Black Ink Crew Chicago S3 E3: The Old Nine Mag is the Best Nine Mag


Phor…. there’s no job in America where you can tit for tat your boss…Van is dead ass wrong. Does Ryan need to talk to him…yes…but Van needs to be humble. Dude check your girl. She didn’t have to be so mean to the groupie cousin…
Ryan you are dead ass wrong for only taking Jr to Philly for the conference. Man you are acting more and more like a Ceasar Jr every day…is this the tattoo shop owner protocol??? Awwww that was pretty cool of you to reach out to Cobra when her dad died. Whoa…then you offer her a job? Man you just really want to throw your weight around…smh. You can be a leader and it can be your shop without you being disrespectful to your crew. You are so foul…I mean really foul.
Tiffany and Don…Tiffany you are so fraud…a hot damn mess like your lace front. Girl how do you get married to someone and never have a conversation about religion if it’s important to you? How do you have a child with someone when you have never had this conversation? Don is being open minded and yeah…maybe he does need Jesus…but dang ya’ll should have had these conversations alot sooner in your relationship.
Charmaine, the birthday party looked super cute…that cake looked like a damn Candy Land game…it was really mature of you to tell your cousin that she didn’t work there and defend the kitten head receptionist but you folded like a lawn chair for real. Girl…you ain’t go no authority to make any decisions on hiring and firing…smh and girl…you know good and well you can’t take Cobra on your best day sit down…all the way down…
Danielle you were wrong AF to bring that mess up at Charmaine’s party. girl. grow up. If you wanted to handle some beef with Ryan that should have been done at the shop on another day. You being on Van’s bandwagon is cute and all. You were fired. Why are you being super extra???
Van…why do you keep coming around when Ryan isn’t there? Just like Ryan could call you and tell you that he doesn’t want you to be there you could call him too…
Hey Kat…

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