Basketball Wives L.A. – Season 4 Reunion

Honestly, they could’ve skipped over all the talk about everything that happened before the season finale. But…

About the almost-fight with Mehgan vs. er’body: Jackie needs to thank the good Lord that she spit on Mehgan and not Malaysia or Draya. She probably would’ve been doing the reunion show live, via satellite, from her hospital bed – just coming out of her coma. Jackie claimed she spit “at” Mehgan to show her she wasn’t playing but did her a favor because she could’ve easily landed a lougie on her forehead. ewAnyway, Mehgan threw mega shade, saying she would’ve swung on her, but it would’ve been like hitting her mom.

About Jackie’s friendships with Brandi and Malaysia: Jackie said she didn’t know where she stood with them, but in her mind, they were cool. Malaysia was like, I love you and your family and will defend you to the death. If you die, I’ll hit the floor and cry. BUT you are batshit crazy. “You get on my fuckin’ nerves.” Now THAT’S love.

About their troubled/failed relationships: Malaysia is a cheerleader for #teamsingle. She believes single life is the best thing that has happened to her and it feels good to know that no one is running all over the country cheating on her. That’s valid enough. Brandi said things are better with her and her husband. They are best friends again and are working on their relationship for them and not just for their baby. That was good to hear, since staying together for the kids is hardly ever a good idea.

About Angel vs. Mehgan: Mehgan still stood by her claim that Angel is/was an escort. She even whipped out a piece of paper from her ass. (Okay, it came from under her ass. She was sitting on the paper.) It was a listing from Backpage.  Angel claimed she was catfished. People steal her pictures all the time and put them on Backpage. K. Jackie chimed in and asked how she could be down because she’s all about making coins. John Sally told her she’d need to be all about slobbing a knob if she wanted to make money from Backpage. If you’ve followed this season or at least saw the season finale, you know that wouldn’t work out. Because: Purex.

purexAbout Draya’s exit: So, most of us agree that Draya wasnt shit for saying Brandi’s cancer story was boring and no one cared about that sad stuff. She thought Brandi should be discussing her husband’s messiness, but Brandi wasn’t for it. She said she didn’t want to tell his “ho tales” about the Drayas in his life. She wanted to focus on her personal issues. (I thought marriage was personal and that the show is called Basketball Wives, but what do I know?)

Tami chimed in. She agreed that Brandi had been talking about cancer every season. Brandi corrected her on the number of seasons she’s been a part of, and Tami shrugged her off with: “Now it’s clear that I don’t even watch y’all shit.” *tears* The point was, she had been talking about the same thing over and over again.

Tami’s comment about not watching their show led to a heated discussion between her and Brandi. She didn’t appreciate Tami dissing their show when she happily became a part of it toward the end of the season. She even called Tami thirsty because she’s been on multiple reality shows. (I thought that was called “working,” but again… What do I know?) Tami’s response: “It ain’t about being thirsty. It’s about saving your muthafuckin job.” Shaunie asked her to come. Period. Tami encouraged Brandi to take notes because if her husband doesn’t play, she’ll need to have multiple checks. Welp!


Jackie disagreed with Tami and felt that under no circumstances should Draya have made the cancer comment. BUT she made sure she clarified that she wasn’t saying Tami was wrong in feeling the way she felt. HA!!!! Jackie continues to show us that she wants zero problems with Tami. And I chuckle every time.

About Brandi coming for Shaunie: “I’ll come with you. We’ll have our own island, boo.” That’s what came out of Malaysia’s mouth. Malaysia, STFU and have every seat in L.A. for NOW saying you would join Brandi if she’s kicked off the show. Was that ride-or-die part cut out of the finale last week? Did she get up and follow Brandi but production made it look like she didn’t? Maybe we missed it when she told Shaunie, “I’ll take my services elsewhere, too.” I have questions.

About bringing the group back: Shaunie said she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She just knows some math must be done. Subtraction. Addition. (I believe the Pythagorean theorem would work best in this situation. It’s time to think deeper.) Mehgan looked worried. Brandi’s chest looked tight. She can only pray she’ll have a job. Shaunie need not bring her back if she wants to be taken seriously. “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES” was the best line delivered this year in reality TV. It was bossy. It was memorable. It was the best tea Basketball Wives has served us since Evelyn’s “Non-muthaf*ckin’ factor.” She cannot fold and let that girl back on the show. I believe we’ll live if we don’t see her on the screen next year.

peace shaunie

Tami stole the show. She was in rare form, which I absolutely love. Like I said, she IS reality TV. Other than that, this reunion was pretty MEH. It would’ve been fifteen minutes long if they weren’t allowed to discuss Draya.


  • Draya declined to be there, but many of the discussions were about her.
  • Shout out to Mehgan for making up the word “misconstruities.”
  • Brandi looked like Shaunie was her hero, seeing that they were both wearing outfits that gave us peek-a-boob.
  • I guess we should thank Jackie for wearing panties because her dress was damn near riding up to t-shirt length.
  • Tami wore pants. I think she was ready in the event that somebody jumped bad. Brandi also had on pants – a jumpsuit.
  • Wouldn’t it be something if Gloria reappeared next season? #random

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