining to their mother: “She’s always laughing at me! Make her stop!”

Well, Brandi was all like FTS and told them how she didn’t appreciate them being disrespectful. She needed not step to Tami unless she wanted a problem, though. Tami Roman IS reality TV in my opinion, all because:

…and right or wrong, she’ll give you the business. Maybe Brandi hasn’t seen previous footage of her? Maybe she’s ’bout it in real life and had some business to give back to Tami? I’on know. But Tami is that bitch. (Although she told Brandi she wasn’t that bitch during the show. “That” bitch, however, was a different bitch in this case. Did you get all that?)

Honestly, I believe Shaunie and Tami joined the cast to help the show out. I’m not sure what ratings have been like, but my guess is they were low. We don’t know these other women like that, and their storylines, though messy, aren’t very entertaining. There’s no real direction. Many of us don’t care about them.

Anyway, no blows were thrown. Shaunie proceeded to tell Malaysia and Brandi that they (as a group) are “to’ up.” That statement is true, but the BBW Miami cast was just as “to’ up” and an even hotter mess. I remember, Shaunie…

…but I’ma let you finish. Miami was much more entertaining until it became #teamtoomuch.

The girls uninvited Tami and Shaunie to go ziplining with them because they were in their feelings. Unbothered, Shaunie and Tami hung out on the beach and laughed about it. I mean, they invited the girls on the trip in the first place. How did they get shut out of joining them? But whatever. Tami told Shaunie that she’d give her the opinion she wanted from her regarding the cast, since they were just chillin’.

Tami’s Rundown:

Mehgan goes whichever way the wind blows.

Jackie is a crazy-ass flip-flopper.

Brandi says how she feels but retracts when Malaysia side-eyes her.

Malaysia is a “grown-ass baby” with Chiclet teeth.



Brandi came out her face and called Shaunie a bitch (more than once) all because she felt insecure with how Shaunie spoke to her and the rest of the girls. She said Shaunie disrespected them every chance she got and talked down to them. Now, I don’t have my hand in her pocket book, but er’ uh… I assume she doesn’t need BBW coins. Because, I mean, who tells the Executive Producer that she’s a bitch and thinks she’ll still have a job? Oh. Brandy. Everybody at the table was quiet. There was no having her back then. Shiiit, they want to be considered for a contract renewal come next season. As Brandi ran her mouth, the rest of the crew sipped dranks.

Shaunie was like, I wasn’t even coming at you like that, but “I’ll be that bitch for you.” Brandi continued to run those chops. You’re just Shaq’s ex. You throw around the fact that you’re the EP. You think you’re this and that, but you ain’t nothin’. She went hard in the paint. But then Shaunie shut her down with one line delivered so casually bossy.

“Thank you for your services.” – Shaunie O’Neal

nicki deuces

Deuces, Brandi!

She sat and blinked for a moment. I guess it didn’t sink in. Shaunie helped her digest, with another, “Thank you.” There was nothing to do but leave in peace at that point, and Brandi couldn’t blame anyone but herself. It’s one thing to turn up for ratings, but it’s another to turn up on the Executive Producer – the one who brought you onto the show – and call her everything but a child of the King.

This episode was juicy – the juiciest of the season – but this cast exhausts me. I wish they would get a new batch o’ chicks. The hard part has to be finding “wives” of players we know and care about who don’t have gag orders. I’m sure dudes were hitting their lawyers up after the first season of BBW Miami. LOL!


  • Where the hell Draya?
  • Though I haven’t watched faithfully in a couple years, WHYYYYY do I still tune in from time to time??? (Oh. Wait. Because: Reality TV junkie and Fuckery Enthusiast)
  • I’ll be posted on this couch come next week for the reunion as well. Judge me not.
  • #teamTami all day

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