Okay. So I haven’t recapped Being Mary Jane because I haven’t felt compelled to do so. Something has happened. Something feels different. The show has gone off in a completely different direction than I expected, and me no likey. Don’t get me wrong. The writing is still strong and the show still addresses current and important issues with intelligent storytelling, but… How do I put it? I’m bored. And I have questions.

With the season finale coming up, I’m like, WTF? Season finale? Not winter break? FINALE? What are we finishing? Some of the storylines have just begun! This season feels rushed. We’ve hurried up and gotten nowhere. Now that we’ve lost one character to suicide and another to his passion for international happenings, I’m starting to wonder if the series finale is upon us. And again, me no likey. I absolutely love Being Mary Jane – especially Season 1 and the first four episodes of this season. I hope it remains on-air, but they have to amp things up for me.

Anyhoo… People have asked where the recaps are, so I’m gonna run back the last three episodes in one whop. If you haven’t seen the episodes, you haven’t missed anything major. You missed moments that could’ve become major. In a nutshell…

  • Niecy’s mama showed up. Jill Scott played her. She’s a celebrity hairstylist. I believe one of her clients is Nicki Minaj. While she was in town, she had sex with Patrick. You know. For old time’s sake.
  • Mary Jane took her job back by announcing to a swarm of paparazzi that she was returning to work on Monday. It pissed Greg off, but she got her way. Bottom line: She’s back on the air.
  • MJ went to a “private” club with Mark and met a white man who looked like he belonged in a cologne ad. They played tongues and fangas and such, and she liked it. In fact, she went back a few more times to “see” him.
  • We found out Mark is a “topper” after MJ asked him if anal sex hurts.
  • CeCe is nowhere to be found – at least from what we the viewers can see.
  • Patrick started his new job, but was struggling to keep up. A superior pulled him to the side and told him to get it together before he lost the job. He didn’t give a damn who Patrick’s daddy was. Now, he’s snorting some shit with coworkers in the break room. Problem solved. MJblankstare
  • I loved seeing MJ hang with her girlfriends. It was hilarious to see the contrast between their personal selves and their professional selves. They could drink and talk shit about sexing the president but then get on-air and report news about foreign unrest. (THIS is an example of what I relate to in the show.) Shout out to Kelly Rowland for making a cameo!

    BMJ Season 3 Episode 6 (Photo: BET)
    BMJ Season 3 Episode 6 (Photo: BET)
  • MJ was in the bathroom wiping off and such after sexing Cutty Buddy. She was talking away, but he wasn’t responding. When she went back to her bedroom, she saw he was having a seizure on her bed. LAWD! She shaded the hell out of him to her friends, talmbout that wasn’t sexy. (I agree, but it sounds so messed up to say out loud.) Turns out, he’s keeping that bit of medical info from the league because he doesn’t want to stop playing.
  • Nichelle and MJ had a hilarious conversation about being a ho. What was the definition of a ho? How many sex partners make you a ho? What’s the ho threshold? (I. LIVED. for this scene. Oh, the conversations my girls and I have had about this topic.)
  • MJ bought herself a new car and a $30,000 purse for her birthday. purse2She thought her family was throwing her a surprise party, but they didn’t. No one cared actually. I wondered why she didn’t go out for her special day if it was such a big deal to her. Instead, she bathed her mother and ended up telling her father that she had an abortion years ago.
  • PJ is bid-rigging at work. One of the employees at SNC told MJ in the midst of her mini birthday celebration, and she went to PJ and lectured him about it.
  • Niecy is working at a kiosk in the mall selling flat irons. She has some “friends” who work there, too, and they’re gonna get her ass fired. It’s only a matter of time. They’re shady as hell.
  • After Mark’s peen leaked… Wait. After a pic of Mark’s peen leaked and trended online, Greg decided to turn the unfortunate event into a marketable come-up for SNC. He was in the pic with another man. mark bmjThat meant er’body knew he’s gay. Greg wanted him to be their go-to guy who presented views on behalf of the entire gay community. Mark wasn’t feelin’ it. He was like, FTS, I quit. His passion was international politics and issues and whatnot. So, he put his house up for sale and is headed to Nigeria. Not sure if that was supposed to be “Goodbye forever,” but just in case…



  • I love Jill Scott as an actress.
  • I have a hard time caring about PJ and sometimes Patrick. We get bits of their lives, which is fine (and appropriate), but the bits we get revolve around major shit. I still don’t know enough or see enough of their everyday to care what happens to them.
  • Even though I don’t care for him and MJ as a couple, where is David? Does he ever text her? Has she seen him while she was walking around Atlantic Station or somethin’?
  • Can Omari Hardwick come back for a cameo?

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