Game, Set, Match: You Win Some, You Lose Some

You Got Served, S5, Ep5

The show opened with Stinky Cy (because: no shower) eating bon-bons and brownies on the couch, eyes glued to the TV, while the news dropped that Fitz is going to be investigated and possibly impeached.

At OPA, Liv created her wall of shame. She posted the articles about her affair with Fitz.¬†Some of the headlines: Grant’s Groupie, Olivia Poke, Here We Ho Again, Side Piece in Chief. She had an announcement for her crew. They weren’t handling her case. She didn’t want them to fix this. She¬†was bringing in Leo. He was a political insider who could better handle the scandal. No shade.

He wanted to change her ho status by painting her relationship with Fitz as the ultimate love story – one that no one could hate on. He wanted to show that she could be the ho-turned-housewife basically.¬†Liv wasn’t down with that. Quinn suggested “Olivia Pope: Woman of the People” as an alternate¬†angle. Liv liked that. Leo could work with that.

The problem was nobody knew who she was. She was hardly ever seen. No one would care about someone they never saw.¬†She needed to change that, and she needed to look like an everyday woman and do things everyday women do. Wear clothes from the mall. Go to the grocery store instead of hiring a delivery service. Be everyday-ish. And… she needed someone respectable and well-liked by the American people who could vouch for her character. But who would that be?



Liv was super-hell-naw about¬†approaching him,¬†but really didn’t have much of a choice. She needed him. So, she took the walk of shame to his door. He let her in, but did not miss an opportunity to smother her with his smug demeanor. Think “Look what the cat drug in.” He threw major shade (because: in his feelings still). In fact, he called her “a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar.”¬†THE FUCK??? Look.¬†I get it. She dumped him and broke his heart. He’s probably still embarrassed and looks to still be..single. But some shit is out of bounds. Liv said she should go. Translation:¬†FTS. What you won’t do is call me¬†“a¬†criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar” to my face again without there being a misunderstanding of 9-1-1 proportions. I’m out.¬†But he stopped her. He would only lie for her if she told him the truth. He wanted her to admit that she never loved him and had no intention of marrying him. Ever. Cut to him giving the interview of interviews about how lovely she is. Chump.

Fitz agreed to hand over every file that ever existed for the judiciary committee so they could comb through them in hopes of finding an impeachable offense. This is the same committee Mellie was appointed to. (Yep. I said “was.”)The one Mellie helped move forward with the investigation. The one that told¬†Mellie she needed to¬†step aside now because she was too close to the case. They kicked her off the damn committee after they got what they needed from her. Umph. One of her homie-traitor-friends on the committee promised they’d throw her a bone, though. They’d include her in some other major platform to make up for using her and tossing her out like a trash bag full of two-day old broccoli.



Leo had a bone to pick with Olivia. She lied to him. She told him the president had never given her anything. But news of “the ring” was all over TV. What the hell?? The press wanted to know if¬†the president was engaged and married. Now Leo needed Liv to be the googly-eyed, lovestruck girl who fell in love with a powerful man.

Cy was tickled at every turn while he remained on his couch. In walked dejected Mellie. She joined him on the couch to wallow in her sorrows. While there, she admitted that she leaked the news of the ring.

The judiciary committee/wannabe goons pulled Marcus into their car. They told him he was going to be their bitch, their spy. They wanted to know what was going on at OPA so they could take Olitz down.

Liv showed up unannounced at Jake’s place. He introduced Elise as an “old friend from Paris.” She had a friendly exchange with Liv and then left to give them some privacy; but not before she and Jake smooched. Liv talked to him about the love story angle that Leo wanted to go with against her wishes. Jake¬†believed she was terrified that admitting to the world that she loved Fitz locked her down for good. She would be connected to him and the White House with no way out. He understood how that would be scary. His advice: “Tell the world how you really feel about him.”

Olivia sat down to ¬†do an interview about the ring. She told the story behind it and likened the whole thing to a fairy tale or something from the movies. But ultimately, she wished she’d never laid eyes on the president¬†because of what their scandal had done to everyone around her. If she’d never laid eyes on him, she would have never fallen in love. Cue Carl Thomas.

She also hates what the scandal has done to her business. She worked hard to build her business and could lose it because she’d laid eyes on Fitz. But don’t ask her to not love him anymore, because she can’t. As Fitz watched, he didn’t looked as pumped as he did when she’d simply said “Yes.” Too much damn talking this time. LOL

Back at Cy’s, Mellie agreed with Liv. She wished they’d never met, too. Cy apologized for bringing Liv¬†onto the campaign way back when. He felt like he facilitated the whole thing. Later, he received a call from the president. He played it off in front of¬†Mellie, never saying who was on the phone.

Turns out Marcus can be trusted for¬†now. (You never know what Shonda has up her sleeve.) He pretended to be down with the senators but got some intel while in their office. What did it reveal? That they had the tape from Olivia’s kidnapping.¬†Olivia was in his bed when Fitz¬†got to his room. She wanted to listen to records and do a lil’ somethin’ else. Whilst foreplaying¬†to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” Olivia whispered the news in Fitz’s ear. The senators had the tape. Fitz was unbothered. He’d lie and say he didn’t even know she was kidnapped. Liv was like, That would work if no one else knew you saw the tape. Fitz said¬†Cy was¬†the only one who knew he¬†watched the video. He wouldn’t tell. Liv just looked at him like For once, do me a favor, baby, and use your head – the one attached to your neck. Hell yeah, Cyrus would¬†tell – especially after Fitz basically stepped on his balls when he tried to apologize. Cue the record scratch.

Back at OPA, Liv was working late. Jake brought her some¬†food and sat down to join her. She had to ask: How does he know Elise? He didn’t hesitate to say, “She’s my wife.” He also said they’re a lot alike. When she said he has a type, he said she does, too. “Married guys.” LOL! She couldn’t help but laugh with him.

Fitz is Captain Obvious. He brought Cyrus in and said he wanted him back on his team. Just randomly. Surrrre. Cy saw right through it. (Duh!) He knew Fitz needed¬†something from him and guessed that it was the tape. He started telling a story from seventeen years ago.¬†He could tell Fitz where he was, what he was doing, what he was wearing, what word he kept messing up during a speech, if he wore boxers or briefs, how many shreds of chicken were stuck between his molars… alladat. That’s how much Fitz meant to him. He didn’t mean that to Fitz, though. The president only wanted him around when it was beneficial to him and cared not about Cy or his boxers or briefs or… you get the drift. It bothered Cy that¬†Fitz couldn’t even tell him his mother’s name, and that woman meant the world to him. “If I left this room, you wouldn’t remember I was here.” So no. He didn’t need Fitz anymore. No deal.¬†He¬†sounded like a wounded stalker, but I felt him.

But hol’ up!!! Before Cy could leave, Fitz recalled the time when Cy’s¬†mother sent him an Agatha Christie novel during Fitz’s first run for governor. And he shared more stories of Cy getting more packages from his mother and how he could tell when Cy would get them based on his mood. He included location details and everything. ¬†Damnit, he knows what his mother meant to him. He knows what her name was. It was Helen. (Awwwww… Go Fitz!) He proceeded to tell Cy he was terribly sorry and needed him back. They are family. He is Fitz’s guy. I didn’t think Cy was gonna fold, but he did. With HIS stipulations. If Fitz wanted him back, damn that other advisor title. “The job is¬†Chief of Staff.” Liz had to go. Away. All the way away. Like, if they had one of the Men in Black mind-eraser thingies, he use it on that chick. Honey, this never happened. You were never here.¬†And one more demand. He wants new carpet in the office. THAT is the deal.

The next thing we know, Fitz paged his secretary and asked her to send Liz to his office. Welp!

Liv – Winning

Fitz – Winning

Mellie – Losing

Cy – Winning

Liz – Losing

This episode was full of epic monologues. I want to say Cy’s was my favorite, though. The writers really did their thing with every bit of dialogue from 9pm to 10 pm. YES.


One thought on “Game, Set, Match: You Win Some, You Lose Some

  1. So I am with you for the most part. Edison, in my opinion, had the right to blast her. I do rremember he tried to have the nice version of that conversation and she blew his spot up and sent him sailing away. If I am going on national TV to save even a chunk of someone behind, I want answers! I might be wrong but he knew just like she did that he was her only ray of sunlight.


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