Real Housewives of Potomac

S1, Ep1  Mind Your Manners

In case you don’t know where the hell Potomac is, it is outside of Washington D.C. Let’s get that out of the way.

Now, let’s run this back.


  • She has twins: Grace and
  • “Only legacy or large cash flow can get you in to Potomac.” “You don’t just up and move (there).”
  • She was married to Jamal Bryant who was a well-known pastor and a salami-hiding champ (Read: cheater).
  • She likes to date. (The dating scene must be much better among the rich folk.)
  • She didn’t move from the center seat for Karen to sit there during Karen’s birthday celebration.


  • Andrew Martin is her boyfriend, and I’m not convinced they have sex. The chemistry is just a no.
  • She loves the White boys and/or Jewish boys. (This came out of her mouth.)
  • She has three children under the age of three.
  • She wants to get married again, and her boyfriend gives her crickets when she says it.


  • She is in PR and has never felt the need to live up to Potomac standards. BUT be clear. She has that Potomac money.
  • She was married to her high school sweetheart, Juan Dixon, and has been divorced three years. I think he still lives in the house, though.
  • She is good friends with Gizelle.
  • Gizelle stopped by while Robyn was preparing her wedding dress for sale. Being silly, Gizelle convinced Robyn to try the dress on. While she was posted on the couch, in walked Juan who looked at her like WTF? He said she looked crazy and got the hell on out the room. Seems to me that seeing her in the dress brought back some memories and he got a tad uncomfortable.


  • Karen looks like a Tina (Knowles) Lawson/Lynn Whitfield mashup.
  • She is married to Ray, who looks like he’s Peter’s (from RHOA) older brother or his daddy. I shall coin him Grandpapa Smurf.
  • She referred to Ray as “the black Bill Gates.”
  • Gizelle says she is a diva – like a Diana Ross/Patti LaBelle kinda diva.
  • She has two children. Her son is already out of the house, and her daughter is preparing for high school graduation.
  • Everything is “etiquette” this and “unacceptable” that.
  • She has a million-dollar forehead, and the two prominent veins on the left side concern me.
  • She referred to Gizelle’s stylist as “the help”… ’cause that shit’s cute and acceptable to say.
  • She and Gizelle got into it because she told Gizelle she doesn’t know how to act at a gathering for a birthday girl. (She was still mad that Gizelle didn’t move so she could have her seat at the restaurant. There are more pressing issues in the world. Damn.)


  • She hosted Karen’s birthday dinner.
  • She and Robyn go way back. Because: basketball.
  • She’s married to Eddie Jordan. He’s in New Jersey most of the time, and she’s fine with that.
  • While she was preparing for the party at her house, she tried to describe the propane tank to her housekeeper. She used Spanglish and fabricated sign language while Laura looked on like, “Bish, stop.” With all those coins, she could at least invest in Rosetta Stone so she can effectively communicate.
  • It was hilarious watching her and her friends (mis)handle the crabs for the crab boil. Er’body was scared to pick them up. They dropped ’em in the garage, in the kitchen… Lawd!

This was a good, old-fashioned introductory episode. I see the potential for drama and catty tomfoolery. It’s nice to see that these women are or were married at some point, even though only one’s husband actually lives in the home with her. It’s also refreshing that these women have real money.

I can see now that I may not like Charrisse and Karen.


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