Take 5: My Favorite TV Fathers

Cliff 01
Cliff Huxtable
  1. Cliff – The Cosby Show
    No, he’s not my favorite because we share a last name in real life. Cliff Huxtable is my favorite TV dad of all time because he was successful, funny, and had a down-to-earth approach to parenting. I loved the lessons he taught using creative tactics. My faves: Teaching Theo what it was like to be grown and playing a drinking game with Vanessa.



Tony Micelli

  2. Tony – Who’s the Boss?

Tony was the cool, cute dad. Rough around the edges with a good heart, he personifies what I like in a man. (Wait. Is that weird? I guess not. He’s not my dad.) Though he was “cool,” he didn’t take any mess. Best of all? He was a housekeeper. So, he was great at cleaning!




George Papadopoulos

3. George – Webster

I LOVE George! I think he is one of the most overlooked TV dads. I liked him when I a child, but now that I watch Webster as an adult, I appreciate his character even more. He was a newlywed with no children, and suddenly he ended up being a guardian to his godson, a little black boy whose father died.  He was thrown into parenthood, but you know what? He figured it out.


4. Jason – Growing Pains

jason seaver
Jason Seaver

Ahh, I liked Jason’s corny wit.  #dassit








Joey Harris

5. Joey- My Two Dads

I don’t remember a ton about Mike except I liked him because he was the cute dad. And didn’t he play an instrument? I think he did. If he didn’t, he was the artsy one who did something creative for a living. Maybe he was an artist. And out of the two dads, I knew he’d be the one who’d end someone’s life over his daughter. That was enough for me!

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