RHOA S9 Reunion Part I: The Warm-up

This season has been a trip, and though I haven’t had time to recap each episode, I had to make sure I did the reunion. This thing is so juicy, the reunion is actually in four parts. Just so we’re all on the same page, I am #teamKandi all day. We go back to the Xscape days, and she has kept it real and been consistent since she joined the cast years ago. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s run this back.

On surgery and such…

  • Kandi admitted that she had her girls enhanced after taping was done.
  • Porsha admitted to having filler added to her nose.
  • Kenya, Cynthia, and Porsha said they’ve had botox in the past.
  • Phaedra didn’t say anything about that second face of hers (two-faced), but she said she had her boobs lifted.

On Chateau Sheree vs. Moore Manor…

  • The recaps of Kenya’s shady alternate names gave me life. “Chateau She Can’t Pay” is still my favorite.
  • But let’s be clear. Both of them can STFU regarding this feud. They’re blessed to have homes at all.

On Phaedra, the “Convenience Christian”…

  • The topic of her being pissed at Kenya for throwing the divorce party arose. She’s still mad. Everybody’s wondering how she can pray with Kenya and claim to move forward, but then harp on Kenya texting Apollo out of the blue again. This situation is different, according to Phaedra. Prayer “doesn’t change what happened.”
  • Then she turned around and said she has no ill will toward Kenya. Girrrrl, BYE.
  • On not praying with Kenya when she asked during taping, Phaedra said she wasn’t ready then but would pray with her “now.” Kenya was cool on that. (I don’t blame her. You’ve got to be careful who you let pray for you.)

When asked if there was hope for a friendship with Kandi in the future, Phaedra said she always remains optimistic. When Andy asked Kandi her thoughts, she said

I think it’s bullshit.


kandi drink

On Porsha…

  • I think she wore short hair on purpose so no one could easily snatch her by her hair. It was fly, though.
  • She’s still brainwashed by Phakedra and doesn’t hold her accountable for any of her lies or not having her back when everyone else is coming at her. (Maybe this will change in upcoming episodes, judging from the previews of the reunion.)

There weren’t any real fireworks this episode, which isn’t a surprise. This was simply a warm up. We did a few laps around the track and followed up with some dynamic stretching. I imagine we’ll jump into some full-court suicides next week – maybe even a scrimmage. Until then…

See y’all next Sunday!


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