The Battle, The Betrayal, & The Baby

My Bad Parts  S2, Ep8

  • Shots Fired: In front of a crowd of bloggers and vloggers, Lucious announced that Freda was coming for Hakeem. And that’s exactly what she did. Like a well-trained dog, she came out and called Hakeem a mama’s boy, said he wasn’t as good as his brother and was softer than butter… She even made reference to him being kidnapped. Umph. The hook? “Daddy’s little girl.” I giggled because she went hard. Calling that man Lucious’ daughter? Lawd.
  • Back at his apartment, Hakeem and Laura got freaky on his pool table. As things got hotter, he found out she’s a virgin. He slowed his roll rather quickly, unsure that he wanted to be the one to bust her cherry and have her sweating him (more than his cougar-almost-stepmama, Anika).
  • In the midst of the makeout session, Hakeem received a text that Freda was coming for his head. He immediately checked his laptop and saw Freda’s performance. He clapped back in a video and said he’d battle her for his last name. He’d show her who the real Lyon is. Cookie didn’t think it was a good idea. I agreed. He’s more on the entertainment end. Freda is straight ‘hood. It would be like Mase battling Raekwon or Iggy battling Lil’ Kim during her Hardcore days. Cookie didn’t want Hakeem to get wrecked and mess up the career he has. Hakeem wasn’t hearing it. He said he was going to “make that bitch (his) bitch.”
  • Pepsi wanted Jamal to become their next spokesperson. He had to submit a song within a week for them to make their decision, though. Lucious was all, Don’t worry. I’ll hit the studio with him and make sure it’s right, while Jamal looked like he had explosive gas he was trying to hold in. His dad thinks he’s producer extraordinaire, but Jamal would rather work with his mom.
  • Okay. Anika was in the bathroom looking stressed. She was holding a knife in one hand and pissy pregnancy test in other. She called Hakeem but got no answer. Later, she ran into Rhonda and they had smoothies or something. While talking about her pregnancy, Rhonda told Anika how much of a sucker Lucious is for babies. They’re like his cryptonite. She said he stops by the house just to talk to her and such, which is typically out of character for him. Anika looked like she had an Aha Moment. I’m not sure if she saw dollar signs for life or realized that bearing her asshole ex’s grandchild was sweet revenge, but her wheels were clearly turning. She finally showed up at Hakeem’s and got his attention briefly. Right when she was stradding him and about to tell him the news between kisses, he stopped her. He couldn’t do it. He thinks he’s in love. Oop! At that moment, she learned she’s only a  #babymamahomiefriend. No worries, though. He still thinks she’s dope.

thumbs up

  • Hakeem caught Cookie facetiming with Jamal and asked what made her love Jamal more than him. When he threatened to tell Lucious she was working with Jamal, she called him a snitch bitch. There he was being sensitive again. She thought he’d manned up. Hakeem said he wouldn’t tell… yet.
  • Cookie showed up to support Jamal at the Pepsi showcase, and Lucious was there. She was furious because Jamal told her he’d used her song. She figured that wasn’t true, since her ex was in attendance. She stayed long enough to hear that Jamal meshed Cookie and Lucious’ songs, and was dancing like…


The Pepsi execs were impressed, and he got the deal.

  • Against Andre and Attorney Easter Suit’s advice, Lucious signed the deal with Swift Stream, talmbout, “Hell wit’ it.” Okay. When things go awry, I hope he says the same thing. He already can’t afford to buy into the company and MiMi seems shady, but we’ll see.
  • At the battle… Cookie and Jamal showed up to support Hakeem. Lucious looked like the grim reaper, watching from the sidelines with a hood on. Freda and Hakeem each had two chances to spit on different beats in an effort to settle their beef for good. Freda kept it gangsta, taking personal shots at Hakeem. Hakeem kinda-sorta did the same in his own way for the first song but was Diddylicious during the second song, bopping around the stage, and rapping about money and yachts and shit. He had the crowd hyped, though. At the end, he boldly rapped, “Call me Hakeem. Bullet to the name Lyon.” He was officially dropping his last name. And then he busted out the lights associated with his former last name.
From now on, Hakeem will no longer be using the last name Lyon.
From now on, Hakeem will no longer be using the last name Lyon.
  • At the after-party, Cookie’s long-lost sister, Candace, showed up. Candace was played by Vivica A. Fox. It was clear that they don’t particularly care for each other. When Cookie talked slick to her sister, Candace hit her with one of the more memorable lines of the night: If prison did nothing else for Cookie, it taught her how to “dress like a monkey and talk like a pimp.” She wasn’t there to go back and forth. She was only there because their sister, Carol, was on a bender. When Cookie realized what was going on, she told Candace they had to go to Philly. She didn’t explain why.
Cookie's other sister, Candace, let's Cookie know that Carol is on another bender.
Cookie’s other sister, Candace, let’s Cookie know that Carol is on another bender.
  • Hakeem walked Laura out and waited for the car to pick her up. She got in and we realized the driver was Anika wearing a blonde wig. Perhaps Laura is getting kidnapped like her boo? We’ll see.


  • Why do all of Jamal’s songs sound the same?
  • The chemistry between Vivica and Taraji was great. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them – not just for shock value, though. I want a real story next season.
  • IMO, Hakeem lost the battle. I know he had to win for the sake of the show, but they could’ve had somebody write some harder lyrics since he was going up against Freda. Even if the lyrics weren’t harder, they could’ve been better.

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