AMAs 2015

Hosted by: Jennifer “J-Lo” Lopez

  • J-Lo opened the show singing a ballad version of Waiting for Tonight. I believe that was her way of showing the naysayers that she can sing. THEN she was like, I’ma dance. Most of the hottest music this year made me dance. And dance she did, with a group of background dancers, to a medley of the year’s hits. I mean, she danced to everything from Trap Queen to Bitch Betta Have My Money to 7/11 to Anaconda to Feelin’ Myself to What Do You Mean. Y’all don’t understand. THIS Jennifer Lopez showed up:
    fly girl2
    Fly Girl days on “In Living Color”

    …and I was like work

If you’re reading this blog… if you do NOTHING else with your day,                navigate over to Madame YouTube and find her performance.                          Please. Thank me later.

  • Nicki Minaj didn’t seem to be all in when the camera turned to her during Anaconda. She had a subtle smile-smirk going that spoke volumes to me. My translation: This broad did that Booty song with Iggy’s corny ass, but now she wants to dance to my shit. Funny.
  • Prince presented the first award, which The Weekend won. Yes, Prince is still the man. Yes, Prince still stands in the background looking like that unbothered usher at church.
  • Selena Gomez performed half-dressed and swirled her hips around. They kept bleeping part of the chorus, so I guess she’s cussing to show she’s grown.
  • Meghan Trainor sang Like I’m Gonna Lose You and had me smiling because I like her. (Confession: I started REALLY liking her when I heard her song Walk of Shame. It tickled the hell outta me.) Then she sang Marvin Gaye with Charlie Puth, and they ended up Marvin Gaye-ing (making out) at the end. I don’t follow teenie-bopper culture unless it concerns Justin Bieber (Because: my daughter), but from what my years have taught me, Marvin Gaye-ing onstage means they go together.
  • Ariana Grande came out looking like Jessica Rabbit in pink with a split up to her clitoris. She owned that mic as usual while she sang a ballad. She then disappeared behind the curtain and came out in a short little number. She got bleeped out for singing, “Go ‘head and talk yo’ shit.”
  • While I applaud Selena and Ariana’s efforts, the young Latina whippersnappers can’t touch J-Lo in the dance department. They should’ve just stood in place. Mama taught a clinic on how it’s done tonight.
  • Demi Lovato performed the title track on her new CD, Confident. Good song. I’ve always liked Demi.
  • The Weekend performed. While most of his lyrics were clearly sung in English, I struggled to figure out what other language he was singing in at times.
  • Nick Jonas is still a cutie. His performance was pretty good! He started off crooning while he played the piano. He got up and sang/danced at the mic center-stage. Then, he hopped on the the drums and earned a hundred bonus sexy points in my book. For the finale, he brought out a choir who helped him sing Jealous. I was torn. I appreciate the artistry, but I’on know if a gospel choir should be singing about everybody wanting a taste or about being jealous.
  • Gwen Stefani performed her new song, but she sounded like a wounded animal. I was sad on her behalf.
  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed with Leon Bridges. Who knew M & RL were still making music?
  • Demi Lovato performed again – this time with Alanis Morrisette. YESSSS!!!! They sang “You Oughtta Know.” #life
  • Diddy came out to present an award, and he made sure he gave J-Lo a shout-out beforehand. It was kinda cute.
  • The Weekend, Nicki Minaj, Carrie Underwood, Ariana Grande, Fallout Boy, and Justin Bieber were some of the winners for the night.
  • My son-in-law (Justin Bieber) shut the show down.He performed a medley that included Where Are U Now, What Do You Mean, and Sorry. He looked great and sounded great, giving a much better performance than at his VMA return. Oh, and did I tell you he performed Sorry in the rain? It was manufactured rain, but still. Hot concept. Great execution. *in my Deniece Williams voice* Let’s hear it for the boy!

Overall, this was a good show. I liked how many of the performances were back-to-back. (We’d see two artists in a row.) I look forward to seeing next year’s show…hopefully in-person!


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