What You Not Gon’ Do: Queen Sugar Keeps Getting Sweeter

S1, Ep. 103 – “Thy Will Be Done”

Lkenya-sweatet me first finish dabbing my brow because Ralph Angel and his thug tendencies did a little something to me and my hormones. I can’t lie. I like a man who will give somebody the business if necessary. I’ll explain below. Let’s run this back.

Shout out to whoever was responsible for naming this episode. As a writer, I’m huge on titles and their significance. This one is a winner for sure.

The episode began with the siblings learning that their father left the farm to them and wanted them to maintain it. You know, keep it in the family. During the reading, Ralph Angel seemed to be only one excited about it. Nova and Charley know nothing about farming and basically had better things to do, like get back to their lives. Nova was sure Ernest was being sentimental when he put that in the will since it was written shortly after Ralph Angel’s birth. Baby Boy corrected her, saying their father often talked about his children taking over the land one day. Charley mentioned that they actually had someone interested in buying the farm – Sam Landry. Ralph Angel wasn’t feeling that. He said he’d take over the farm since his sisters didn’t want to . He was shut down when they asked, “With what money?” Oop. Maybe he figured he could rob another local convenience store with no mask on and get the money for the farm. Perhaps he’d consider a Walmart this time?

Nova is such an interesting character. She went to see a young boy in the local jail to encourage him to fight and pray. She’s big on telling folks not to let “the man” oppress them, but she’s letting “the man” a.k.a. Detective Side Boo press up against her when he has spare time.

Meanwhile back at Aunt Violet’s, Davis showed up to talk to Charley and Micah. Vi was Petty LaBelle AND Petty Wap, throwing new-school and old-school shade in just the few sentences she blessed him with. Ralph Angel and Hollywood tried to offer him coffee. She said there wasn’t any. Hollywood went to get up because he said there was sweet tea in the fridge. Hell naw, there wasn’t! Not that day. Not for him! As much as they don’t care for Charley at times, them Louisiana Bordelons still love her because she’s family and they aren’t gonna let you mistreat family and get away with it.

When Charley came out, Davis asked to speak to her privately. Vi was all, Private? All y’all’s business is public. Charley was okay with him talking in front of the fam until he said he was going to be questioned by the police in Houston for his involvement in the rape case. Once outside, Charley pulled more of the truth out of him. He did have sex with the woman. (Duh!) BUT the kicker? She was an escort. That fool paid for the pie. He paid to cheat. Umph. His defense was that he’d only had sex with the girl once. (Did I miss a revision to the cheating rule? Is it only cheating if you only sex once? GTFOH, Davis.) hand-gifOh, the league was suspending him along with a couple other players, too. Umph, again. That fool spent money on booty and was going to lose money behind it. He begged her to join him in Houston because he needed her support. Micah was outside at this point. He fixed his juvenile lips to criticize his mother for saying she would not join him in Houston. Offered to go himself. Um. No.

Later in the episode, Micah tried it again with his mother. She told him they were staying in Louisiana a bit longer to get everything settled with the land. He said he was going home without her. Said he was fifteen and old enough to fly by himself. Oh, okay. She told him if he thought he could handle it, to go on back to L.A. and deal with all the drama… with his grown ass. (I was so proud of her. Let’s see how far being on #TeamDaddy will get him.)

So at the meeting with Sam, Ralph Angel, Charley, and Nova learned that he thought they were idiots. He tried to buy their father’s farm for pennies and didn’t care to negotiate.
Charley and Nova had gone into the meeting hoping to make a deal with Sam’s slimy self; but when Charley asked if he’d give them a couple days to a week to think about his offer, he laughed. He said they had two days. After that, the land was worth nothing to him. That hit home for the sisters. The land that meant everything to their father meant nothing to that slime ball.

Charley ran into Remy later at the restaurant and asked him what the deal was with Sam Landry. He confirmed what she’d already found out. Sam has a habit of targeremycharleyting black farmers in distress and offering them much less than their land is worth. He encouraged her to consider keeping the farm and invited her to a pot luck that the farmers have.Said she might learn something about farming while there. She laughed him off but showed up. Turns out, Ernest was the one who’d started the pot lucks. Awww… Look at that full circle moment.

At the house, she and Nova were packing up Ernest’s belongings when Ralph Angel walked in. He was hot. Why were they rushing to pack up their father’s things, and why didn’t they involve him? The sisters were on the same page once again. They wanted to get it over with and get back to their lives. Ralph Angel went OFF. He told Charley to go on back to L.A. because their dad’s house wasn’t even her home. Said it was just a place she had to come every summer. Oop! Nova tried to calm him down, but he got her, too. Said she wasn’t any better because she couldn’t wait to turn eighteen so she could leave home. He was the one who was always there with their father and he was tired of them not including him in decision-making.

Before the argument got more heated, they heard the beeps from a truck backing up. When they went outside, two men informed them they were there to repossess Ernest’s tractor. There was no negotiating, even though they explained he had passed. Charley offered to write a check on the spot, but nope. Out of nowhere, Ralph Angeimg_20160914_230736l pulled out a pistol. They didn’t get to come onto his daddy’s land and just take something his daddy had worked hard for. One of the other men pulled out a gun, too. Ralph Angel didn’t flinch. In fact, he told ol’ boy he better know how to use it since he was bold enough to pull it out. (I don’t encourage violence, but damnit I liked that Ralph Angel’s chest swole up and he was standing there all manly and such. Before that moment, I saw him as Baby Boy, the one who probably went to prison for something petty and stupid – not something hardcore. The jury is still out on why he was locked up, though.) Blue came outside in the midst of the commotion and kept yelling, “Pop, come on! Pop!” (How precious is he?) Ralph Angel didn’t turn around. He yelled for him to go back inside. Charley tried to get him in the house. Blue didn’t stop yelling. Finally, it hit Ralph Angel. He had a child to think about. Nova was able to take the gun from him, and they all went inside while the tractor was taken away. Ralph Angel broke allllll the way down and cried. It was a real moment. It was a vulnerable moment. It was necessary to see a manly man break like that. And somehow, it was sexy.  img_20160917_164458

Speaking of Ralph Angel and sexy, he was standing outside of what looked to be someone’s trailer at night. He was drinking, and it didn’t look like that was his first beverage. When he went to the door and knocked, guess who opened the door? Darla. (And since I’m a Darla fan so far, I was grinning.) He never said a word. She asked if Blue was okay. More silence. All he did was stare at her. It was an intense stare, and she recognized it after a few more seconds. She tried to grab his face to kiss him, but he moved away. Stared some more. She was persistent (read: horny and still in love, too), so she unbuckled his belt. I was nervous that she would pull a classic crackhead move and drop to her knees at the door, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Ralph Angel picked her up and carried her in the house where I’m sure they finished what they started. Iimg_20160917_164913 love how that scene was shot. It was mysterious and sexy, and it went just far enough for us to know what happened next. It was yet another scene where no dialogue was used or necessary. Told y’all Ralph Angel was on some Prince “I Hate You” stuff with Darla.

In the end, Charley and Nova discovered that their father was in much more debt than they thought. That didn’t mean they were going to get rid of everything he’d worked so hard for, though. They told Ralph Angel that he and Blue could move into Ernest’s house. As for the farm, they’d try maintaining it for a year and then see about selling it. Charley would handle the financials. Nova would do the admin work. Ralph would handle the planting and harvesting. Charley shocked the hell out of Sam Landry when she called and told him No deal. I can’t help but wonder what his warning really meant, though. “Be careful, ma’am. We do business a little differently than where you come from.”

Hmm… Only time will tell!



  • Something ain’t right about Hollywood.
  • Watch Micah get into drugs or something as a result of his father’s indiscretions.
  • I hope somebody put the gun somewhere safe and out of Blue’s reach, because it was accessible to Blue last I saw it. (I’m somebody’s mama.)
  • What if Darla ends up pregnant again?
  • Violet is starting to get on my nerves with these insecurities about her age. Well, maybe her brother’s death has her feeling some kinda way. Never mind. I’ll give her a pass.
  • I’m proud of Ralph Angel for getting a job that satisfies the conditions of his parole, but I have a feeling it’s not gonna last long.



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