Black Ink Chicago S3 Ep 5-9: Strippers, Babies, & Sex on the Kitchen Counter



Man oh man! I been out making vodka shots and chasing them with the lemons life has been harvesting in my garden but I have been watching tv too! Sorry for the delays but let’s get caught up!!!
Episode 5….At the End of the Day
Charmaine-girl you can’t really be in shock that your ass got fired! You was on thin ice as it was and you let your turn up get in the way of your dreams and your coins! Big Girl Panty time.
Welcome Lily…yeah your pretty drunk ass is gonna fit right in.
Junior you’re a class act friend.
Don-really my dude? You’re mad over some stripper wagging is shlong in your wife’s face after all the dirt you’ve done before and after being married. Have a seat friend. And um…the piercer…yeah…sir…nah…
Phor good move sir. You messed up you manned up…respect…but your mistake was a rookie move.
Van your girl wants to get married…you knew this was coming. But my dude that pink camoflauge and gold metallic gorilla face hoodie was well…interesting…
Episode 6
Don way to go apologizing for blowing up on Ashley about the bachelorette party…
Van your girl wants to get married…you knew this was coming. But my dude that pink camoflauge and gold metallic gorilla face hoodie was well…interesting…
Cobra…idk if Charmaine and Danielle are your best options as guides into the lady pond…the thotland tourguides yes…but love and relationships…you’re better off fumbling around yourself.
Charmaine…you so messy. But girl I appreciate you getting the tea on Ryan and Kat…HAHAHA I love how your mom just confirmed you been crazy your whole life and she got you tested. Hilarious.
Van you want your space…pretty sure there was a much better way to go about having that conversation…it was super fucked up for your girl to bring dude to Phor’s show but once again you let your temper get the best of you and you totally mishandled the whole encounter causing a damn melee!!!
Episode 7
Don…congrats on your first piercing! Way to go!!! But err…ummmmmm…I don’t like seeing yours and Ashley’s bedroom behavior…y’all got a clapper?!
Van…why are y’all meeting in the middle.of no where like you bout to out a hit out…8 years is a long time to be with someone and not know if you want to get married. She’s been a rider she deserves to put her foot down….
Charmaine…I feel so bad about your mom’s situation…but there is hope! I hope she gets a few other opinions and consults a holistic specialist or naturopath…the bucket list trapeze excursion was dope!!! That is til mama punked out… the butterfly tattoos were pretty
Cobra and Lily… roommates…ok…Junior watch out…
Phor…I really want this chic to be your cousin…it’s really sad that her mother fell through…it’s sad to see the wounds ebibf reopened but your girl needs to fall back some she clocked out way to far on Jenelle
Episode 8
Lily..girl… disrespectful AF. Roommate laws…don’t fuck on the kitchen counter…when your roommate is home…and girl don’t step to Cobra…you can’t handle that. Be humble. Apologize.
Charmaine geez you and Danielle are shameful! How can you not know Bone Thugs are from Cleveland?! But kudos for doing the interview.
Congratulations Don and Ashley
.but girl you be doing the absolute most!!! Take your ass to Target please. I mean for real Ashley…girl you boughetto at it’s best! Listen to your man. You can’t afford a $1395 stroller. Not for this baby or the next 10 babies. You out there looking really stupid. Don is trying to give you what you want but you are making it really hard and being really disrespectful.
Junior…where were you? Your girl is getting wreckless and you’re no where to be found…
Episode 9
Styled by Dani J…that’s a good look Danielle. I hope this works out for you. The fashion show looked fabulous.
Lily smh. Girl you are so out of control. You gotta humble yourself to go back to Cobra’s and you should be thankful she’s forgiving and needy too because you have run out of options.
Cobra…congrats on the date with the girl…but your first date…with a girl named Velvet…that’s a stripper…mmmk…and you fucking in the bathroom with your OCD I love it. But for real…Where’s the watch.
Ryan…is the baby yours? You’re all stressed..get it together man.

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