Monique I love that you have reached out to Cisco to get Teairra some help. That’s real friends.
Boobie and Brooke just go ahead and smash…IJS. The song did sound good thought I’m not gonna lie. Boobie you may be on to something.
Cisco you are a real dude. I like it. I like how you’re trying to be there for Teairra. How you’re trying to get her to see herself and what she has in you…and how to fix what she’s got going on.
Teairra gir you got a whole team of friends and a man that are rooting for you. Rehab.
Alexis Sky..surprise…you’re not pregnant. SMH. Good thing it sounds like you have good head on your shoulders…not wanting to be pregnant before you reach levels in your career…you’re young…but girl your disrespect of your man’s baby mama is horrible. give him a chance to check her before you clock out.
Marcus…your game is lame. You been in these streets making Brooke side chic for life going from your wife to the paralegal now you wanna go big with Brooke she rightfully is playing you…lol. She’s smooth with it too. step up friend.
A-1…don’t let these fools get you in trouble with your wife. Lyrica has a legit issue…you need to focus on her music before you take on other female clients. Period. Why would you want to help someone win before you help your wife? I mean I get it Keyshia Cole is already on but if you can’t make your wife understand that she should be an exception then you need to leave that opportunity alone…money destroys marriages all the time. But I get it…semantics…you’re not signing her…but um…sir…don’t ever keep secrets from your wife.
Zel…OHHHHH you’re a stylist. Ok. Hmmm….you are so disrespectful with you extra attitude you are doing beyond the most
Keyshia…I can’t believe your new label approved you to be on this show and fraternize with the riffraff…but I”m glad you
Nicky Baby thanks for your appearance.
Sara you out of pocket. WAY out of pocket.
Lucci…you need to get your baby mama under control.
Masika  you kill me with the queen bee attitude. But you should have listedned to your first mind and not invited Zel.
Ray…sigh…welcome to the cast…smh…you going for Zel is hilarious. But I’m here for it. Girl you should be ruined in the industry for all you did to straight destroy Masika’s event…

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