At Least You Know Their Names

S1, Ep. 109 – Next to Nothing

Starting Over

Aunt Vi is upset because the storm is over yet the damage is already done. Her garden is ruined, and so is her relationship with Hollywood. Nova convinces her that they can grow her garden again. Nova, Blue, Micah, and Hollywood helped her grow her literal garden, but it was later that Nova convinced her to grow her figurative garden. Aunt Vi felt like she had nothing because she wasn’t living in her purpose. Nova told her it was time to change that.

Hollywood had to check Aunt Vi when it came to her feelings about Darla and Ralph Angel. She was fussing about Darla still being at the house and how she had no business being around Blue. She had no business being around RA. She had no business being. (Lawd, she hates that girl!) This was her justification on why RA couldn’t have custody of Blue. Hollywood told her she needed to let RA be a man and make his own decisions. He wasn’t her little boy to coddle anymore. Oop!


While checking on the newly planted cane, Charley, Ralph Angel, and Remy discover a dead body among their crops. Turns out, there were two. My first thought? Charley madefound dead those men stay and plant that cane, and one of them got caught in the hurricane. But nope! They were killed. The deputy who was investigating the crime believed the men were robbed and then killed – something that was apparently common when migrant workers were involved. Since they’re paid in cash, they’re easy targets.

All the Bordelon’s felt bad about the deaths, but one sad fact stood out. None of them knew the names of the murdered employees. That particularly wore on Charley. How did she not know their names? Why did she make them stay? Maybe if they hadn’t stayed that long, they would have been alive. She broke down confessional-style, spilling her guts about how Davis’ teammates really did rape Goldie; how she was the one who leaked her name to the press, ruining the chick’s life; how she felt horribly for not coming to the farm before their dad died, in spite of all the times he begged her to come see him. Though I wanted her to stop blaming herself, this was me, right along with her.

oprah cry

Charley has been dealing with some shit. She is the love child/break-baby/outside child of her father who passed away before she got to see him and make her presence known. Something tells me her mother ain’t about nothin’ because she barely references her. Her golden-boy husband turned out to be gold plated af. Her son was kicked out of school for a peen pic that wasn’t even his. She left her lavish life in California to grow sugar cane in Louisiana – a business she knows nothing about. Her siblings don’t want her money when it’s for the greater good, but they want her money when it benefits them directly. She found two of her employees dead and didn’t even know their names. And so forth. Good Lord!

Her breakdown brought her and Nova together after their blowout during the storm. Something tells me Charley could’ve used some of that plant Nova specializes in growing to go along with the hug she bestowed upon her.

Once the Bordelon’s found out the workers’ names, they met with the other workers and broke the news of their friends’ deaths. Blue’s teacher served as the translator. Charley vowed to make sure their remains got back to their families no matter how much it costed. The men were human beings with families and she wanted to respect that since she hadn’t quite done so while they were alive.


Darla was on a roll. After her heartfelt “Thank You” speech to Aunt Vi and Hollywood the night of the storm, she hit RA with a simpler version while they sat on the porch under the moonlight. She even slipped in a request to see Blue more often. RA agreed by asking if she had a car seat for him. It was a cute little moment. It’s quite apparent she is breaking him down, one eye-bat at a time. Do it, girl! (But don’t “f” this up. Just say “no” to drugs.)

Not Enough

friend zoneIn the yard, Remy told Charley he doesn’t want to be her friend. Damn the excuses about “things” being complicated. He wants her. He was all, “You know where I live.” Come see me when you ready to stop playin’! Charley looked like she wanted break into a full sprint and jump into the bed of Remy’s pickup truck as he pulled away. Something tells me it won’t be long before that zoning ordinance is null and void.



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