Queen Sugar is Back!

S2, Ep. 201: “After the Winter”

My cousins and ‘nem are back! Oh, how I’ve missed the Bordelons. If you didn’t watch the first season, I suggest you binge watch ASAP and join the rest of us for the second dose of Sugar. In the meantime, let’s run this back:

Nova, who these fellas?

In keeping with how we met Nova last season, the opening scene is “the morning after.” Nova keeps a man (or woman) in her bed. Hear? This time, the man wasn’t Calvin, though. It was some random White dude. She casually dismissed him, even when he said they should link up again. She hit him with the “Have a good day,” and I about died laughing. Dayum! Okay, Nova!

QS201b_0166_Skip Bolen.jpg
Photo by Skip Bolen © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc / Courtesy of OWN.

While at lunch with friends, she encouraged her girls to become a part of the Equal Opportunity Booty Call Coalition, stating that instead of waiting on a brotha, they should try a Latino man, or white woman, or black woman.  Nova is a trip – a roundtrip.

Our last image of Sista We Are the World was of her and a different White man. Again, she dismissed him at sunrise. There’s a deeper meaning to her sex life, and I’m anxious to learn all about it. I have a few theories, but I will keep them to myself for now.


Boss Moves

Charley is still struggling to give RA credit where credit is due. He saved them thousands of dollars getting their father’s tractor fixed, but Charley was not impressed. She would have rather bought a brand new one and collected more money with the depreciation (taxes) over time than he saved in that one day. She was also annoyed that he was planting soy bean without having consulted her or Nova. She better be lucky Nova hasn’t started planting weed out there. Yet.

Her nerves were bad. She’d met with investors for their mill, and they weren’t willing to fund her project without Davis’ involvement. If he didn’t sign off on it, she couldn’t get all the money she needed. That was NOT was she was expecting. I appreciate her gameface, though, because she barely flinched. She told them that would not be a problem, and held her smile steady until the investors left. Guess who was in the meeting with her: Remy. And he was pissed. No, he didn’t want to go out for drinks with Charley. He didn’t want to drink with her until she was able to be seen drinking with a man other than Davis in public. Though Charley tried to convince him everything would work out and Davis soon would be out of the picture for good (or at least no longer her husband), Remy was basically like, Unless it’s about business, don’t call me until you’ve handled that. 

There’s a couple problems. One, Charley and Davis aren’t on great terms. Remember he paid a girl for (was it a couple years?) to “do the shit (his) wife won’t do.” And he’s now out of the Baby Please Phase and in the Cocky Asshole Phase. Charley is also tired of being associated with Davis and wants to be known for doing great things on her own. So, asking him to sign the agreement was not settling well in her spirit. So, screw it. She signed the papers for him. Uh ohhhh. Can’t wait to see how this goes when he finally learns of her forgery.

That Damned Davis

Speaking of Davis, where do I begin with his trifling ass? Well, Nova wanted to take Charley out for Micah’s birthday. Yes, you read that right. I wasn’t mad at that. She rounded up Aunt Vi and they went to the club to shake somethin’. In mid-groove, Charley looked up and saw Davis hugged up in a booth with some chick. No bueno. She went over and confronted him about how he should have been spending time with his son on his birthday instead of with some random woman. Aunt Vi and Nova joined her, and Aunt Vi’s drunk self went all the way in on Davis and the chick. When Miss Anonymous jumped up like she was about to do something, Nova hit her with a quick, Don’t try it, bish (paraphrasing), and she sat her ass right back down. When security came over, Davis gave the headnod for them to kick the ladies out. Punk ass.

Searching for Hollywood

Poor Aunt Vi. She is missing Hollywood something terrible. Like, she’s Facebook-stalking him and blowing up his phone. Bless her heart. Instead of calling her back, Hollywood called Ralph Angel, asking if she was okay because he had a missed call from her. Lies. He probably had 26 missed calls from her. Ralph Angel told him he wasn’t getting in the middle of their relationship. Vi made another attempt to reach Hollywood, and he finally picked up. She was worried because Micah had been “missing” for hours and could not be reached by phone. She needed to hear Hollywood’s voice, and his words comforted her. He told her she was worried for nothing and that Micah was probably up under Keke or with some friends. That made her feel better. They then segued to how much they miss each other. Awwwww. Black love is a beautiful thing.


Ralph Angel and Darla are back together and doing well!

Who is here for it?  Me!

Who has been #TeamDarla since Ep 101?  Me!

Bianca Lawson convinces me that she is a recovering addict trying her best to stay on the right path every time the camera focuses on her. She doesn’t have to say a word. It’s her mannerisms, her expressive eyes.

QS201a_0129_Alfonso Bresciani--.jpg
Photo by Alfonso Bresciani © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc / Courtesy of OWN

Anyhoo, it seems she and RA have been playing house and she’s happy, but for some reason this concerns her. She doesn’t want to get too comfortable and slip back into her old ways. She shares some of this with her support group. She explains her feelings by telling a childhood story about her favorite shirt that she stained with cranberry juice. Her mother tried everything to get the stain out, but it never came out. Darla was afraid she is forever stained in the eyes of the Bordelon family.

Though she didn’t want to go to dinner with the family for that reason, she still showed up. Aunt Vi welcomed her with open arms. Like, no, for real. I gasped in wonder at what the Lord can do. At one time, I believe Aunt Vi would’ve sold her drugs just to get her strung out and have her out of Blue and RA’s life again.


Where was Micah? In jail. Now we all know he ain’t got a bit of street in him, so his arrest wasn’t justified. He was pulled over for being a Black boy driving an expensive car. The arresting officer gave him no reason for pulling him over, but instead barked orders at him to show his license and registration. There was a problem. Micah didn’t have his license. He had left it at home. When asked for his registration, he reached for the glove compartment. That’s when all hell broke loose. The officer (who asked for the damn registration) drew his weapon and pointed it at Micah. Sadly, I felt like I was watching the news instead of a fictionalized show. Why? Because this happens far too often in real life. Luckily, Micah didn’t end up dead.

Queen Sugar Ep. 201 "Salvation"
Photo by Alfonso Bresciani © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc / Courtesy of OWN

It was painful to watch this young, frightened boy sit among  grown men with no idea when he’d get to call his mother to let her know where he was. According to one of the police officers, he’d get his phone call after 400 other men got theirs. The hell???

Nova had received word that Micah was in jail, and she and Charley hauled ass to get there. Charley was in Mama Bear mode as to be expected. She demanded that the officer a the front desk tell her where Micah was. Nova chimed in more calmly, asking specifically for him to check the system for Micah West. Nope. No record of him. Charley was in the midst of going off when Davis walked in. He pulled her aside and asked her to let him handle it. He went into NBA superstar mode and asked the same officer to check to see if Micah was there. Perhaps check the holding cells. Oh, and by the way, he looks a lot like him. *eye roll* Like magic, the officer obliged. I understand why he used his celebrity, but I about kicked the screen when he took a selfie with the officer upon request.

While he and Charley argued outside about his shuckin’ and jivin’, Nova walked out with a still-shaken Micah. She noticed his hesitance to keep walking, and when the camera panned down, we could see he’d peed on himself. Listen. That took my emotions to another level. There was so much truth in that shot, so much depth. Many shows have done the portrayal of an innocent Black person being treated unfairly, but that was the first time I’ve seen a show go there. It was totally believable. He is sixteen – barely – and sheltered. Hell yeah, he peed on himself. He had a gun pointed in his face. He was in a holding cell with strangers. It seems Micah can relate to Darla in a sense. He, too, was stained in more ways than one. One stain would go away. The most important one? I guess we’ll see.

Make sure y’all tune in to Queen Sugar on OWN. It’s storytelling at its finest.


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