Don’t Lie: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 2, Episode 6

S2, Ep 206: Line of Our Elders

Okay. So, one minute into this episode, I concluded that Ralph Angel (I’m going to call him by his proper name instead of RA in this post because: annoyed.) is Milly Rocking on my last nerve and I’m not willing to tolerate it. Like, this baby boy mentality must cease. I need him to run through the field and let the sugar cane brush against his skin. Maybe some sweetness will sink in and he won’t be so damn bitter.

I get it. He was there with Ernest, working the land and whatnot, while his sisters were off doing their own things. He feels like Charley is a bougie primadonna who swooped in after living it up in LA and took over their daddy’s farm. But he should’ve sorted out his feelings about whether he would claim the land as rightfully his before he continued to let Charley use her money and credit to further cultivate the land and open Queen Sugar Mill. And let’s not forget she signed off on his loan to grow soy beans… after he knew the land was his.

Still, he has this grudge against Charley. The latest reason: He was mad she didn’t go with him and Nova to view a part of their history as they prepared to mark Ernest’s grave. Meanwhile, Nova had to remind him she was unable to accompany them because she was preparing to make history. Queen Sugar Mill was about to open. He was probably still mad about Darla working for her, too.

Back at the farm, Nova sat in the office at Ernest’s desk searching for what I’m guessing was his death certificate when she came across a pay check for over six hundred dollars. After doing some investigative work, she tracked down his former place of employment and learned he was a custodian. The image of her holding his blue rubber gloves and a picture of Blue – the only things that were in his locker – was powerfully symbolic. He was working a job that a proud man like himself normally wouldn’t have sought out. Why? To make sure Blue would be okay. Sure, he was struggling since he couldn’t bring in any crops before he passed, but he took that job to make sure his grandson would be well taken care of. You can’t tell me any different unless you can show me the Queen Sugar story bible that states otherwise.

Queen Sugar Ep 206
Queen Sugar Ep 206 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Ben Harrison, a reporter who took the place of the one Charley was expecting, showed up to the mill, eager to chat with Charley about everything except the mill. This fool wanted to know where Davis was, who Remy was to Charley, why she settled in small town Louisiana, etc. Basically, he was looking for tea at the sugar mill.  During the opening reception, one of the machines clogged up and stopped operating. Ben was creeping in the shadows and witnessed it along with Charley’s meltdown. To get him off her back, she later gave him some of the scoop he was looking for: She and Davis were divorcing. That was information they didn’t plan on sharing with the masses until it was final in a couple months. She would give him the exclusive. In exchange for that info, she asked him not to report on the mishap at the mill. Hmph. I don’t trust him. He looks like he could be one of the Boudreaux’s cousins. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of his shady ass.

Queen Sugar Ep 206
Queen Sugar Ep 206 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

What was most annoying is that Charley cut this deal shortly after both she and the machine had a meltdown. Nova was the only person who was able to calm Charley down as she panicked and tried to unclog the machine herself. She took her aside and they had an emotional talk about how each of them could have been better daughters to Ernest. Charley was so upset about the machine malfunctioning because the mill wasn’t just a business to her. It was her redemption. She wanted everything to be perfect to best honor Ernest.

Darla was hard at work as Charley’s assistant and seemed to be doing a good job. Though she still looked a bit timid at times, her confidence is clearly growing. After spilling coffee on herself, Charley instructed Darla to go through her closet and find something else to put on. Darla gravitated to a cute black dress that Ralph Angel immediately recognized when he saw her later. Pissed, was he, as he assumed she was wearing the dress to be Charley Pt. II. After she explained, he complimented her on how she looked in it. Darla didn’t respond, but that was okay. I yelled, “STFU” from my couch.

I watched as Darla looked at Charley’s wardrobe. There was a familiarity in her eyes, as if she once had a wardrobe like Charley’s. Then when Micah came in to get his blazer and Darla tied his necktie with perfection, I knew my hunch was right. She told him she’d learned from one of her cotillion dates. Darla was fancy before her addiction. She was a swimmer in high school, had internships in college with top-notch companies, went to cotillion, and had parents who expected perfection. Let me find out she was just a “Charley” who fell down… and got up!

Back to Mr. Ralph Angel. When we were first introduced to him in episode one of season one, we witnessed him robbing a convenience store. I was convinced he needed to be on World’s Dumbest Criminals since he robbed the store (in the small town he lives in) with no disguise. I knew it would come back to haunt him. The girl said, “I saw your face!” I thought it would happen last season, but nope! This season, this episode, Ralph Angel was at a different convenience store with Blue. They went to the counter to pay for their goods, and the girl he once robbed was working the register. She immediately told him she lost her job because of him. He played stupid, acting like he didn’t know who she was, threw some money on the counter, and rushed away.

Before Blue and Ralph Angel left the store, the cashier had the opportunity to call him a liar. This stuck with Blue as he asked his dad why she called him that. Ralph Angel didn’t tell Blue the truth, but he did tell Blue he was done lying. Feeling all reflective, Ralph Angel was in the middle of “saying grace” at the dinner table with all of the family. His prayer started off normal, blessing the food, but then he started talking about Ernest and how he only wanted Ralph Angel to be a better man. That’s when it all came out. Ignoring Aunt Vi’s warning name-call, Ralph Angel let it be known that Ernest left the farm to him. He was tired of lying.

Queen Sugar Ep 206 "TBD"
Queen Sugar Episode 206 “TBD” Photo Credit: Patti Perret copyright/2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Rightfully so, this set Charley off. She relocated her family to Louisiana because she thought they all inherited the farm. He let her pay for everything involving the farm, and now wants to come out with the truth. Darla didn’t think her allegations were fair and jumped in to defend her boo. Charley was all, Wayment. You knew? Et tu, Aunt Vi? Nova had some words, too. Ernest left Ralph Angel the farm, but in her opinion, her brother was the reason Ernest was working as a custodian. If Ralph Angel was being a responsible father, their dad wouldn’t have had to work a job he was ashamed of to take care of his grandson. That’s when Ralph Angel stayed true to his baby boy self, calling Nova out for fighting for every brother in prison except her own. She wasn’t hearing it. She reminded Ralph Angel that he landed himself in jail. She didn’t put him there. And she was out. She left the table with Charley and Aunt Vi on her heels. Done. Aunt Vi wouldn’t let her or Charley leave – not until they hashed things out.

Next week will be off the chain.


  • Can we just dab our eyes in unison for Nova removing her head wrap and wiping Charley’s hands?
  • Blue realized the doll wasn’t Kenya because she didn’t have the birthmark he’d given her. He took it better than I expected. He was so precious, though, because he thought he or Kenya did something wrong for the doll to end up in the trash.
  • I appreciate Ralph Angel not throwing Darla under the bus for tossing Kenya in the trash.
  • Shout out to Rutina Wesley. I don’t know if another actress could capture Nova the way she does.
  • I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall when Ralph Angel and Darla discussed her taking the job with Charley
  • I hope Charley tossed the flowers from Landry immediately. They probably contained a hidden camera or “bug” that would allow him to hear what Charley’s plans are for the mill. Ol’ bastard. I can’t stand him.
  • Will Darla be stuck in the middle of the family feud? If so, whose side is she choosing?
  • I secretly want Charley to take Ralph Angel’s name off the bank accounts. Because: petty and pissed. Maybe something will happen in the next episode to change my mind.





3 thoughts on “Don’t Lie: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 2, Episode 6

  1. I feel like Darla is still working through her issues, despite feeling a bit awkwardness with Charley and the wine, in the same scene we see her openly, and honestly talk to Charley about how she is 2 years sober, and how she is thankful to Charley for giving her a second chance, and a job. Darla could have totally just changed the subject, or even asked Charley to not bring up her addiction, or her recovery, but she doesn’t she talks to Charley, not in shame, but in a sense of accomplishment, asking Charley to come to her celebration for being two years sober, again shows that she is growing and she is starting to make peace with her past. I mean think about it, of all people you would think Darla would ask to come to her sobriety celebration, that it would be miss high class LA living Charley right? Darla sees a lot of herself in Charley, so again I think her inviting Charley to her celebration was her starting to grow, and not be so meek about her sobriety.

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