Kat…you shouldn’t have come back. But is this lake house plot twist a whole Black Ink brand thing? What? Flowers from Phor?

Ashley you are a mess. Now you are the holy wife. Great. Girl lead your man to God. I ain’t mad about that. Anything you can do to lift your man up and make your marriage better is a good thing. I hope this isn’t for TV.

Charmaine…why on earth did you go to the lakehouse? You gotta be to work in the morning…you’re on probation…girl this is all bad…did you just walk into the bathroom while Ryan was shitting? BLEGH!!! Girl you are so damn irresponsible.

Don you came alone? Wow…*STANDING OVATION!!!* My man you just squashed that whole thing with Ashley. Then you deescalated Phor. Good job.

Junior…you’re memory is a little messed up…you never checked Van. If anything it was a draw…A draw where he won.

Cobra…you are a sore thumb. Why are you crying? Bruh you’re like a whole fleet of 18 wheelers -what you’re going thru with losing your dad is major and needing to be a part of something is a good remedy for grief…real talk it was big of Charmaine to come apologize to you but bringing those glasses was big of you! I like it.

WAIT…was Ryan in the shower with Kat? I’m so confused!!! And the convo by the water…I don’t understand

Van it was a real man move to apologize to Cobra. Well done sir. I know there’s a sweetheart inside you but you got anger issues too…tattooing her was an ultimate olive branch. I love that.

So let me get this straight…ya’ll really thought boxing with liquor and a brick ass fireplace right there was a good idea??? Welp…I guess maybe it was a good idea… kinda odd…but ok…as long as ya’ll are cool again.

Nikki…Jen…Ashley..the plus ones…these hoes rolled up like gangstas for real. Nikki you got me scared from the other side of the couch. Girl you Hulked all the way up before getting to the lake house…you went all the way in…but at the end of the day you was trying to leave with Phor…smh girl if you was going run in like a bull in a China shop you should have done your damage and left him holding his balls.


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