Cards on the Table, Hearts are Wild: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 2, Episode

S2, Ep 208 – “Freedom’s Plow”

If you follow my blog, you’ve probably picked up on my love for music. So, I decided to choose a song for my cousins based on their midseason finale storylines. Ready? Let’s run this back. 

Charley: Baring it All

Charley’s Gallant feature article is out. Fresh out of the shower with a towel wrapped on her head, she proudly looked at the cover art on her iPad and scrolled through the article itself. The title: “The New Real” Then you see “Authentic Charley Bordelon-West.” Charley was dressed in a sleeveless dress, wearing her hair slicked back into a ponytail – the way we typically see her.

Her gaze became more of an insightful one the more she looked at the cover. After turning toward the mirror, she removed the towel from her head and finger combed her naturally curly locks. Her reflection showed the real her. The woman in the mirror was authentic.

QS208b_596_Michelle K. Short

Well, the farmers in the collective didn’t think so. I read some of the quotes about her not knowing her purpose and trying to find herself; and they weren’t happy. They didn’t sign up to be her test dummies. Remy approached her with this information, letting her know the farmers wanted to have a sit-down with her to get some clarification. Is she in the sugar business for the long haul or nah? She told a story of how she started visiting her dad in Louisiana when she was four, but she always felt like a visitor. When she was old enough to make the decision, she stopped visiting. It wasn’t until he passed that she came back; and once she did, she found community and love – a sense of belonging. It was home, and she was in it for her, Ernest, and all the farmers. Prosper had her back. In fact, it was well with all their souls. They prayed over the food and supped together. 

Charley noticed that Remy rushed out without saying goodbye, so she called him to come to her office later. When he arrived, he admitted that he left because he didn’t like her article. He still questioned her motives. When asked why she didn’t mention her divorce, she listed a few reasons: Micah, to protect her assets (those coins for the mill), and to make sure he doesn’t look like her rebound guy. He thought she was running game again, and that’s when Charley made it crystal clear that she wants him. She told him she’s not calculating when it comes to him. In the most vulnerable state I’ve seen her in, she asked Remy to forgive her. It takes a lot to ask someone, “Don’t you wanna be with me? Can you try?” Lawd! Well, fortunately it worked in her favor. Remy kissed her with a tenderness so special, I felt it on my couch. 

Charley’s song? “Natural Woman.” 

Nova: Dr. Feel Good

Last time we saw Nova, she was packing her bags to go see Dr. Robert DuBois. The family drama was getting to her, so she decided to take Robert up on his invitation to Atlanta. As she rode the escalator down to Baggage Claim, we saw her take a deep breath as if she was inhaling the nerve to be vulnerable. She was actually allowing herself to fall for 

QUEENRobert, and it clearly frightened the hell out of her. Waiting for her with a sign reading “QUEEN” in bold letters, was Dr. DuBois. I was like, YAAAASSSSSS!!!! Let him claim you and your baggage, girl – literal and figurative. 

Before they exited his SUV, he admitted that he was surprised by her presence. She told him he wasn’t alone. She’d surprised herself. He had no complaints, though. He wanted her there. In fact, he wanted her right there. Tuh. Don’t test Nova’s gangsta. She’s super woke, but she’ll rock you to sleep! As he exited the car, she climbed in the back seat. He noticed she’d moved to the back when he went to open the passenger door. Tickled, he opened the back door. Just as chill as she could be, Nova casually reminded, “You said ‘right here.'” Oop! After a brief glimpse at the surrounding cars in his parking garage, Robert joined her. My imagination filled in the blanks regarding what happened next.  

He took Nova to a predominantly White gathering and gave her a disclaimer that the people were old friends cut from a different cloth. Uh oh. He knew better. They turned out to be people whose thinking was completely opposite of hers, and she was turned off. Things went all the way left once the discussion of who was deserving of the American dream was on the table. What was most disturbing to Nova was Robert playing the game and being in the same company as them. She was out. 

She didn’t get away that easily. Guess who showed up at her door? He came bearing information to help her with her plight to help her people – their people. When Nova told him he didn’t have to travel to New Orleans to tell her that, he stood nose-to-nose and said he needed to see her. I love that he knows how to take her. He knows that shes guarded when it comes to love. He’s man enough to stay in the fight and show her what love is. Robert hiked her up on the kitchen counter and kissed her with a passion she couldn’t fight. 

It seems they are an anytime, anyplace kinda couple. Ayyyyyeee! I like it. 

Nova gets two songs: “Someone to Love You” and “Anywhere.” 

Ralph Angel: On Second Thought

So, it seems Baby Boy has hit a growth spurt. He threw his tantrum, wouldn’t anybody play with his toys, and kicked them out of his room. Nowwww, he’s out of his feelings and wants his sisters to play with him. Good God, he’s exhausting. 

Queen Sugar EP. 208 "TBD"
Queen Sugar Ep.208 — “TBD” — Photo Credit: Michele K. Short / ©2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

He called Aunt Vi to ask if she’d heard from Charley or Nova. He’d been calling but they weren’t answering his calls. She wasn’t trying to hear him. She wasn’t about to be in the middle of their mess. She tried to mediate, but he said he had it under control and didn’t need their help. He was talking about having a conversation with Charley, but hell, the conversation had BEEN had. Ironically, Aunt Vi was boxing up her variety of pies while her nephew was in the middle of eating humble pie. Talmbout, “I didn’t mean…” Shut up, Ralph Angel! That’s why you need to watch what you say. You see, he remembered he had bills to pay and still needed to be on the payroll so he could meet the terms of his parole. That’s why he needed to talk to Charley. Mmmhmm.

oprah green

While picking at his food, Blue asked Ralph Angel why Darla doesn’t join them for dinner anymore. He thought he’d done something wrong. Ralph Angel assured him that was not the case.  

  • Sidebar for my girl, Darla
    • She’s still working for Charley, but things were awkward. In her meek fashion, she took Charley a bottle of water and set it on her desk. Charley didn’t acknowledge her until Darla asked if they were okay. Nope. Charley still didn’t feel comfortable with Darla knowing about Ernest’s letter and keeping it from her. Darla acknowledged Charley’s feelings and apologized for making her feel like she can no longer trust her. She explained that she didn’t say anything because it was Ralph Angel’s truth to tell. Agreed. The sweetest line: “I’m going to keep doing my best here until you tell me not to. I hope that day doesn’t come.” (Awwwww!!! I hugged the TV for real this time.) 
    • In a touching conversation with Blue, Darla and Ralph Angel explained that the are still a family even though Darla hasn’t been around like she was before. Darla told Blue she was very sick when he was a baby, and her strict schedule is her medicine. Her schedule keeps her away more, but she has to stick to it because she wants to make sure she doesn’t get sick again. Ralph Angel cosigned. 
    • Ralph Angel showed up at her 2 yr Sobriety Birthday. Charley, too! She even came bearing flowers. I loved that she still showed up for Darla. She can tell Darla is actually trying to stay clean and that she has a good head on her shoulders. 

While Ralph Angel was at Darla’s sobriety celebration, Marlene, her sponsor introduced herself. She kinda overstepped seeing that she’s a stranger to him, but I appreciated that she was looking out for Darla. She basically told him that if he wasn’t in it for the long haul with Darla, to step aside. She would need his support because maintaining sobriety is a lifelong battle. Her chat reminded me of the aunties taking a new boyfriend aside and having a little talk with him at Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t f this up or we’ll find you. 

Finally face-to-face at celebration, he and Charley had an awkward exchange. He stated the obvious – that her hair looked different – and then complimented her on it. He then asked if he was still on the payroll since their falling out over the farm. Her answer was “Yes.” She wasn’t going to just drop him. She was still his sister and wouldn’t do her baby brother like that. He better thank God she isn’t as petty as he was acting. 

ra and darla

Back at the farm, Ralph Angel, Darla, and Blue walked in to a dark house. Ralph Angel flipped on the light switch, but nothing happened. Oops! He forgot to ask for an extension on the electric bill.  Darla put Blue down for bed and came out to a room full of lit candles. Ralph Angel told her he wanted to do something nice for her. Seeing her at her sobriety celebration gave him the feels and reminded him of when they first met. She thanked him, and he continued to express his feelings for her.

“I don’t wanna wanna distract you from whatever you take it’ll take to stay on the right foot. I just wanna right wit’ cha… and I promise I’ll do my best and help you do your best always.”

 Darla thought he was asking her to stay the night. Well, it was something like that. He was asking her to stay ALL the nights! As tears ran down his face, he asked Darla to marry him. When he dropped to his knee, he pulled out what I believe was his mother’s wedding band. Darla wiped away his tears and kissed him softly. Her answer was “Yes.” Precious.  

Ralph Angel’s song? “Whatcha Say Boo?” 

Love wins for the Bordelon Bunch, and I’m happy for all of them. 


  • Micah was still holding on to hope that his parents will reunite. Since he didn’t see mention of it in Charley’s article, he asked if they were considering getting back together. Then, he went off on Davis after seeing him at dinner with Tamar Judith, the R&B singer who caught his eye at the Habitat for Humanity event. Micah was especially pissed because Davis lied and said he was at a marketing meeting. SMH.
  • Tamar Judith told Davis they could be each other’s second chance, recognizing that they’ve both made mistakes in their past. I wonder if her mistakes are a bit more colossal than his. I’ll wait. 
  • Aunt Vi passed out briefly at the High Yellow after the dinner with the farmers and Charley. She said nothing was wrong and refused to let Hollywood take her to get checked out. She said the only thing wrong was Charley, RA, and Nova getting on her nerves. They needed to fix their relationships. Lemme tell you something. I don’t think this is the end of Aunt Vi’s health scare, and I don’t have time for no foolishness the second half of the season. Queen Sugar writers, make sure y’all write in a cure for whatever this ailment is. Thanks in advance.QS208b_769_Michelle K. Short
  • Micah finally shared the whole story about his arrest. The cop started off being nice, but then drove past the police station. He took Micah to an alley and told him he sounded like he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He said he was going to put something else in his mouth. And so he did. He put his gun in Micah’s mouth and pulled the trigger. Ol’ bastard. (I feared for a moment that Micah was going to say the officer put something else in his mouth.) I think we all knew there was more to his story than he was telling. Poor thing.
  • Y’all know I love me some Darla, so I hope Ralph Angel grows up and is the man he needs to be for himself, Blue, and her. It’s romantic to propose when there’s no electricity, but it’s not romantic to be married and not be able to take care of your household. Let’s keep RA (I guess I’ll call him that again.) in our prayers.

Overall, I’m not terribly emotional, but I’m affected. I almost cried! I would have been terribly emotional if there was one more episode between this one and the last one to make me feel like there was no way loose ends would be tied up anytime soon. I wanted just a little more tension between Ralph Angel and Darla. I could have used some scenes with him running into roadblocks regarding the farm. Maybe a little more of lead-in for Tamar Judith and Davis. Something.

I absolutely enjoyed this mid-season finale, but I’m still like:

oprah skeptical

…trying to determine whether I feel cheated. I mean, can somebody send me the lost episode? Bonus clips? No? Either way, I’ll be front and center for the second half of the season. See y’all then!


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