LOVE AND HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD S4 E3: Main Chics in Charge…or Nah



 S4 E3
A1 debuting his song Toot that Whoa Whoa…that song is mega trash…Why do so many producers give their best to other artists then release themselves as artists and release some trash. Then you tell your wife that you are pressing pause on her career to boost yours but you have time to sign other chics. Bruh…Then you spring a meeting on her…did Lyrica behave professionally? Hell no. But Does she have a right to be upset? Hell yes.
Solo Lucci…welcome. This dude looks like a cartoon character. Pure animation.
So Alexis Sky you might be pregnant by a dude you only been with for a month…which means you smashing raw knowing he has baby mama issues…girl go away.
Hi Teaira. Congrats on the court case being dismissed. Congrats on the new man…but girl he’s a busta. but who knows maybe ya’ll gonna be good together…wait…girl you are a mess. the drinking. All of that. Almost falling. You are a whole damn mess.
So I guess Chanel West Coast is LHHH version of Mariah Lynn? Snooze. wait…spoke to soon. Girl you ride for your bitches…ok. I see you. Little gangsta…
Brooke girl you so far out of order. Don’t pull up on a girl you don’t know without your man there and without talking to your man who is just barely your man. What’s the feather for? You look really stupid. Meeting with Marcus and Jade was a good move but girl if you didnt want him after catching him in his lies why not let him go be with the other girl? Mess.
Safaree go on and smash Chanel. But that lipstick you have on…boy…nah…
Team Open Minds are like the mean girls of LHHH…Moneice, Nia and Zel….attacking Cisco was a mistake….give the man a chance…ya’ll know your girl got issues…if you are really friends with Teairra you’ll be happy she has a man that wants to love her and encourage him to join the team of supporters that she needs to get better.
ok Ray J….I see you working with Hazel E…that don’t sound too bad for real…why haven’t you told Princess about your sperm issues though? You know she wants a baby ease her mind by letting her know the real issues…
Hazel is clueless to being the brunt of the joke…but she’s on some show you better than tell you type moves right now. …
This whole cast makes my head spin…from their looks to their level of ratchetness…I wanna give up but I just can’t turn my gaze from the train wreck.

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