Bad News: Queen Sugar is Plagued

S2, Ep 204 – “My Soul’s High Song”

Good in the Hood

The paper Nova writes for has a new editor. Steve has entered the building and he wants to makes some changes. He likes Nova’s works but wants to focus on balancing the good and the bad. Instead of Nova penning what the majority of people/institutions are doing wrong, he’d like to see a little something about what some are doing right. Nova wasn’t feeling it but figured she’d oblige or eventually be out of a job. Sadly, her attempts to play nice didn’t go over well with her first attempt at “good news.”

Too Close for Comfort?

Charley and Micah are staying with Ralph Angel and Blue. Early in this episode, it’s clear that Micah was feeling some only-child-type-a-way. His nerves have already been bad since his arrest, but having to share space with little Blue is annoying him even more. This was first evident when Micah couldn’t find his calculus binder. As he prepared to leave for school, in walked Blue with the binder that was newly decorated by him and Kenya. (Yes, Kenya, the Barbie doll we’re waiting to learn more about.) Micah was pissed. He’d told Blue to leave his stuff alone. Of course Blue was upset by Micah’s reaction.

RA and Micah

RA was in the room to witness that, and though he didn’t like how Micah spoke to Blue, he let it go. BUT! Later when Blue snuck up on Micah from behind with Kenya, Micah gave him a nice backhand, knocking little Blue to the floor. In a seamless stream of events, RA snatched Micah up and hemmed him against the wall. Touch him again like that and see what happens. I thought Micah was gonna pee on himself again. (For real. No shade.) He swore he didn’t mean to knock Blue down but RA wasn’t hearing it. Charley screamed for RA to get off of Micah while tending to Blue, who was wailing from the floor.

Once everyone calmed down, Charley tried reasoning with RA. She wanted him to be sensitive to the fact that Micah was locked up and felt RA of all people should understand his temperament. RA was all, Bish whet??? Micah’s four hours in a holding cell was nothing compared to his four years. If there was any reason Micah was messed up, it was because of her and Davis. He’s soft, and it was their fault.  WELP! (He didn’t tell Blue to  man up and stop all that hollering when he got pushed to the ground, though; but I’ll let Charley bring that up when she sees fit.)

“Money don’t make you safe here, Charley. Just make you forget who you really are.” – RA

In spite of all the drama, RA apologized to Micah; Micah apologized to Blue; and Blue apologized to Micah. Good stuff.

Shoo Fly!

Whiteflies invaded the Bordelon farm. They had to do something quick before all of their sugar cane was destroyed. They had two options: scrub all the leaves on all the cane by hand or pay for the aerial spray treatment. Charley gave RA and Prosper the go-ahead and arrange for the aerial treatment. Though it was expensive, it seemed more efficient. Little did she know that they would still have to scrub the leaves later. I wouldn’t doubt that the Boudreaux and Landry crew found a whitefly whisperer to summon the insects to the Bordelon farm. That, or the damn drone from the last episode flew those mugs first class to the farm.


So, my girl Darla is back. She came to give RA some mail and to take Blue swimming. You see, she was an all-state swimmer her junior and senior years in high school, and she would like Blue to learn how to swim, too. It was nice to learn a little bit more about her. RA didn’t even know that little fact. That had me wondering how they met and when. I’ll wait patiently for those details.

During the aftermath of the whitefly infestation, RA called Darla at work and asked if she could come help scrub leaves in the field. Without clearing it with her boss, she told him she would be there. Whaaaat?? No, Darla! When she asked her boss if she could leave, he asked if something had come up with Blue. Well, uh, nah. But you see, her boo had an emergency and – NOPE. Bossman was all, Shut up talking to me and get back in that booth. My poor friend Darla tries so hard. She offered to find someone to cover her shift and everything, but that wasn’t enough. Her boss didn’t care. So what did she do? She left anyway! I get wanting to stay in RA’s good graces, but there’s a balance. Being silly enough to risk her job? That’s not balance.

So what happened? Darla trotted into work for her next shift, only to find out her services were no longer needed. She had blatantly disobeyed her boss’ orders. He greeted her with her last check in-hand and gave zero fxcks when she begged and bargained with him. The job was part of her rehabilitation, and he had taken it away from her. I felt so bad.

Darla Fired

The pain in her eyes and in her voice was palpable. Now, she has all the time in the world to be of service to Ralph Angel. SMH. I hope Charley can put her on the payroll. What I don’t have time for, is her going back to the pipe or whatever she was on before. I’ve rooted for her from the beginning, and I’m still rooting for her. Maybe something good will come from her being fired from this job. Fingers crossed. Prayer oil handy. Jesus on the main line.

Bougie Bitch

“Time is money.” Charley gathered the Black farmers who are interested in grinding their sugar at her mill to give them more details about the benefits of grinding with her. (Y’all nasty. Not like that!) With high tech machines, her mill would produce sugar at a much faster rate than they are used to, allowing them to make money off of their product faster. Remy stood by her side to cosign. Before they left, two farmers had already signed a contract with Queen Sugar mill, which was quite promising. Remy and Charley planned on doing lunch to celebrate, but wait. After a phone call from her realtor, she learned she was unable to move into the rental she had her heart set on. Turns out the tenant decided not to move out. She was still open to having lunch with Remy, but first she had to go check out another rental property for her and Micah. Remy agreed to go along with her after she asked. After all, he’d been her right-hand man when it came to making most decisions for the farm and she valued his opinion.

Well, why did she do that? If she wanted a “yes” man, Remy was the wrong choice. He wasn’t feeling the glitz and glamour of the house and it was too big for her and Micah. Besides his personal preferences, he saw it as a bad look for Charley. She was trying to convince the Black farmers that she was down-to-earth and trustworthy and whatnot. She was asking them to risk everything and do business with her in the name of uplifting the community. Living large in the city wasn’t going to help her cause. She was she gonna uplift a community she didn’t want to live in? Charley was tired of people criticizing her for wanting to live by a higher standard. If anything, moving on up should serve as motivation for the farmers, damnit!

bougie convo

Charley was appalled to learn that after she’d spent over 5k having the crops sprayed to treat the whitefly issue, they would have to scrub all the leaves by hand to get the chemicals off. Hell, I would’ve been, too. That’s a lot of work! She didn’t say she wouldn’t help, but RA read her facial expression and told her not to worry. The “field negroes would handle it.” They were going to call some of the other farmers to see who could help. Poor thing. As much as Charley tries to fight the persona of the little rich girl who tries to fit in, in a small town, she can’t win. Add in Remy’s conversation with her earlier and the farmers later admitting to her face that they made a bet that she wouldn’t help for fear of messing up her manicure, and she was feeling some type of way. She asked Nova if she still thought she was a bougie bitch, a phrase she used to describe Charley during a previous argument. Nova laughed her off but heard her out. When Charley bucked up a bit about RA and said he wasn’t gonna run her out of the house that they each were entitled to, Nova concluded that Charley couldn’t be bougie, talkin’ that ‘hood lingo.

Speaking of all the siblings being entitled to the house, RA showed Aunt Vi the letter from Ernest. She doesn’t agree with him boasting to his sisters about it and warned that he didn’t want those kind of problems. If so, he needed to be prepared for the consequences. I agree. He barely has a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out. Charley used her and Davis’ money to fund everything on “Ralph Angel’s land.” Will his loan be enough to keep it going? Oh wait. She also cosigned for him to get the loan. Be cool, RA.

Regardless of what RA thinks, Charley will always have his back. Not only did she tell him that, she showed him. The cops showed up at his door (frightening poor Micah, btw) claiming he’d violated his parole. There was a report of gunshots coming from the farm, and as a convicted felon, it was illegal for him to possess a firearm or be around them. Charley fell right in line, claiming the gun as her own – well, her father’s. And she shot it. Once she realized the officers recognized her, she pulled a Davis minus the selfies. She smiled and schmoozed until they left the property.



new home

When Charley and Remy stood in one area of her mill, she asked him what he saw. He said “cobwebs,” while she said “possibility.” She was thinking the space could end up being a retail store once Queen Sugar becomes a major brand. By the end of the episode, the space became her and Micah’s new home. Imagine that. I can’t wait to see what they do with the place.



  • Where’s Keke?

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