Untying the Knot: Toya Wins


  • So Mickey blamed the issues/lawsuit with K. Michelle for the downfall of his marriage. There was added pressure because he lost his job, etc. He moved out because he must not be able to handle pressure, and she said they might as well get divorced if they’re living apart. He ultimately blames Toya for his life being ruined because he could’ve gone on LHHA to defend himself and she told him not to. thanku
  • They’ve been separated six months, but he doesn’t want to get divorced.
  • Oh, Toya ain’t stupid. I wanted to believe she wasn’t. I was praying she wasn’t. And look at GAWD answering my call after three rings!  I watched her facial expressions while he talked his shit. She’s unbothered. She’s home getting her life with the nice guy she met in the grocery store line one day. (I made that up, but I bet I’m not too far off from the truth.)
  • When Mickey moved out, he took Toya’s rings (engagement, wedding, and anniversary) with him because she said the d-word. That was part of his tantrum. In his mind, the rings were like her crown while she was his queen. If she didn’t want to be the queen, there was no need for her to keep her crown. He essentially took his ball and went home. Since he wanted to be petty and illogical, Toya wanted the watches back that she bought him, then. Cars were also an issue. Of the three cars they had together, they both wanted the G-wagon. Neither of them cared about the jeep or the BMV. (I could’ve helped mediate that part by taking one or both of the other vehicles off their hands.)
  • Vikki Ziegler arranged for appraisers to go to the house to appraise (duh) the property Toya and Mickey are fighting over. There was an awkward moment when Mickey presented the rings as his “love in a box” that Toya didn’t want. She corrected him, saying that wasn’t true. He disagreed, saying she said the magic word (divorce) and that made the rings go POOF.
  • He paid $80,000 for her engagement ring, and it’s only worth $38,000. He paid over $100,000 for all the rings, and they are only worth $41,000. Toya got to keep all of them. Meanwhile, Mickey was looking crazy as hell. I bet his trusted jeweler got a phone call as soon as he left the building.
  • Recommendation for the cars: Toya got to keep the G-Wagon because she’s been driving it all along. Mickey got the other two vehicles and could go get his own G-Wagon if he chose.
  • He got to keep his watches and the camera/lenses, which didn’t make Toya happy. Vikki gave Toya a “bad-boy credit” for half the value, though, because he’s doing some ratchet shit with the camera that was meant to help revive his career (and not be disrespectful to his wife).
  • They both agreed to the terms of the settlement, and he declared that he’ll never get married again. He’s just gon’ “Hugh Hefner this thang on out.” Oh. Have fun, Mickey. Have fun.


  • Every time he called himself bossing up, I couldn’t believe him. Because: His voice. TF???
  • I now think she didn’t necessarily agree to his 8 days of infidelity but she didn’t shut that ish down, either… until she got fed up with his entitled attitude. I bet he made it a point to tell her every day that she was to blame for his fallout with K. Michelle. FOH.
  • Let’s be honest. Toya isn’t hurting for coins or belongings, I’m sure. Wayne is her ex-husband and father of her daughter. From what I understand, he spoils the women he loves. She’s BEEN good. However-comma, this mess with Mickey is about mere principle.
  • He moved out and got outside ass eight days out of the year, but he’s mad because she wants a divorce.


  • I think they still get it in every now and then.
  • Before Toya took those rings and car back, she apparently snatched the bass out of dude’s voice. I don’t remember him sounding like that years ago. Lemme find out she got a hold of a little New Orleans “magic” and is watching his manhood deteriorate with a knowing smile.

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