Growing Up Hip Hop

S1, Ep1


Romeo Miller  Son of Master P

  • We eavesdropped on a contrived conversation laced with good advice from Daddy P. He and Romeo made it a point to let us know Romeo started from the bottom with his dad. He didn’t grow up with a silver spoon. (Eh… I think that should be rephrased. He didn’t start out with a silver spoon. Or maybe he meant want he said. He had a gold spoon. Remember those gold ceilings in Master P’s house on MTV Cribs?) P doesn’t like Romeo going out a lot without security. Really, he doesn’t need to do all that hanging out in general. He needs to get focused. P wants to hand over the reigns and make him president of No Limit.
  • He talked Angela off the ledge after the talk with Dame (see below) put her in her feelings. He told her Dame will always give the real and he appreciates good advice when he can get it.
  • Later, he spoke to TJ about Angela. He doesn’t want her to be a 40 y/o virgin and asked TJ to join him in the plight to help Angela find love. Because: Romeo.

Angela SimmonsHe got a crush on Angela (Simmons) *dance break*  Daughter of Rev. Run

  • She doesn’t want to just be her father’s daughter. She wants her own hustles. As a matter of fact, she was about to launch her faux fur line.
  • She alluded that she and Romeo must’ve had a lil’ somethin’ back when they’d first met. She said she wasn’t sure if Romeo still had feelings for her.  He was set to come to her show, and her girl was all… melo
  • Back home, she received a package from an unidentified person. It contained a soiled teddy bear. (I thought PETA was responsible for it, but I guess nah.) There was also a note talmbout (paraphrase) I’m in town and I’m tryna see you. WHO IN THE HELL???
  • Romeo showed up to NYC with his girlfriend but visited Angela without her. He asked Angela to check her out and make sure she’s good for him; but things got weird when he said he’s trying to make said girlfriend like Angela. What the WHAT???
  • At an event with the other cast members, Angela spoke of the stress she was under. Dame Dash took that moment to define what stress was in the streets. Until she’s told to show up somewhere or die OR until she has a gun in her face OR is hungry, she isn’t stressed. WELP! (While I agree with him to an extent, he was so damn aggressive. And by no means was Angela insinuating that she was living the street life.)
  • Remember the teddy bear? Well someone showed up at a club where she was and gave her the creeps… apparently. (They didn’t air anything that supported her darting out of the club in ten seconds and hopping into her waiting car, though. Or at least I didn’t see any suspicious activity. My contacts are dry, though. Maybe I missed it.)

Kristinia DeBarge  Daughter of James DeBarge

  • She’s a singer, and she was excited about performing at Angela’s fashion show.
  • She’s working on an album. In fact, Uncle El came to the studio to visit her. The snippets I heard from her song were hot.
  • She hasn’t seen her dad in four years because: locked up.
  • She wants to go see him, but El begged her not to. He said her dad wouldn’t want her to see him like that.
  • Before she could get to New York for Angela’s event, El contacted her with news about her father. Turns out, he’s not in jail anymore…

Boogie Dash  Son of Damon “Dame” Dash

  • Dame told the youngins of the cast to collaborate instead of competing. He told Romeo he wished he would’ve worked with Master P back in the day.
  • Boogie told his dad that Angela was “tight” about what he’d said regarding her (non)struggle. Dame explained that he wasn’t trying to belittle her, but she needs to know that the things she named aren’t real problems. He told Boogie that he can explain that to her in a nice way.
  • I’m not sure what Boogie has going on in his life right now. Dame got more shine that he in this episode. Maybe next time?

Egypt Criss  Daughter of Pepa and Treach

  • We didn’t get much on her, except that when she tried to go to the club to party with everyone, she didn’t have her ID. Pepa made sure she got back into the car safely and then went right on in the club to get her life. LOL!

TJ Mizell  Son of Jam Master Jay

  • All I know about him is that he is a DJ, too, and when everyone was at the club, it was his birthday.

This show has potential. I’m going to tune in next week to see what unfolds. I want to know what’s up with James DeBarge and I’d like to see what Egypt is doing with her life.

Catch the show Thursdays on WE tv at 10pm


Quote of the Night

“That’s not a problem. It’s called being an adult.” – Damon Dash

One thought on “Growing Up Hip Hop

  1. Not a big fan of reality shows besides Mary Mary. I enjoyed your review. And probably will not watch another episode. Like you said it has potential. I’m just hoping the producers will focus more on the kids and not the parents (Dame &Pepa)


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