BET Awards 2017: Old School Owned the Night!

No need for a grand introduction. Let’s run this back:

  • Bruno Mars opened the show the way an awards show should be opened. I never get tired of seeing him groove. He also won his first BET Award!
  • French Montana performed a song I’ve never heard, but that’s not saying much because I usually listen to Pandora for old school R&B. Anyway, his performance was cool. He had what looked to be an African theme and busted out a couple dance moves for us. I appreciated the peek at his Moroccan roots.
  • Migos performed in puffer jackets. I hope the winter wonderland set also included an Antarctica air conditioner setting.
  • Trey Songz has never sounded good live to me, but tonight was pretty painful. And the fur-collar-jacket situation did not make him easy to look at.
  • Solange won!
  • Chris Brown gave us the Chris Brown experience. You know, lights, dancing, and interesting pants. “Privacy” was meh for me, but when he broke out with “Party,” I was all in. That’s my song.
  • Chance the Rapper looked super cute and won Best New Artist. He also received the Humanitarian Award. At 24, he’s the youngest to have ever received the honor. Go Chance!
  • Mary J…  ohno

But her body is on-point.

  • xscape betXSCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a huge fan and have been wanting this reunion for years. I know I’m not alone. They sang snippets of “Understanding,” “Who Can I Run To?” and “Just Kickin’ It.” I’m greedy, so I also wanted “My Little Secret” and “Do You Want To.” Anyhoo, I sang my part of the harmonies and even joined Kandi for the lead part of “Just Kickin’ It.” (Because: 5th member in my head) The outfits? I can’t say every member was fly. I’ll leave it at that.
  • Future performed and brought Kendrick out. The set was fancy.
  • Leslie Jones hosted and was okay, I suppose. The hollering even though she had the mic threw me off.
  • Tamar Braxton sang her face off, but it looked like she was lip syncing. Not sure. I was nervous she would also sing her wig off with all the hair-swinging, but God is good, and so are bobby pins or whatever rich folk use to make sure wigs stay put.
  • Debra Lee referred to Chance being from Chicago, and instead of saying he is from the Chi (shy), she used a the “ch” heard in Cheetos. I blacked out for a good thirty seconds.
  • El Debarge gave George Michael a proper tribute, and I was very pleased. Dear Grammys: Do better.
  • The New Edition Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute: A-MA-ZING.
    • The young cast members performed first together.
    • The older cast members then performed separately as BBD and the other solo acts. My faves: Luke James (Johnny) and Algee Smith (Ralph).
    • Was Ralph lip syncing??? I know the answer. It makes me sad. Something seemed a little off.
    • After a great speech and a super long, super awkward pause, all six gentlemen returned to the stage in all white to sing. (Bobby added a King Jaffe Joffer is-that-velvet touch to his ‘fit. SMH) When they sang “If it Isn’t Love,” the younger and older cast members joined them onstage as well. It was executed so well!


  • The Lil’ Kim imposter came out and paid tribute to Prodigy. (Y’all still won’t makekanyeno me believe that’s the Lil’ Kim from my teenage years, just like you won’t make me believe Trump is the president of the United States.)


  • Kendrick Lamar won Best Male Hip Hop Artist
  • Remy Ma won Best Female Hip Hop Artist
    • BET, I am side-eyeing the hell outta you for this. I believe you did this for the controversy. And I get it. Nicki has won for the last 15 years, (Exaggeration, but y’all get the point.) but er uh… K.
    • But congrats, lady!
  • Where the hell was Justin Bieber for “I’m the One” with Khaled and ‘nem???????? What the hell, son-in-law??
  • Irv Gotti came out of nowhere to discuss Tales, his new show coming to BET.

Overall, the show was cool. The New Edition Tribute definitely made the show, and the Xscape reunion was huge. Bruno opening the show was the icing on the cake! If you missed it, make sure you check out one of the 232 episodes that will air this week. You know how it goes!

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