Shaunie that dress is confusing me but it’s soooo hot it doesn’t even matter!!! So Shaunie…you and Jackie are gonna be good? “Um…..”

Jackie…what do you have on? this cape? the boobs…the shoes…they glove thingies…GIRL you and Cenia are such good friends why hasn’t she styled you? This is all bad! Ummmm…but what? You’re Grandma of the Year but you don’t know your grandson’s birthday? Isn’t he your first grandchild? I bet you know your other daughter’s child’s birthday…(1300 + 6 carry the 3 …um…sis who does the math in your head for you? Where did $35K come from?) The snarling…the faces…the rant…They must’ve taken a break…now you talking about Indian pubic hair? LAWD!!! *****SCREEEEEECH**** SIXTY-MUTHAFUCKIN-ONE?! Ok…so first props cuz Black don’t crack for sure! But I am even more disappointed in her behavior because she too damn old for this mess!

Tami…I LOVE the look. You look real grown…real boss. That leg! That Blonde. LOVE

Evelyn I don’t get the polka dots and the pants…I feel like you want you are channeling Oprah and J-Lo and I don’t like it. You may not have given the money for attention but Malaysia was right why not call Shaunie why not reach out to Jackie? If not for the plot…cue Reality star tears!!!

Malaysia…I wish you had come blond…but I like the overall look…

Hazel…that ostrich thing you have going on…hmmmm…I’m on the fence…


Cenia…no ma’am. I guess maybe you did style Jackie…and exactly how much oil sheen did you spray on your head to glisten that ponytail? And girl! you are straight trash for offering Cristin $20K to produce her medical records…Good thing she didn’t call your bluff…but sis for real..I got medical records if you just feeling philanthropic…

Bonnie Jill…I’m feeling the minty sequenced frock…it’s very Country Music Awards. Call the spade the spade…Marc Lamont…BJ was definitely the instigator of this season.

Cristin…looking good. and girl no you ain’t got to prove nothing to no one about your miscarriage.

Hi Kijafa…Hi Jeniva….ok…immediate shade. I saw it…I’m looking forward to watching their show…


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