Black Ink Crew Chicago S3 Ep1


S3 Ep1

Welcome back 9 Mag Fam!!!
This is a good looking cast….but lord they talk so loud why though? And why do they all need anger management?
Ryan…congrats on getting back with your baby mama…but babe…the hair is a NO! You being dedicated to your family is honorable. BUT my sounds like you’re taking a page from the Caesar boothang boss handbook…letting your girl tell you who needs to be hired and fired…um…yeah….you see how that worked out. And um…you’re no Barack and Michelle…Barack would never make so many amateur punk moves in the name of flossing. Your business is only as good as the team that helped you build it.
Charmaine…so pretty but so damn ratchet. It’s real cool that so many good things are going for you. you needed a big break…GIRL you came all the way up. Boo is fine. the apartment is beautiful.
Four…hi! Tiffany though? Hmmm…
Danielle…what do you do at the shop again? Getting at Ryan about your man is what you’re supposed to do…but um…the way you did it was hella wrong…awww damn…the LA pop up is a cool move but I’m so sad about you losing the baby. That’s one hell of a wake up call for sure. 26 is so young but you can turn this thing around and start moving in the direction you need to get what you want from life.
Cat…awwww LA is probably a good look for you. HI YOUNG MA!!! ok…girl LA will get you so chill and make you feel so happy it’s hard not to be intoxicated by the west coast ocean air….
Van you make some real valid points…it’s easy to be offended by Ryan but my nigga this is your boss at the end of the day…a win for the shop is a win for you. You being real bitchy…I mean you got locked up…no one said anything about you betraying the shop…losing money for the shop…ijs…why do you need to continuously talk so much shit? Your pettiness is like next level…my friend…for real so disrespectful and the jealous…you’re like Wendy Williams and the Incredible Hulk all in one.
Don and Ashley…it’s real cute how the family blending is working out…but can’t just come home and say you want to quit your job. this little taste of fame done gone to your head…And girl you so wreckless. Going to Charmaine’s man and talking shit was dumb and pointless and now you got your man in the street driving like a psycho knowing he can’t afford no charges…wreckless!!!

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