Two More Teaspoons in My Tea, Please

S1, Ep 104 & 105

No, I haven’t stopped watching this gem of a show. I’ve just been a little busy. You know, my job calls, motherhood calls, housework calls… stuff like that. They are priority when you’re adulting.

Anyway, I still would let Ralph Angel have it if he showed up at my door in the middle of the night with alcohol on his breath. I would still let Remy show me how to operate a tractor. I still give Nova my best side eye for being a walking contradiction. Still wanna snatch Micah up one good time for talking crazy to his mama. Still want to give Charley and hug and a lesson in “regular” livelihood. My foot is still ready to lease a spot in Davis’ ass for being a reckless liar and cheater. I still want to know why Blue has Kenya Doll. And I still feel like Sam Landry and Donald Trump golf together and brainstorm about more ways to take money from those who barely have any.

The last two episodes have provided us with a great deal of information, BUT you have to be a good listener to catch some stuff. Let me run it back.

Ralph Angel (I actually call him RA now, because I can.)

  • Bless his heart. He tries, but he just can’t get right. He had one job: Go get the seed cane so they could get to farming and such. Well, first he got to the local place late and had to convince the man to open the gate back up and let him buy some cane. According to the man, he’d waited too late in the season and the cane for their parish was sold out.
  • Nova got on him and told him he needed to do better (prior to his first attempt at getting the seed cane. He asked why she couldn’t help, and of course, she said she was working on a story. Since Ralph is a beast at knocking over pitchers of tea, he said she always had some lead she was working on or some hood crisis. She never helped with anything concerning the family. He went as far as to say she cared about the random boys in the street more than him. She only went to see him twice when he was locked up.
  • His homeboy at work told him his cousin had some seed cane and could hook him up. Fifteen thousand dollars later, Remy told RA that the cane was infected with fungus. He couldn’t plant that mess. img_20160928_230241
  • When RA confronted dude at work, he was like, My bad! I didn’t know. They more like my play cousins anyway. That grown man called those folks his play cousins. Sure did.
  • On payday, the folks shorted him eight hours, basically because they were doing him a “favor” because he is a convicted felon. Talmbout “Freedom ain’t free.” Shame, shame, shame.
  • Melvin (Homeboy at Work) pulled RA’s coattail and told him he could get some money a different way… while still at work. “They take. We take back.” (Lawd, what are they gon’ steal?) Po’ RA can’t catch a break and wants to be a bawse so badly, that he’ll do just about anything. And, he wants to prove himself as the man of the family. We’ll see how this plays out.


  • Welp! It’s confirmed! Hollywood has a whole ‘nother life. He has a bipolar wife and a child (maybe children?) in Baton Rouge. It’s complicated and he seems to only be married to her in name, to keep her on his insurance; but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bit more to the story. (Shout out to Erika Alexander, “Maxine” from Living Single, for playing his wife.)


  • She done pissed Detective Side Boo off. He did her a favor by letting her in to see Too Sweet, and she ended up publishing a story exposing the police force for imprisoning teen boys and trumping up charges to “keep the lights on.” He can’t see her side of the issue because he’s not a bad cop… I guess. Time will tell.
  • During a weed-smoking session with Charley and Aunt Vi, we saw a playful side of all the women. Between giggles, I found out that Nova is/was bisexual. Vi called Nova out, saying she knows she’s seeing somebody. Charley asked if it was a boy or girl, and then Vi said she thought that was just a college thing. Nova’s free-spirited ass basically said People are people, like she’s down for whatever. img_20160928_230231
  • The neighborhood pusher showed up to get more product from her. During their conversation, she learned that Too Sweet had bought her product
  • Detective Side Boo delivered some reads one last time when he showed up at her house. He wanted her to let her story fade to black and warned her that all eyes were on her because of it. She was a target. As I expected, Nova didn’t back down, and DSB got her together before he left. A couple of his reads: “You peddle drugs to people you claim you wanna save,” and, “You never wanted a relationship. You just wanted company.” Oop.


  • screenshot_20160924-171754She went back to L.A. and was in boss lady mode. First, she visited her gynecologist and asked to be tested. For EVERYTHING. (They never showed us whether she got results. Don’t let it come out in Season 2 that Davis done gave her the killer and she’s been keeping it from us. Yes, I said “us.”) Back at the office, she learned that the other wives had teamed up to defend their men and left her and Davis out. The owner of the team didn’t have any love for him, either. She let Davis know that she would go to bat for him as his manager, but she wasn’t gonna be on no Vanessa Bryant, loyal wife holding his hand shit.
  • She asked Davis what his ho’s name was. Goldie. Charley was beside herself. He cheated on her with a “ho named Goldie.” Her side eye was classic.
  • Charley gave us a little foreshadowing when she told Micah,”Society’s quick to demonize men like your father.” Micah asked, “Black men?” She confirmed. And right after that, he got out of the car and ran right over to that Stella heffa. I peeped Stella’s mother glaring at Micah and Charley.
  • Later in the episode, what happened? Stella got caught with a d-pic in her phone and img_20160922_031453claimed it was Micah’s. Or at least she let her mother believe it was his. Er’body ended up in the principal’s office, because Micah was about to get expelled. But guess what. The pic wasn’t even of Micah. Either Mama Heffa is plotting to bring down Micah, too, and has set him up; or Young Stella is spreadin’ ’em wide for the kids and doesn’t want her mother to know she’s dealing with anyone other than Micah. But I’m not sure why Mama Heffa would go to those lengths unless she’s related to or homegirls with Melina Gold. Hmm…
  • I love Charley, but she is still Team Too Much. Davis’ lawyer tried offering Malina Gold some money to go away quietly, but she didn’t want the money. Charley took it upon herself to show up at the woman’s house like she could convince her to go away. That only pissed her off more. She said she couldn’t be unraped. Ouch. Later, though, she called Charley and said she’d take  three million and she wanted a sit down with Davis.
  • In another Team Too Much moment, she spent way too much money on farm equipment at an auction, caught up in a bidding war with Sam Landry. She overpaid, and made “the town” think she was stupid and willing to throw money around. Remy scolded her and Mr. Prosper, the man Remy asked to be the Bordelon’s farm manager, was like, I’m out. I can’t work with you. You don’t listen.
  • As for Micah, he is all N.E. Heartbreak and in his feelings. Charley tried to tell him! Man Black men get demonized in a heartbeat. Suddenly, he doesn’t want to go to school any more because he sees Stella. Suddenly he hates the paps. Suddenly the idea of moving to Louisiana temporarily to get the farm in order isn’t a bad idea. Hmph. Here’s a lesson for you, Micah:



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