All the Way Turned Up

S8, Ep7

So… Yeah. Um. Shit hit the fan during this episode, courtesy of Glen. Some folks argue that Kenya provoked him, but I can’t support that notion. Kenya is typically Madame Shit-Starter, but not this time. At some point, you have to make grown-ass people take responsibility for their own actions.

With that said, let’s run this back… late as hell.

  • The episode picked up where the previous week’s episode left off… on the boat with the group playing Never Have I Ever. During the game, I learned that Sheree and Porsha are members of the Golden Shower Club.
  • Once they got back to the house, Kandi was shocked to see that they brought back all this company. She joined everyone at the pool, though. While she and Kim were minding their business, Glen came over and was talking some random nonsense. I believe he told Kandi he knew who she was. Oooookay. And then he asked her what her attitude was about, even though she wasn’t really checkin’ for him.
    kandi huh
    Courtesy of

    He trotted his intoxicated ass off and talked shit to the others instead.

  • Everything that came out of his mouth, was aggressive. We didn’t see him just kickin’ it. (I’m not saying he never was chill, but if he was, we didn’t get a glimpse of that.) “Bitch-ass bitches,” “Lil’ bitch,” he was talmbout how they don’t know him and how he rolls… Some shit. I’on know. Just talkin’ smack because it was a warm night in Miami. And maybe because he’s tall.
  • Kenya wasn’t comfortable. Kandi wasn’t, either. They were wondering where Tammy was. As usual, her ass was tipsy as hell and had disappeared. Kenya found her and told her that Nephew Glen was making them uncomfortable and he needed to go.
  • Porsha could sense that something might pop off, so she escorted her Latino boo to the door.
  • Tammy didn’t seem to have a problem with getting Glen and his boy out of there. They were all at the door when Kenya began to explain why she felt he should leave. (Editing didn’t make it clear as to why she even felt the need to speak up, but she did.)
  • Instantly, Glen’s face scrunched and he started walking toward her, calling her “Lil’ bitch.” Tammy tried to stop him and security swooped in. glen
  • Even in the midst of the intervention attempts, Glen got to swangin’ and knocked Tammy out when he pushed her out of the way. His rage knew no faces, clearly (unless he’s been wanting to do that for years and that was his chance).
  • While this Tammy outwas going on, an ambulance was called and eventually, Glen and his friend were officially escorted off the property.
  • Cynthia felt responsible for the whole ordeal because she was the one who’d brought Tammy around.
  • Almost everyone except Kandi pinned the escalation of events on Kenya. Phaedra even made reference to Mike Brown and the misunderstanding of young black males. She didn’t feel like he was aggressive. (I’ll leave that alone. I get her point overall, but from what I saw, she’s comparing apples and oranges.)
  • Once Tammy was released from the hospital that night, she showed up at the door looking like a zombie from a horror film. Like, she had on a hotel robe and socks. She just needed to get her belongings. The ladies asked if she was okay, and she confirmed that she was.
  • During a phone call the next day, Dr. Phaedra asked Tammy if her pain meds were working, and they invited her to dinner. She never showed up.
  • Porsha went on a date with Latino Boo and they shared a kiss. She seemed taken aback when he first went in for a smooch, but hell, she had her swimsuit ass out twerking for him the night before. I think he felt like she might have been down. He backed off respectfully at her request, though.
  • Kim left early.
  • Kandi left after her, but before the trip was over.
  • There was a moment of fun when Porsha rent mini Hummers and the ladies sped through the city.
  • Kim reflected on Kenya’s messiness when she returned to Atlanta. While talking to her husband, she said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to work with her and admitted that she was enjoying Kenya’s friends more than Kenya. Her husband said Kenya seems devious. (I wonder if they’d never watched a season of RHOA while she was a cast member.)



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