S6 E16
Evelyn…girl…you just keep fanning those flames. Cue reality star tears…then you want to try to convince Malaysia that she’s enabling Jackie and you know she only knows Jackie’s side of things but you know Toccari’s side and you don’t share that with Malaysia…you’re living off this feud.
Tami…girl you are doing the most trying to be the peacemaker. I don’t like you in this role. It’s just not fitting. I have you flip for less…it’s crazy to me that you are being so understanding about Jackie and her daughter’s situation…
Shaunie…DEAD ASS WRONG. knowledge of the book should have come out when you talked to Jackie. Your honesty is appreciated. telling her that’s how you felt regarding not knowing what’s going on with Jackie and Toccari..who to believe…etc etc…you want the tension to end…why not just come all the way clean? Girl that story though..about the flat tires and the knife on the car! I’m dying…I can see it. You got that crazy bih deep inside you…
Malaysia…I feel you riding for your girl…ride the middle…
Jen…finally someone is spilling the tea about the book. it’s crazy though that you wanna do this at dinner…
Hazel…stay in your lane. if you couldn’t say anything to Jackie all day why say something now…I’m with Malaysia…sit down, shut up.
Jackie Jackie Jackie…girl whatever the truth is about your relationship with your daughter it’s too much to deal with in this atmosphere. If these women really cared they wouldn’t do this now with drinks…Of all the crazy faces we have seen of Jackie…this is the best face of all. The grown, and mature Jackie. I truly believe Toccari has a mental illness…all of her behavior speaks to this and Jackie is struggling with balancing this persona of herself as this reality star with the real life issues going on with her daughter…I’m sad this whole season has come down to this…and the bottom line is we will all never know the truth…

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