Broken Promises: Queen Sugar is Full of Disappointment…in a Good Way

S1, Ep 106 – “As Promised”

Me trying to get Charley on the line…


I told y’all that after the series premiere, I felt like I was a part of the Bordelon family. I’m still not sure whether I’m another one of Ernest’s outside chil’ren or Ralph Angel’s boo; but we’re connected. That’s why I was alllllllllllllllll the way in my feelings during the last five minutes of this episode. I’ll get into details shortly. Let’s run this back.

Really, Nova?

Nova went on the radio with Chantal Williams (Reagan Gomez)  to speak about her article, social change, freeing young Black boys who were given unfair sentences, etc. The problem was she was on-air with shock jocks who were more interested in talking about Charley, Davis, and Melina. She wasn’t very successful in shifting the conversation back to her movement. Afterward, she and Chantal shared a moment in the hallway. They were clearly flirting, and I wonder if it’s gonna go down (no pun intended) next episode. (I knew they were tryna prepare us for Nova having some girl action when I saw that weed-smoking scene in the last episode.) Now that she has taken her key back from Detective Side Boo, she just may be giving it to Miss Chantal.

Meanwhile, Too Sweet is shook! (I would say “shaken,” but he’s on another level and rightfully so.) He called Nova and asked if she’d found a lawyer. No. Bail money? No. Was there any progress? Nope. He probably wanted to ask, “Are you even praying for me anymore?” The poor thing was nervous that he would get beat up again. The only thing Nova could offer was to try and get him in solitary confinement.

She didn’t let me down when it came to reading Davis for filth and famine. (I don’t know what that means, but it felt right when I typed it.) He tried to chat with her about understanding how Too Sweet and boys like him feel; you know, the plight of the falsely accused black man and such. He felt like he was in the same category as Too Sweet and ‘nem, but Nova let him know that his rich boy privilege can’t compare to young men who can’t even afford to post bail. What I didn’t appreciate is how she trotted to her car afterward and wired ten thousand dollars of the farm money to the bail bondsman to get Too Sweet out. Shady boots. Let’s be honest. That’s Charley’s money in the account – the money she wanted no parts of when it was time to buy their father’s casket and pay for his funeral. She’s often hypocritical, and she’s starting to get on my nerves. Like RA said, she cares more about saving the boys in the streets than her own family. AND let that had been her money and Charley took it upon herself to withdraw it. Tuh.wrestling

Bless His Heart

RA was having a tender moment with Blue, talking about tractors and such. Aunt Vi came out and noticed he had a new phone “with games on it, too,” as Blue pointed out. That and the wad of money he pulled from his pocket prompted her to ask what the hell was goin’ on. He proudly stated that he was a working man and told her to go get some brunch with Blue after church was over. He couldn’t join them because he had to go to work.

Aunt Vi asked RA about the lock on the shed. She didn’t remember there being one before. Of course there wasn’t. Instead of telling her he put a lock on the shed to make sure no one saw the cell phones he stole from work, he said they had too much new equipment to not lock things up. She gave him that “Mmmhmm. I don’t believe you.” look and took Blue to church per his request. img_20161007_182536

Meanwhile at work, Melvin kept pressing RA to let him come see the farm. He wanted to store phones out there as part of their operation. RA wasn’t having that foolishness. If nothing else, he doesn’t play when it comes to his daddy’s farm and legacy. He also told Melvin he was done making side coins with him and the crew. He’d sold what he needed to sell and planned on returning the phones to Melvin. Welp. He should’ve discussed the return policy or had the terms and conditions put in writing because Melvin was all Nah, bruh. That ain’t how it works. He all but said RA was his lil’ bih now and anything he “asked” of him was more like a demand. Complying wasn’t optional. RA finally bucked up at him, but Melvin beat that tail with the help of his coworker goons.

Though we still don’t know what landed him in prison, I’m CERTAIN it was something stupid and avoidable. If you’re going to lie, be a great liar. If you’re going to steal, don’t do it without a disguise. If you’re going to cheat, you better be slicker than oil sheen on a linoleum floor. Ralph Angel acts like he’s auditioning for “World’s Dumbest Criminals.” He’s too quick to risk it all over stupid shit, and no one is afraid of his gullible ass.

After the fight, he asked his boss to lay him off because he couldn’t work with Melvin anymore. Boss Man resisted and said RA would only be fired; but when RA threatened to tell his parole officer about his checks being short, the boss changed his tune. Later, the police showed up at the house with a warrant to search the property. His boss wanted ALL employees’ houses searched. Apparently, he’d found out that some were missing.

The cops found nothing in the house. When they asked RA for the key to the shed, I held my breath like his reincarceration would affect my life in some way. (Come to think about it, the feeling was appropriate because: honorary Bordelon.) While in the shed, they pulled back the tarp that the phones were under earlier, but there were no phones. Poor RA was standing there waiting to be cuffed but the officers apologized for bothering him and went on about their business. RA walked in to the shed and confirmed there were no phones. All he could say was, “Aunt Vi.”

She was waiting for him in the doorway when he walked back to the house. At that time, she told him the phones were at the bottom of the bayou. Even though she’d Olivia Pope’d the situation for him, her disappointment was evident. RA looked like a ten-year-old in trouble as he stared at her and mumbled through tears, “I’m trying.” After he hugged her, I wanted to wrap his simple, sexy self in my arms, hold him in my bosom, and rock him to sleep. He’s like the child you want to shake the piss out of but you just can’t bring yourself to do it ’cause you know he has issues.

Give Them Some Sugar

Remy is smarter than the average bear! He designed a new variety of seed cane and wanted Charley to plant it. Since he wanted someone to take a chance on him (and since he’s sweet on her), he offered it to her for free. She agreed. And he even coached her into convincing angry Mr. Prosper to be the farm manager.

When it came time to work, Remy was surprised to see Charley out in the field helping plant the seed cane. I was, too, and so was Davis when he showed up with Micah. He also felt some kinda way about Remy walking with her. Their chemistry is apparent. img_20161007_182550

I’m still trying to figure out why Nova and Charley were working in the field wearing white shirts, but that’s none of my business. I’m gonna need Micah to not be such pretty boy, too. He juked Charley something serious when she tried to hug him, saying she was dirty and he didn’t want the dirt on him. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if his voice didn’t go up an octave.

“One Expensive Piece of Ass”

Charley caught some of Nova’s interview with the shock jocks and was pissed that Nova referred to women like Melina being criticized when they are really victims. During her confrontation with her, Charley argued that if Melina was such a victim, why was she asking for three million dollars from Davis to make the accusations go away. That prompted Aunt Vi to say the above quote.

In Houston, Charley and Davis signed the nondisclosure agreement in a private room and spoke with a lawyer about the conditions of their deal with Melina Gold. She informed them that Melina was not going to sign until she met with Davis and received her apology and urged him to make it sincere. Charley asked when Melina planned to meet with the other players and learned that she wasn’t meeting with the other players. She only wanted to meet with Davis. If Charley had missed all the other red flags, that was one waving right before her eyes. The other obvious red flag: Davis stopping her before they left the room to warn that he didn’t know what she was gonna say, but he did not rape her. Charley confidently said she knew that and she walked into the room with Melina hand-in-hand with his grimy ass.

Babaaaay, Miss Melina gave us a file cabinet full of receipts.


  • She has known him for a little over three years. (Do the math. She got a million for every year she dealt with him.)
  • They had a relationship or at least a friendship over that time.
  • On the night in question, Micah had an asthma attack, so he had to leave.
  • He gave her some extra money before he left. When she got out of the shower, Felix and Eddie said Davis had paid for them to have sex with her and proceeded to rape her… along with other team members.
  • She pulled out her phone and played a phone conversation where he degraded the hell out of her. Said she got paid, so Felix and Eddie didn’t rape her. Said she was acting brand new, even though she started out letting dudes gang-bang.  “I pay you to keep your mouth shut…I pay you to do shit my wife won’t do.”

img_20161007_182506Davis started to apologize, but Charley interrupted. She stood and looked Melina in her eyes. Said she was TRULY sorry. She’d sat there and listened to her husband say the most despicable shit on the phone to Melina after she’d defended him to the press, to her family, and hell, to herself. Dawn-Lyen Gardner made me feel every emotion with her. I was disgusted, disappointed, hurt, and embarrassed – not just because I’ve been there before, but because I believed she was there in that scene. Estrella Nouri (Melina Gold) also acted her butt off.

This episode was everything.


  • I think I caught something at the dinner with Mr. Prosper. I believe Remy is a widower.
  • Ralph Angel walks like something is heavy. And I like it.



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