Too Much

Being Kara  S3, Ep 4

  • Kara was up late… working and sexing. And she woke up late because she’s human and she was worn out. The result? She missed a meeting at school for one of her sons and was late for Mary Jane’s return to TV. Her ex was there for the school meeting and told her the teacher believes he may have dyscalculia. As soon as she got in the car, she popped a pill, and I was like No. We will not do this again. Because: Lisa.
  • At SNC, Greg sidelined MJ for another week. He wasn’t comfortable with her being onscreen again, saying all he sees is a scar (behind MJ’s back). Jerk.
  • When MJ got home and looked through her mail, there was an envelope from Lisa. Instead of opening it, she called Cutty Buddy. You know orgasms feel much better than grief.
  • Meanwhile, Kara was melting down. She told her ex she’d have the boys move in with her for a little while. That was her way of not feeling like an insufficient/absent mother. But it was too much. The youngest son (Scott) peeing in the bed still was too much. The older son (Max) giggling about it was too much. The stupid dog (that they brought with them) chewing up her shoe was too fucking much. All of that was going on, and she still needed to get to work on time and get them to school on time. But that wouldn’t be too much for Superwoman, and she was supposed to be Superwoman. So, she had to get it together. I’m not sure if Superwoman ever took a handful of pills, but Kara did.
  • At work, Kara checked Marisol because she was having a little side meeting with Greg. She accused her of sleeping with him in an effort to get to the top. She warned her that she better get it together because she was becoming a problem and she didn’t like problems.
  • Back at MJ’s crib, she called Cutty Buddy again. She needed more distraction sex. No problem. They knocked aqua-boots in her pool until they were interrupted by Niecy. (I want MJ to invest in a privacy fence with a gate that locks.)
  • Kara got home late, but her ex was around to make sure the boys were all set. He tried to encourage her by saying she is still a good mother even though she can’t always be around. His encouragement wasn’t enough, though. She wanted to do better. There was an event at the school, and she wanted to make brownies instead of buying some at the store. And she did. While the brownies were in the oven, she was texting her boo and getting some work done on her laptop. Multitasking didn’t work in her favor this time, though, because she burned the brownies. Damn.
  • She showed up at MJ’s house with all the ingredients for the brownies. Mind you, it was the middle of the night. (I would’ve been at Kroger getting my Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge life, but whatev.) MJ was confused because: middle of the night, kids were left home alone, friend was crying and holding a grocery bag, low-key demanding that she make the brownies for her. Then came Kara’s confession – her truth. She couldn’t do this. She had been an A student all her life, but she felt like a C student when it came to everything in her life right now. She shouldn’t have gotten married. She shouldn’t have had kids. She’d done her best to give them the best of everything, but “loving them and raising them are two different things.” She felt like she was failing them.
  • Mary Jane found out that CeCe extorted money from her to open a small bookstore. She paid her a visit, and they had their usual back and forth about CeCe’s “blessing” and who’s a fraud and whatnot. CeCe is such a shady intellectual. We all know one. They’re the people who you want to dap up for knowing their facts but then punch in the throat for being an asshole.
  • After having goodbye sex in the car with her boo, Kara had a proposal for her ex. They should move back in together to cut costs and to help her be a better mother. Teamwork makes the dream work. Right? Her ex didn’t think it was the best idea, but he didn’t hit her with a resounding “Hell no!”
  • Cutty Buddy cut MJ off. She broke his peen because: orgasms feel better than grief and she was fighting off a whole lotta grief with a whole lotta sex. He couldn’t take it anymore. She was forced to face her feelings. She finally opened the envelope from Lisa. It was an invitation to an event she was hosting. As MJ slid down her counter onto her kitchen floor, I vowed that I would not cry with her. I don’t know these people!!! But I do know these people. #thestruggle
  • Cutty Buddy consoled her and encouraged her to deal with death by living. It looks like he could have potential to be more than the dude she calls when she needs some sexual healing, but knowing Mary Jane, it most likely won’t work out. He seems to be sensitive and caring and such, though, so I’m curious to see what can come of this.

I felt Kara on many levels in this episode. As a divorced single mother of a child with special needs, shit gets real on the regular. I work an 8 to 5 where I have to talk to people all day and deal with their problems. I always have to be “on.” And then I pick my daughter up from after-school care. Once we’re home, I have to cook, help her with homework, spend some time with her, and then get her bathed and in bed at a decent hour. I’m also a writer. So whether I’m tuning in to one of my favorite shows to recap it for my blog or developing the TV show I’m writing or diving back into one of the novels I have in-progress or finishing the feature comedy that’s soooo close to being done or… (you get my point)… There’s always something to do. And because shit happens, I’ve picked up more work as an independent contractor to help ends meet. I am exhausted ev-er-y-day. Hear? I’ve melted down. I’ve yelled at my daughter out of frustration, and I’ve cried because I wonder if I’m cut out for this.

If I’m honest, I often beat myself up for not doing enough to help my daughter “get” some of her schoolwork. I feel guilty because I have to get work done when I really want to join her on the couch and watch Disney. But the reality is, I’m not Superwoman. She’s a fictional character. This is real life. The reality is I can’t “fix” her learning deficits. I can only do my best to find which learning methods work best for her and build from there. I can’t add more hours to my day. I can’t magically finish all these projects in a couple months. I can only do my best.

Being Mary Jane continues to dig deep and deal with real issues that women face today. I again applaud Mara Brock Akil and the writers for great content.


4 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. I was wallowing in Kara’s pain! Finishing a meeting at work means late for school pick up. A real breakfast in the morning means 5 min late for work .. To do both means an hour less sleep!!! Oh Kara, I feel your pain girl!! Awesome recap! #dontlikecuttybuddy


  2. There are so many days I want to run away screaming this is too hard, being a mom, wife, full time worker, business owner and writer.

    Then I remember my mother words just keep on living. She did it with the same amount kids and less help, husband and money.

    It’s hard sometimes but worth it.

    PTO last night so of course that pushed everything behind, will watch later.

    Great recap look forward to watching and stopping by to catch your recaps. Thanks


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