We Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

S1, Ep 110 – “So Far”

There’s trouble at the farm. The Bordelons can’t find a mill to grind their cane once harvest time comes. Luckily, Charley was able to get a meeting with Jacob Boudreaux. She wasn’t happy to hear the split for the cane is 60/40, but figured what the hell. They were going to sell the land anyway once they proved it could produce good crops. Later, she started thinking a little harder. Aunt Vi schooled her on some sugar mill history, saying Landry and the Boudreauxs are part-owners in every mill in the parish. In fact, the Boudreaux brothers are Landrys by marriage. During her next meeting with Jacob, he showed her a map illustrating his family’s land surrounding her father’s land. He had a proposition for her. He and his brother would buy the Bordelon farm for 4 million dollars.land

Charley’s no fool. She called a family meeting and included Mr. Prosper. She had a feeling the Boudreauxs didn’t just want their land; they wanted it back. Aunt Vi and Prosper then revealed a stunning truth. In the days of slavery, the Bordelons were owned by the Landrys. During the Great Depression, the Bordelons were able to buy some of the Landry family’s land because the Landrys needed the money. BUT after they recovered, they lied and said they didn’t sell it to the Bordelons, and the bank conveniently lost the deed to the land. After hanging many members of the Bordelon family during an attempt to take their land back, someone came forth with the title, proving the land was rightfully the Bordelons. Ever since then, the Landrys and Boudreauxs have continued to be assholes and shut down every effort the Bordelons make toward prosperity. Aunt Vi went as far as to say Ernest died because they killed him slow. Welp! That settled that. Charley, Nova, and RA weren’t selling a damn thing – not even a blade of grass to the Boudreaux brothers. 


Micah is smitten with Lil’ Miss Keke. That boy showed up to a school he doesn’t even attend to watch her at cheerleading practice. It’s almost painful to see how awkward he is with her, but I’m hoping he grows into his swag soon. On the flipside, it’s good that he isn’t feeling himself yet, because he could easily take on his daddy’s ho-ish ways. He did, however, experience his first kiss with Miss Keke when she visited him at the house. Get it, Micah!





All dressed up with nowhere to go, Micah learns that his first day at Gardini Prep has been postponed. The school learned of him getting kicked out of his school in L.A., and they have questions and concerns that they’d like to discuss with Charley and Davis. 


Maybe Micah will have to sign a Peen Pic Policy prior to acceptance. Micah was like, Just let me go to public school, then. Because: Keke (and maybe Nova). Aunt Vi cosigned, but Charley said she held him to a high standard and wanted the best for him. When Aunt Vi pushed harder and Micah told her it costs $36,000 to attend Gardini Prep, Aunt Vi was floored. Said many people don’t even make that much in a year – namely her. Charley told her that proves her point. She didn’t Micah to be like her. (She didn’t get the whole sentence out, but she might as well had.) Micah was horrified. Poor Aunt Vi laughed her off and walked away. It hit her hard, though.  


Speaking of Aunt Vi, she needs to let this beef go with Darla. Ralph Angel forgot to tell her that Darla was going to pick Blue up and take him to school on Mondays and Wednesdays. So, when she showed up and saw Darla, she was sorely pissed off. Bitterness isn’t a good look on her. 

But, she climbed out of that funk after a visit to the diner she used to work at. She arrived while the inspector was there and had all the answers that the owner did not have. He offered her, her old waitress job, but she wasn’t hearing that. Make her a manager. With benefits. And a salary. No? Cool. She was outta there and he still wouldn’t have the information he needed to give the health inspector. Before she could get out the door, she had a deal. Aunt Violet had moved up in the world in five minutes. She credited Charley for her come-up, saying she was motivated by the shady statement she’d made earlier. 


A tearful RA approached Aunt Vi to get her signature on Blue’s permission slip for the zoo since his signature wasn’t acceptable. He brought up her signing custody over to him again. She was all, NOPE, again. He then asked why she felt Davis still deserved the right to be in Micah’s life after all he’d done but she wouldn’t let him take full responsibility for Blue. She had no rebuttal for that. She simply got the custody papers, signed them, and told RA to never be too proud to ask for help. She let him know she was there whenever he needed her. Bless her heart. She just was afraid that she wouldn’t be needed. 

Oh, in case you care, Chantal and Nova broke up. I think we all knew their “thing” would be short-lived. Anyway Chantal called Nova out about being all “Fuck the police” while she was fucking the police. Nova’s comeback: “I like his look…but I like yours, too. Is that a problem?” Her flirting didn’t work that time. Chantal drove off with her one little overnight bag in the front seat. Bye, girl! 



  • When Charley was talking to Jacob at the mill and he made a comment that she would be talking to him and his brother more than she talks to her mama, she said, “That won’t be hard.” Damnit, I can’t wait to learn more about her mom!
  • “No count layabout” is everything. Thank you for that line, RA and Queen Sugar writers.  

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