Beneath the Surface: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 2, Ep. 5

S2, Ep 205 – “Caroling Dusk”

First off, shout out to the Queen Sugar writers for giving me what I needed this episode! Y’all knew that although I was waiting patiently for answers about Kenya Doll, I was getting a little antsy. Y’all knew that I needed Charley to look out for my BFF, Darla, and y’all came through. And y’all knew y’all needed to tell me if Keke was still in the picture or nah after Micah’s arrest. Glo’raaaay!!! Y’all are the real MVPs!


Now, let’s run this back.

Charley has sought out a therapist for Micah. You know, because: police. The problem is he missed their first session because he was with Nova, building a home with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. She only found this out when she tracked him down by phone and he was like, My bad. I’m out here doing community service. It’s good for college. You said it yourself.

Sidebar: Heyyyy, Micah! I heard that extra long “o” when you said, “Aunt Nova!” Looks like NOLA is growing on you! He also used the term “our people” when speaking to his dad later. Nova is gon’ have that boy woke af by the end of the season.

Charley tried to leave the session since Micah wasn’t attending, but the therapist thought it would be beneficial for her to know a little about Charley as well. She was reluctant but stayed anyway. During the session, she revealed that her mother wanted her to be perfect, and she wasn’t expecting that of Micah. She knows the difference between excellence and perfectionism. The therapist’s question: Does Micah, though? Was she teaching him that? You could tell there’s much more to Charley’s backstory than we know. The the pain of her past was evident in her body language. It’s like she was being taken on an impromptu trip down memory lane, the therapist was doing 80 in a 60, and no one told her there were no seat belts.

Queen Sugar Ep. 205
Queen Sugar Ep. 205 Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/ ©2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

While working for Habitat for Humanity, Nova heard someone ask if she should be wearing gloves. It was none other than Robert (Dr. DuBois). Mmmhmm. Dr. Robert DuBois from the panel in Atlanta. Well guess what? After seeing Nova’s tweets asking people to lend a hand, he traveled from Atlanta to lend two. Oop. Nova was impressed. (I was, too.) She was also impressed and intrigued by the little things she learned about Robert while they worked. For starters, he was good with power tools, and this is because his grandfather was a carpenter. Then, he shocked the hell out of Nova when Davis arrived and Robert told Davis they’d met before on the basketball court in college. One more tidbit: he dabbled in botany.

As Davis and Micah prepared to leave the property, Tamar Judith, a singer Micah was familiar with, caught Davis’ eye. She was being interviewed by a reporter. Her story? She grew up in a home built by Habitat for Humanity and it was important for her to show up to support. When Davis was spotted, the reporter asked him to comment on the cause as well. Davis’ talkin’ ass said all the right things as if he had actually picked up a hammer while at the site. Tamar seemed a bit interested. Don’t do it, girl!!!

After putting in their service hours, Nova and Robert spent the day together. During that time, he looked into her eyes and simply said, “I like you.” She didn’t know what to do with that. He even invited her to dinner, but she used the “excuse” that her sister needed her. Charley didn’t ask her to come by, but Nova could hear the stress in her voice when she called to go off on Nova for being Micah’s therapy-ditching accomplice. When she arrived at Charley’s, they had a heart to heart. It was heartwarming to see the sisters come together and encourage each other to look at their current situations as blank slates. They were free to reinvent their lives after other people had previously tainted them. Before Robert left, Nova was able to hit Robert with a strong middle-school-ish “I like you, too.” Look at God. #blankslate

Queen Sugar Ep. 205
Queen Sugar Ep. 205 Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/ ©2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Aunt Vi is ready to hustle her pies and make some money! Well, maybe. You know how some people are willing to go out on a limb until it’s time to climb the tree? Well, that was Vi. While Hollywood was tasting her remixed recipes, she confided in him about Ernest’s letter to Ralph Angel and said maybe she needed to hold off on pie hustling until she was sure her nieces and nephews weren’t about to go to blows or to court over their daddy’s land.

Nope! Hollywood wasn’t hearing that noise. Her purpose on Earth was surely not to run behind grown folks, playing peacemaker. She wanted to sell her pies, and he was going to help her do it. Such a good man.

“It was one day – one very hard, long day. But you ain’t gotta let it turn into two.”  – Hollywood 

THAT’S A WORD, Y’ALL!! That’s what Hollywood said to Vi when she was sulking and crying in her bed after a day full of rejection. She felt like a failure. What was the point of presenting her desserts to anyone else? Again, Hollywood wasn’t gonna let her give up on her dream. They hit the streets once more and got one of the restaurant owner’s attention. Uh oh! All the Bordelon’s outchea gettin’ money! (Or at least they’re about to be!)

Davis stopped at the gym so that he and Micah could shoot around like old times. He made a deal with him: For every three-pointer he made, Micah could ask him a question – anything. For every shot Micah made, same deal. So…

  1. “Are you a sex addict?” – Micah
  2. “Those cops rough you up?” – Davis

Short answers: Davis said he’s not. He’s just fxcked up and used to getting whatever he wants. Micah said he wasn’t roughed up. He was just scared as hell and had never been in a situation where he had no control. Both gentlemen were transparent with each other. It was nice to hear Davis talk and actually say something worth hearing.

As for my homegirl, Darla… When we first saw her in this episode, Ralph Angel had made them breakfast while Blue was still fast asleep. Mmmhmm. You know it’s real when he gets up scrambling eggs and whatnot. Anyway, it’s been two weeks since she lost her job, and he’s concerned. He reminded her that she could have breakfast with him every morning if she’d just move in with them. He wants to take care of her, take the pressure off of her. He had soy beans coming in and sugar he would be harvesting soon, so he was about to be paid. Darla loved that RA wanted to save her, but it’s important to her that she saves herself.

Now this is the moment when I yelled, “I knew it!” Darla went to Charley for some guidance regarding her job search. The poor thing pulled her resume from her purse. It wasn’t in a folder or envelope. It was folded in half and stuffed inside of her purse like some MapQuest directions or something – probably situated between her wallet and some old receipts. (She’s so pitifully precious.)

Charley was shocked that she wanted her advice but was happy to help. Upon looking at Darla’s resume, Charley noted that she didn’t have much experience. She was a parking attendant for six months, did some bartending, and was an administrative assistant… in college for a year. She listed her internships on the resume, too, but Charley wasn’t sure how relevant internships were at her age. Oh, but wait. The companies she interned with were impressive. Darla said her parents helped her get in. It was simple math to Charley. All Darla needed to do was see if her parents could hook her up again. Sadly, Darla’s parents don’t fool with her like that anymore. Charley tried to encourage her. There was a chance that her parents were different now, perhaps. Well, that only ran an already flustered and sensitive Darla right out of the office. Remember she’s trying to do things on her own. She was not there to hear, “See if your mom and dad can get you a job.” And hearing a variation of it surely triggered her flight response.

While giving Blue a bath, she asked why he likes Kenya so much. That was an easy question to answer. He likes her because her hair is soft like his, she’s his best friend, and she’s good at whispers. I could tell Darla was thinking what some of us have been thinking: that Blue associates Kenya with her. She told him she’s good at whispers, too. Then she asked if he was glad she’s around more. But thennnnn, she threw Kenya Doll in the trash!! No, girl!! What were you thinking??? Blue was in the midst of a full-blown tantrum, tearing up the house looking for Kenya. RA was panicking on the low because he knows how much Blue loves that doll. When Darla walked in and witnessed the meltdown, she pulled RA aside and confessed. When he asked why she did it, she said she didn’t know. Yes, she did know why! Umph, umph, umph. RA was .38 hot.

Next thing you know, he was in the dumpster searching for Kenya Doll. He wasn’t having any luck. Then what happened? The police rolled up and asked what he was doing in the dumpster. Thankfully, one of the officers recognized him and had his partner back off. They talked for a moment privately, reminiscing on old times. RA even told him about Blue’s connection to Kenya. See, they went to school together and Officer Antoine is gay. RA knew it when they were coming up and never judged Antoine for it. This all came out while RA acknowledged that Blue just may be gay, too… or something. He wasn’t sure how all of that worked. BUT whatever the case, RA planned to keep him close and let him be whoever he is. The more they spoke, one thing became more clear. Antoine is transexual. The revelation was woven into their dialogue. The message is still the same: Acceptance.

While Darla thought Kenya was a representation of her, she was really a representation of Blue. She bought another doll and tried to rough it up to pass it off as Kenya. RA wished her luck but knew Blue wasn’t going to believe that was the same doll. In the midst of this, Charley called. Offered Darla a job as her office assistant at the mill. Start date? The next day. I was all, “Yaaaaay!!” but RA looked like he’d eaten some bad greens when Darla told him the news. Wasn’t he the once who preached to Charley about people deserving second chances? What’s so wrong with this?

I have a feeling we’ll find out next week. Let us pray.


  • Let’s give it up one time for Ralph Angel being Super Dumpster Diving Dad. That’s love. For real.
  • This damn letter from Ernest keeps coming up. Apparently Ralph Angel isn’t gonna go too much longer without letting his sisters know that he owns all the land. I think that’s why he looked at Darla sideways when she said she was going to work for Charley.
  • I wonder what Blue will do without Kenya Doll. Will he think the new doll is her for a while and then realize she’s not? Will he end up hating Darla once he realizes what she did? I’m pre-nervous. (Hush. That’s a new word.)
  • RA and Darla better not break up over this job.
  • What if Charley’s mother shows up this season??? I feel there is MUCH more to their story. And I still wanna know how she became Ernest’s sidepiece.
  • Is Robert gonna move from Georgia to Louisiana?
  • I need Charley to get a peep hole for the door at her new place. And a security system.



One thought on “Beneath the Surface: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 2, Ep. 5

  1. I think Darla throwing out Kenya wasn’t about feeling threatened or feeling jealous about the doll, I think it had to do with the fact that Kenya represents Darla’s past as a drug addict, and her being absent in Blue’s life. I was taken back at how Darla just threw Kenya out, because Blue was so devastated, but I can also understand why she did it. I could also see Darla throwing Kenya out as her saying, “I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere”. It was a bit rash on Darla’s part, but I get it. Blue trotting around a doll that basically reminds her of all the bad things that she has done, she wanted to get rid of the reminder, even though it hurt Blue. I do think that RA and Darla allowing Blue to keep Kenya shows that neither RA and Darla point directly towards Blue and his sexuality. They just let him be himself. Darla is still finding her footing, but Blue and RA still love her.

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