RHOA: Duke’s A Hazard

S8, E2  Duking It Out


  • After five years of marriage, Ms. Cynthia is letting us know she doesn’t “have time for the bullshit.”
  • She admitted that she and Peter have tons of issues: financial issues, distance issues, not-attracted-to-him issues, etc.
  • Peter told her he wasn’t feeling her grand entrance at her launch party. Hmm… Like she wasn’t feeling him choking ol’ girl in the video and grazing her breastesses?
  • When Cynthia got home, Peter had already headed back to Charlotte. Business calls!
  • She tearfully spoke with her assistant about her issues with Peter making her eyewear launch bittersweet.
  • I wonder what her storyline would’ve been without the video? I’ma just leave that with y’all and let it marinate.


  • She went to visit Kim (Fields) and wanted her to look at Life Twirls On. She even asked if Kim would consider coming on as a director. Kim looked hella nah-I’m-good, but politely agreed to check it out.
  • Kenya was confident that Kim would beg her to be a part of the project once she saw the pilot.
  • This line: Kenya: “Hollywood has been good to us.” Bish when? WHERE???? WHET????


  • She was working on an independent pilot when Kenya came to visit her.
  • We saw Kim in Mommy-Mode with her husband of eight years and her two sons.
  • She and her husband are figuring out the work/life balance. They don’t have a nanny, and in her words, they’re “’bout it.”
  • She tickled herself after sharing that she’d had a couple miscarriages before Quincy came alone (I believe he’s 18 mos. old.); and instead of trying harder, she and her husband were still. She busted out laughing when she realized her wording, and said they were obviously not that still since Quincy is here. LOL
  • Can we get a Living Single reunion?


  • She had Peace of Mind tea with Cynthia and wanted her to know she was praying for her and her situation with Peter. Meanwhile, she was still telling the “I don’t know what went wrong with me and Kandi” story. Seems anyone can get that story if they have ears – functional or otherwise.


  • Time flies! She showed up at TAGS with her now GROWN daughters.
  • She asked Kandi if Kenya was always like “that.” You know, like Kenya. Um. Yeah. Pretty much.


  • Sheree visited her at TAGS and asked her what was up with her and Phaedra. Kandi was still confused. She thought she and Phaedra were cool until she found out Phaedra was telling the crew that she wasn’t being a good friend.
  • Even though she was told to slow down, she still has stuff to do. Of the things, opening a restaurant was one of them.
  • When her staff talked about planning her baby shower: Todd asked: “Is Phaedra coming?…Can you tell her to bring my money when she comes?”
  • During her sit-down with Phaedra
    • She called Phaedra out. They only get together when she invites her to do something.
    • What tripped Phaedra out was: A stranger came to her in the store and talked about buying Apollo’s motorbike or whatever off of Kandi and Todd. So basically she was disturbed that Kandi broke the girl code and let Apollo keep his shit at her house. AND never told her about it. Meanwhile, the government had allegedly gone to Phaedra’s house looking for the vehicles that are in Kandi’s garage and Phaedra couldn’t tell them where to find the property.
    • On Apollo: Phaedra’s new excuse is it’s too expensive to travel to Kentucky to let the boys visit their dad. Kandi was like, GIRL. Any other time, you’re talking about how coined up you are. Now, you’re pinching pennies? But anyway, she didn’t give a damn in real life. kandi side eye
    •  (I wish Phaedra would just say she isn’t going to take the boys because she doesn’t f’n feel like it. My gawd!)
    • Kandi slipped in the fact that Todd was the one who was checkin’ for her coins. 8 stacks. He wants them. Phaedra argued that she only owed 5 and it was stupid because it was for a video that didn’t even release. Kandi was like, That’s on you! She was the one who decided not to release the video.
    • Blah, blah, blah… Tears… Blah, blah…
    • They hugged it out.
  • Don Juan went IN after Kandi told him how the conversation went with Phaedra. He didn’t appreciate Phaedra’s attempt to make amends and he wasn’t “there” for her Emmy-winning tears. How dare Phaedra say Kandi wasn’t there for her because her criminal husband did criminal shit. (That line was everything, but uh… Why does Don Juan always come off like the mean-ass usher at church who stays in everybody’s business?) He did what real friends do, though. He had Kandi’s back.


  • She found out her sister was three months pregnant, and was hoping that was the reason sis never seemed thrilled about Duke. Perhaps hearing about a baby football player made her nauseous? K. (And what’s up with how she learned Lauren was pregnant. Were we supposed to believe she found out in that moment?)
  • At Duke’s surprise going away party
    • This girl had chicks dressed as cheerleaders to greet him. He was grinning kinda hard at them.
    • Sister Lauren and Brotha Business Pat’na (or sum’n like that) were off to the side with Kandi, Phaedra, and a couple other friends serving side-eyes and tea.
    • Brotha Business Pat’na talked about Duke’s affinity for porn stars. How did he know? Google. Kandi then shared that she’d read about Duke kickin’ it with a transgender stripper.
    • She announced that they were going to look for a place together.
    • Off to the side, Duke told his homeboy that the party was over the top. His boy told him he had to stay, which leads me to believe he was wanting get the hell out of there (or had previously scheduled plans with another ATL boo that he was missing because of the over-the-top shindig. Madame Google has old pics of him with Erica from LHHA (Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta) looking cozy-ish. Maybe he was supposed to go see her.
    • Porsha got everyone’s attention because she had another surprise for Duke. He was sweating and whatnot while she gushed over him to all the party guests. He probably thought she was going to propose. Nah. She gave him a trophy because he was her MVP and her trophy man. He gave her a genuine kiss after she presented him with his trophy. Because: relieved.
  • It is clear that Duke laid that pipe and opened her all the way – Liquid-Plumr style. Poor Porsha is/was dickmatized.

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