Wrong Answer!

Paris is Burning, S5, Ep3

Abby (“Red”) rushed down the halls of the White House with the president’s security detail after: “Yes.” They swooped in and started unplugging equipment, pushing cameramen out of the way and whatnot. There was in intruder in the building. Interview cancelled. They took the pres and his first lady to a different room, where the news broadcast was playing. You know. “Yes.” That’s when they realized there was no intruder. Mellie unmuted the TV just in time to hear the question and the answer. And duh! She freaked. Fitz stood behind her, shocked and turned on at the same time. His “There goes my baybeeeee” smirk led me to believe both heads were on…um…swole. Clearly, Liv was fresh out of damns to give and had claimed him to the world.

That was cute and all, but he needed to focus. All hell was about to break loose. They had an hour to decide whether to give Noah an exclusive interview of the breaking news. Otherwise, he would air the little bit of footage he already had of Fitz and Mellie lying to America.

Pouting in her office, Mellie awaited Cyrus’ arrival. Yep, she called him to negotiate her next move. It was some bullshit that she even had to deal with this, and she wasn’t going to sit down for an interview to tell the truth just because that’s what Fitz wanted. When Cyrus asked what she wanted, she was very clear. “I want to destroy Olivia Pope.” (Wrong answer.) Cyrus coached her into thinking deeper and staying out of her feelings. Hell, Fitz and Liv have been gettin’ it in since his first presidential campaign. Get over it. One more time. “What do you really want?” This time, Mellie clenched her teeth and said, “I want the Oval.” Hot damn! That’s just what Cy wanted to hear.

At OPA, Jakee-Poo (because: Liv’s puppy) told the crew to stop trying to fix shit. Liv did what she always told her clients to do. She told the truth. He invited them to sit there and drink with him while they let everything unfold on its own.

Senator Grant required some things:

  • Fitz needs to be her bitch while she runs for president.
  • No public appearances as a couple until Mellie becomes president.
  • No interaction with the kids unless she approves. (Like she and Fitz even interact with them. Shut up, Mellie.)

And Cy had a request, too. He was not going to negotiate in his former office and he for damn sure wasn’t going to negotiate with Liz, who snatched his job. He only wanted to speak with Red, and therefore, Red needed to tell the pres what Mellie said. Step off, Liz.

Jakee-Poo and Liv were on the phone. He wanted to know how she was doing. She felt like she had made a mistake. Him? Oh, he was chillin’ with Huck and Quinn. They been drankin’. They been drankin’. And he was drunk as hell… in actual life and in love. He reminded her that he was at her beck and call. All she had to do was say the word and he would come. She giggled the way lady pimps do, and told him she would be okay. Stay there. Besides, he was faded and DUIs aren’t sexy. Jake is something else. While he can put a bullet through one’s forehead or chop off all their limbs without blinking, I’m certain he’s made of cotton candy on the inside. The pink kind. I’m not saying he’s soft in general, but for Liv? SofTTT. (Told y’all Liv got that fiyah between her legs.)

Back at the White House, Liz hinted at digging into Liv’s kill file. Even though Abby was pissed at Liv for previously not admitting to smacking pelvises with Fitz, what WON’T happen is this bish tryna take her homie-mentor-friend down.

So… Fitz agreed to Mellie’s demands, but she received the signed document and still wanted more. It’s time for Jesus Himself to come down and have a Come to Jesus meeting with her. Sweetie, as much as it sucks that your husband doesn’t want you (no shade), you need to let him go. You want his heart, and it’s unavailable. She told Cyrus he was soft. She expected more out of him. Do better, damnit! Get her more! I thought for sure he was gonna go into predator mode, so my nerves were bad. But nope. He actually went to Fitz and poured out his – Mellie’s – heart. He advised Fitz to appease the woman. (Wrong answer.)

Lawd. Smelly Mellie may be making an appearance again soon. Liv walked into Fitz’s room to find Mellie tearin’ shit up, tryna find her stash of hooch in her closet. She kept it cute, made sure she served her Mellie digs. She told Liv she didn’t know what she was getting into. Visiting to knock one off every now and then was fun, but living there and having first lady duties was another. Losing her identity and her company was another. Not making her own decisions and smiling when she didn’t want to smile was going to old real fast. “I hope you know what you’re really fighting for.” And whenever you find more of my hidden hooch (because you will end up searching for it), “consider it my parting gift.” Hmm… I rebuke the thought of there being a Lushy Liv. She already takes that wine to the head like it’s water.

Liv went to Fitz because Mellie got to her. She wouldn’t admit it, but it happened. She told Fitz to just wait out his presidency and stay married. He could do it. Eighteen months. Deal with the heffa for eighteen more months. She wanted him to go to Mellie and make things right. They could do the interview and continue lying to America. Fitz was all, FTS!!! I didn’t blame him. I mean, shit, Liv! YOU’RE the one who said “Yes.” You opened your lips and told the world you were the mistress. Now you wanna flip-flop. If you’re gonna be compulsive, you have to commit to that shit.

On the balcony, Fitz and Mellie had a tender moment. He apologized to her for abandoning her after her unwavering support to get him into the White House. The Scandal writers are brilliant. I don’t even like Fitz and Mellie together, but that moment had me wrapped up in my feelings like a swaddled newborn. They both thought it would be them against the world when they first wed, but my how things had changed. He convinced her to do the interview with him. He wanted to see her eventually take over the White House, and this was his way of helping her do that. *cue Lyfe Jennings “Let’s Stay Together”*

That was short-lived. Cy went to Fitz on some humble, mushy, I’m-so-happy-to-be-back-in-the-White-House ish. He apologized for his wrongdoings but said he always had and would always have his back. He even said point-blank: “I want my job back.” Fitz didn’t wanna hear that mess. His response: “You. do. not. work here anymore.” He didn’t even look up from the papers he was signing. Cy stood in shock. (Wrong answer.)

Fitz finally looked up and told him, “You can go.” He used the extra bass in his voice. You know, the amount that makes him think he’s harder than he really is. I knew then that he’d unleashed Predator Cy. Dumb ass. He immediately went to Mellie and mind-fucked her. So you’re taking the deal, huh? You’re not getting what you want, and you’re okay with that? Hmm. Okay. It’s your life. I’m just disappointed in you.

That did it! As she and Fitz went to the room where the interview was set to take place, she stopped. She wasn’t doin’ that mess. He almost got her, but nope. Screw him and his interview.

Abby told the president to let her fix it. Olivia gave her nod of approval. Let them throw her under the bus. He wasn’t a fan of that, but as he rushed after Abby, she yelled for him to come back and sit… mulitple times. I think she forgot Jake was her obedient puppy. Fitz stopped, but he only joined her on the couch when she said:

“Sit there and watch me choose you.”

‘Member that line?

My panties fell to the floor (by themselves) after watching the above clip the first time. This time, I was kinda prepared, so I locked my legs tightly to prevent that from happening again.

How can they still be cute in the midst of all the controversy? I’on know, but they did it. I’m annoyed with them doing this back and forth on one hand, but on the other, I love their chemistry. Right now, I want Olivia to decide whether she wants to let her heart rule her or her head.

So they sat and we watched Liv choose Fitz.  Abby told a room full of reporters that Liv can’t necessarily be trusted because she has a reputation of sleeping with powerful men for a come-up. Umph, umph, umph. Really, she just has that #milkshake.

This episode ended with Jake visiting Papa Pope in prison. He had to tell him that “Louvre is on fire.” The hell does that mean??? Looks like we’ll see more of B613 next week.


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