Black Ink Crew Chicago: S3 E2 Anarchy, Broken Windows and Chics before Dicks


S3 Ep 2
Ryan…Van disrespected you…so you disrespect him back. Yep…that’s exactly how you fix things….don’t let your “real friends” gas you up…I’m all about being Team Power Couple but don’t let Rachel have you with new locks and an empty shop…fix things with your crew…you started the shop with the mindset that everyone was equal but the minute the equality shifted you needed to change and make your authority known and also make the new structure of the shop known…instead you took a punk stance and made moves under cover. Communication is key…you failed to communicate.
Van you seem so calm and cool with Tiffany and your daughter…why can’t you keep that cool head at the shop? I’m sorry for the loss of your uncle.Asking Kat to come back because you’re going through something is selfish! She got out because the shop wasn’t a good fit for her anymore…she matured and moved on to make good moves for her brand why can’t you do the same? Then you wanna go take your anger out on a door and a colleague?! This is how you show your daughter that she can be successful and that you have changed? Prison did nothing for you…
Charmaine…girl you are out of control. I love a true party girl! Johnny did blow up a little bit…next time tell your boy to send flowers and have the picnic waiting for you when you get home.
Don & Tiffany …Don you need anger management like for real. Every season you have to be restrained And a little Jesus won’t hurt…but yeah Tiffany you are no saint.
Danielle you pop out of the sky and you so caught in your own mess that you can’t have a good time and be happy for your friend…you’re making yourself look like a creep. You could have been having fun in the club with Kat and bae but you chose to be all in your feelings….you are sounding like a 3 year old having a tantrum. People grow and with growth comes change…Kat’s apology was sincere but girl you owe her a major apology too.
Kat…you’ve really matured.
Aloe…stand down homey.
Junior…Esse…for real…your mouth runs like a damn faucet. I get it you’re Team Ryan…but your level of disregard for the relationship between the original crew is unbelievable. Stay in your lane…Van tossed your ass around a held your own a little…and as much as I don’t condone violence…you stepped right into the potential ass whooping. You cannot talk reckless to a man who just busted a window to get into a building….

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