Don’t Mess With Mine: Queen Sugar shows there’s power in love & power in numbers.

S2, Ep 203 – “What Do I Care For Morning” 

Keep Ya Head Up

Micah is understandably traumatized still from his ordeal with the police officer. Luckily, he has Aunt Nova who understands him when his mother is preoccupied with divorcing her philandering husband and making sure her mill is up and running in time for harvest. When Charley goes to Nova’s to pick Micah up for school, Nova lets her know he has not been eating, sleeping, or talking. Charley figured he just needed time, but Nova had to hip her to the fact that he needed more than that. It was much deeper than Charley was acknowledging. Nova told her that Micah wet himself the night he was arrested, which shocked the hell out of Charley. That was unfortunate. She was so busy hooting and hollering at Davis after Micah was released, that she never saw his stained pants. Did she never wonder why he had Nova’s garment wrapped around his waist when they were outside of the police station? Guess not. Come on, Charley. Do better, girl.

After surprising Aunt Vi for her and Hollywood’s return to the house, Ralph Angel approached Micah on the porch, asked if he was gonna be alright, and told him to keep his head up. Their conversation was very short, but I believe Micah got the message. If there was anyone who would best understand how he was feeling, it was his uncle who was still under the thumb of his parole officer. Hopefully Micah will feel comfortable opening up to him if his experience continues to torture him.

Pretty Damn Audacious

Speaking of RA’s parole officer, RA showed him the written addendum to his father’s will to get his opinion. Was it legit proof that he was the true owner of the farm per Ernest’s wishes? The parole officer believed it was enough to hold up in court and was excited for RA. Owning the farm meant great things for RA and Blue’s future. RA slowed him down. He wasn’t trying to go to court. Though his sisters would probably be pissed, he didn’t expect to be served with papers or anything. Mr. Parole Officer wasn’t as hopeful and dropped this gem in RA’s lap:

“Land may look like dirt, but really, it’s brown money.”

Stay woke, RA.

No truer words had been spoken because Landry and Boudreaux were back to their shenanigans. While Blue was outside playing, he saw a drone flying above the farm. Like any other young boy would, he tried chasing it. When it fell to the ground, he called out to his dad. When RA discovered what it was and what was happening, he put the drone in a garbage bag and  stormed into Boudreaux’s office. His message was clear. Boudreaux needed to stay away from his farm. He wasn’t about to play games with him. As expected, Boudreaux stood with a smirk, unbothered and a bit entertained by RA. But he then said the wrong thing – that he’d hate to see something happen to RA’s son out there on the farm. Oh no! He pushed the Blue button! RA snatched Boudreaux up and was about to crack his jawbone. Boudreaux egged him on, reminding him that he’s a convict. He wanted RA to hit him so he could send him back to jail. RA made one thing clear. Boudreaux could keep trying him if he dared, but he’d happily cross his ankles, sign up for the slop meal plan, and be buried under the jail if Boudreaux messed with his son.

When RA met with Charley to tell her of the confrontation, she wasn’t pleased. She wasn’t impressed with RA handling it man to man. He should have told her before he went to Boudreaux – not after. Poor Ralph Angel. Every time he tries to handle business, Charley berates him.

Meanwhile, back at the farm… In the late of night, RA heard voices outside. He loaded his rifle and crept outside to greet his unwelcome visitors. He could tell who they were because they were in the distance and had masks on. The purpose of their visit was clear. They were trying to steal some of his sugar cane. He busted a few shots in the air, sending the intruders scrambling; but one was left behind as the pickup truck sped away. I just knew it was one of the Boudreauxs, but nope! It was one of the Black farmers. What in the entire fuck? His story: He was paid by Landry and ‘nem to get Remy’s cane. But he was so, so sorry. His family needed the money ’cause times are hard; he didn’t know what else to do; woopty-woo. Charley wasn’t feeling it. It was time to call the cops. (I was with her.) She knows what a sob story sounds like. Ralph Angel was much more sympathetic. Said he knows what one feels like. He knows that desperate times call for desperate measures and that people sometimes do things they never imagined when their back is against the wall. He didn’t agree with what dude did, but he believes people deserve a second chance. It was quite clear he was referring to himself as well, and Charley got the message.

After falling asleep on the couch at RA’s place, she was awakened by Blue’s giggles. She peeked in to see Ralph Angel playing with Blue, doing his best to be a good father. The look in her eyes was evidence that she got it. RA deserved a second chance to get it right. “It” being life – you know, having a career and providing for his family. Imagine how RA must have felt when she later told him she would sign the papers for the microloan he needed for the farm.

She and Ralph Angel paid Landry and Boudreaux another visit at the office. They wanted them to know if they mess with one of them, they mess with all of them. AND, they’ll roll up on them in the daytime instead of sneaking around at night like cowards. Oop! When there was a question of whether she was threatening them… Damn right. She was threatening them. Don’t. do. it. again.


Aunt Vi and Hollywood are back to their “grown,” freaky selves. Hollywood was told he needed to go back to work for five months, but he decided that he didn’t want to leave. He was interested in what was most important, and that is Vi. Damn that job!

Queen Sugar Ep. 203
Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/ ©2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment

It’s beautiful to witness their love, and I’m happy to see they have recovered from their rough patch. Sometimes it takes tragedy or near-tragedy for us to realize we don’t want to live without someone.

The Man

Nova was invited to speak on a panel at a symposium in Atlanta. The topic: Mass Incarceration. At this event, she meets Robert DuBois, introduced to her as a “good brotha.” He was also on the panel. They presented opposing views to the issue. He didn’t agree with her usage of the word “genocide” and how she referred to “the man.” She wasn’t hearing it. She was going to call a thing a thing, and if he wanted to dance around the real issues with fancy words coming out of his mouth and blinders over his eyes, so be it. “The man” is a real thing. Ultimately, he let her know he agrees, but feels we can do better as a people and overcome many of the obstacles and mistreatment we face. He believes in stopping fires from happening instead of putting them out once they start. When she kept firing back, he let her know he wasn’t there to fight. He respects her work and thinks it’s beautiful. At that point, I think my girl Nova felt a little tingle. Fast-forward to him inviting her out and them vibing. I wonder what Miss Nova will do with that number he passed her. Will he be the “good brotha” she finds that she had seemingly given up on romantically?

Daddy Issues

So. Charley asked Micah if he’d told Davis he wanted him to have shared legal custody. Micah only said he wanted to be able to spend time with his dad on a regular basis. Off to Davis’ place she went to confront him. Davis greeted her wearing nothing but a towel and his abs. As they spoke, I guess he felt it more decent to at least wear a warm-up jacket along with the towel. (Insert slow blinks from me here.) Anyway, Charley told him he was caught in a lie and that Micah didn’t insist on them sharing custody. He only wanted to have some weekend visits and an occasional trip to get some food or sum’n. Davis then went into his “no father” speech. He told her it was important for him to be in Micah’s life. His father wasn’t around. He wants to be there for Micah. He even brought Ernest into it, first acknowledging how he was a father figure to him. Then he tried it with the reminder that Charley’s mom, Lorna, still let Ernest be in her life in spite of their circumstances. Ohhh, that pissed Charley off even more. She told him to never mention himself in the same sentence  with her father as he could never compare.

That’s when Davis dropped the bomb. He knew about her forging his name to get the mill loan. Either she gave him joint custody or they’d end up in court. Charley tilted her head back and looked into his eyes.

“I’ll wear a new suit every day.”

She dared him to take her to court. Sure, she forged his name, but how would he like the public to know of his Magic Don Juaning lifestyle, buying and distributing lady pies to his teammates?

After witnessing RA and Blue’s interaction and hearing his beliefs in second chances, Charley ended up taking Micah to Davis’ to stay for a little while. She encouraged him not to make her regret her decision. He was grateful. He told her he  never intended to call the bank to tell of her forgery, by the way. He knows how she operates and that she does what she needs to do, the way she feels it needs to be done. She let her guard down just a bit to say “Thank you.”


  • I’m still waiting to know why Ralph Angel was locked up.
  • I think we’re getting closer to figuring out where the hell Charley’s mother is, and why Charley doesn’t fool with her.
  • My nerves are bad concerning the Bordelon Farm. Landry and Boudreaux are relentless. The shit is going to hit the fan soon, though, and I hope it only serves to fertilize Bordelon land rather than destroy it and Ernest’s legacy.





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