Love-Hate Relationships: Queen Sugar Explores Them All

S1, Ep. 102 – “Evergreen”

This episode is full of:

You can’t help who you love.

I don’t like you but I love you.

I wish I wasn’t in love with you (so you couldn’t hurt me). *cue Heather Headley*

I hate you so much right now. (Can you hear Kelis screaming?)


I hate you. (There’s a difference between this and the above hate. R.I.P. Prince.)

Let me explain; run it back, if you will.

Detective Side Boo visited Nova while she was tending to her garden. He wanted to take her to breakfast and pay his respects after learning of Ernest’s passing. He asked to be notified of the funeral detsidebooarrangements because he wanted to go. She shut that down. It wasn’t like he could sit with her. She couldn’t introduce him to anyone. What was the point? He didn’t back down, though, and she finally let him know when the funeral was. It’s painful to watch their interaction. The love they have is apparent, but like Tina Turner crooned, “What’s love got to do with it?” He’s attached to someone else. It’s clear that that Nova struggles with being the side chick, but she can’t walk away for some reason. It’s like she didn’t choose the side chick life. It chose her. eyes I’m ready to learn their backstory. 

She later visited her editor, anxious to write one of the stories she’d already pitched to him. That must’ve been why he called her to the office. Nope. After briefly expressing his condolences, he asked her for the exclusive on Charley and Davis. She was appalled to know that he expected her to air her sister’s dirty laundry for a check. Mr. Editor said he just wanted her to write the story and set the record straight. (I called bullshit. So did Nova.) Her words: “I’m not a source.” I respected her for not throwing her sister under the bus, even though their relationship is obviously strained. Before she left, she advised him to stop wasting her gas money if he wasn’t looking for a real story. WELP!! 

Poor Charley. She’s feeling like an outsider more than ever. She went for a run and ended up at Ernest’s farm. While there, she looked through old photos and documents. Her reminiscing was interrupted when she heard noises outside. When she went out on the porch, strange men looked to be surveying the property. Sam was the one who spoke up. He didn’t think anyone was home. Oops. He meant he was just stopping by to make an offer for the farm in person. Oops! He meant… Charley is no dummy. When she called him to the carpet, he simply snickered and passed her his card. GTFOH, Sam. 

When she returned to Violet’s house, she told her and Ralph Angel where she’d been. She mentioned the notes she’d found in the door from Remy and asked who he was. Because there were multiple notes, she wondered if he knew Ernest was dead. Violet rolled her eyes and was basically like, Heffa, everybody in this small town knows he died. Act like you know. Finally, Ralph Angel filled Charley in. He said Remy was a good friend of their dad’s and had his clutch key. Ralph Angel said he would contact Remy about it, but Charley offered to do it instead. Ralph Angel told her the restaurant Remy hung out at every Wednesday so she could get ‘er done.

The poor thing just wanted to be helpful, but no one would let her. They had made arrangements with no involvement from her. The program was done. Menu? Done. Suit? Ralph Angel was going to the house to pick out a few. Tables and chairs? They had plenty. They just needed to be wiped down. Casket? Appointment to pick one out was later that day. When she asked if they were going to leave her out, Nova casually said they were all going together. Shade. When were they going to tell her? Charley tried to pay for the casket during the appointment, but Nova’s proud ass wouldn’t allow it. She wanted them to split the cost in thirds. Had multiple cards to put her portion on. *eye-roll* And even when they looked at the casket selection, she dismissed her siblings’ input and chose the white casket. She was like a Funeral Bully. Funerazilla. Sum’n. Though there was obviously a bit of a rift between the siblings, when Nova told the funeral director she had a pouch (of Lord knows what) that she wanted sewn into the casket lining, they quickly and silently presented a united front. The funeral director jumped hard, and was like, We’re Christians around here and we don’t play that funny business. He assumed the pouch was associated with some type of witchcraft, I think. All three siblings looked at him like, Excuse me?kevhart

Sir Christian Funeral Director changed his tune once those eye daggers hit him, and Nova started sewing in the pouch right then. Charley assisted.

When Charley met up with Remy, she was shocked to find that he was closer to her age than her dad’s. She revealed to him that she wasn’t too concerned with tractor parts. She wanted to talk about her dad’s financial troubles with the farm. The moment she mentioned Sam stopping by, he shut her up and told her they would talk after the funeral. But they definitely couldn’t talk in the restaurant. Hmm…

Davis was blowing up Micah’s phone, texting anddavismicah calling. For a while, Micah didn’t answer. Meanwhile, he tortured himself by looking at more reports of his dad’s alleged involvement with the rape. Micah eventually picked up the phone and told his dad that Ernest had died. Davis showed up in town and met Micah at the gym. Charley arrived a bit later and went OFF. He wasn’t wanted or needed there as far as she was concerned. Micah, though torn, felt the same. Davis showed up the day of the funeral, though, and Charley wept on his chest as the reality of her dad’s death hit her. At one time Davis was her rock.

Ralph Angel was adamant that Blue not go to Ernest’s funeral. He asked Miss Velez if she could watch him, but she was unavailable. To my surprise, he then reached out to Darla, Blue’s mom. Mind you, he’d just degraded her days prior. He may have reached out in desperation, but a part of me believes he still has feelings for her and lashes out at her because it’s easier than having faith in her. She must have hurt him to his core when they were together. Once again, Bianca Lawson KILLED the role of Darla. She has the ability to make me sympathize with her character by simply looking at her face. It’s in her eyes: Desperation. Effort. Love for her son.

Darla admitted that she was scheduled to work the day of the funeral but she was sure she could find someone to take her shift so she couldra-and-blue get off early. I knew that wasn’t going to work out, and it didn’t. Her boss told her she could miss that one shift, but she’d miss the remainder of her paychecks. When I tell you I almost cried??!! (Don’t judge me.) Anyway, little Blue was waiting for her on the porch and she didn’t show up on time. He begged his dad for a few more minutes because he just knew his mom was coming. (He seems to be the only one who has faith in her.) There was no more time to wait. Ralph Angel was HOT and ended up taking him to the funeral. Toward the end of the ceremony, guess who showed up, though! Yep. Darla. Blue spotted her and jumped off of his daddy’s lap, into her arms. It was a precious moment.


  • Um. So. I think I caught a little something. If I’m right, I cannot wait to get the skinny on this. Do a little math with me. It’s a word problem and there are no numbers, but it feels like a quadratic equation. Just follow me. Here goes: Nova is the oldest sibling. Charley is the middle child. Ralph Angel is the baby. When Nova and Ralph Angel were looking for a photo with Violet she said, “y’alls mama,” in conversation. When Charley came later, Nova told her the flowers in the vase were from her (Charley’s) mother. When Charley read the card, Nova rolled her eyes. NOW. Lemme find out Charley is the outside child. Is that why there’s beef? Was Charley raised with them? Did they not know about her until they were in middle school or something? I have questions!! 2+1 is equaling 3, but I believe we have to use algebra to get to the answer in this case. I mean, Charley’s skin tone is much lighter than her brother and sister’s, so her having a different mother isn’t too surprising. What is surprising to me is that she is the middle child and has a different mother.
  • I think Charley and Remy are gonna get together at some point.
  • Violet said a WORD when she told Ralph Angel he needed to stop coddling Blue and let him go to his grandfather’s funeral.
  • Ralph Angel looked like a tall glass of milk in that all white. (That’s a great thing if you aren’t lactose intolerant.) Even if you are, he looks like he’s worth the repercussions.
  • Line of the night: “We certainly don’t pay our respects with American Express.” – Nova 




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