A Mouth is a Mouth 👀

Be True,  S2, Ep5

I won’t say this episode wasn’t decent. I think I’m still missing a little fluidity, but I don’t really look for it anymore. This will be very quick, but let’s run it back.

  • Andre was welcomed back to Empire by his evil-ass daddy and a brothel’s worth of strippers. He’s now the president of Gutter Life Records. Turn up?
  • Lucious looked corny as hell directing Jamal in the studio.
  • Ne-Yo guest-starred.
  • This: “Your house ain’t clean if your closets are dirty.”
  • Tiana was jacked for her purse by two ’bout it broads.
  • Thirsty Photog tried to give Jamal some head, but he wasn’t going for it. Photog’s response to the rejection: “A mouth is a mouth.”
  • Taraji had an I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF reunion with Adam Rodriguez’s lickable self. adam
  • While Jamal was being Captain Faithful, his boo was pressed tightly against the building *cough* receiving *cough* a favor. Thirsty Photog doesn’t care where that mouf goes. He just wants to show er’body what it do. I wanna know why Jamal didn’t snap on his boo, though.
  • Andre went around to everybody, confessing his sins and transgressions and then invited them to his baptism.
  • Laura, Hakeem’s new Latina singing sensation, turned down his advances and showed him that she isn’t about that let-the-boss-hit-it life. I hope she stays true to that. Eh… I give her two episodes.
  • Lucious had a flashback of his mom damn near drowning him while Andre got baptized. That was a powerful scene.
  • Next thing we knew, Hakeem was running in the park and got snatched up and thrown into a car.


  • That damn Rhonda ain’t pregnant.
  • I knew Attorney Easter Suit had something to do with the goons trying to get Cookie’s masters. I think he also has something to do with Hakeem’s kidnapping.
  • Will Becky ever have a purpose on the show?

2 thoughts on “A Mouth is a Mouth 👀

  1. Girl you NAILED the whole show!!!!
    (You should do this for a living!!)
    Especially, Rhonda ain’t prego.
    She’s shady.
    Something about her doesn’t still well on my stomach!!

    Liked by 1 person

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