Issa Reunion

S2, Ep 209 – “Yet Do I Marvel”

Oh, boy. Well, the Bordelons are back, and I can see this half of the season is going to answer a bunch of my questions and raise even more. Guess who’s here for it.

oprah nod

Let’s run this back.


Now that Charley’s divorce is public, Remy and Charley were out in the Louisiana streets  looking extra cozy. They were holding hands, feeding each other, stopping in the rain to kiss… allathat. Charley hasn’t smiled like this in a while, so I was all #teamgetyourlife and #teamfxckDavis. I’m nervous, though. I hesitate to be crazy in love with them being crazy in love because I’m holding my breath, waiting for some catastrophic event to destroy their tickle-giggle relationship.

QS209_0617_Skip Bolen

Ralph Angel and Darla are in the same boat. Newly engaged, they are all smiles these days. (I’m still not sure how they went from him not letting her in the house to him dropping to his knee to propose, but I’m rolling with it.) All the family members were supportive and seemed genuinely happy for the two of them. Aunt Vi even told Darla she was proud of her for being sober for two years. She was so happy that she organized a surprise party for them at High Yellow.

Nova and Robert are still on… for now. He seems to be the consistent one, and then we have flaky Nova. We never know how this can go. I want her to allow herself to love a Black man. I still feel like there’s something to that. Did Ernest scar her in some way?


I’d like to be added to Aunt Vi’s HIPAA form, stat. I have questions, and I need answers. If you watched the first half of this season, you remember her falling out at the gathering and acting like she was okay. Now, her hair is falling out, her vision is failing, and she just doesn’t seem like her energetic self. I was proud of her for going to the doctor at the end of the episode, but I’m scared to find out the prognosis. Aunt Vi holds the family together. We need this to be curable. Nova needs to do some of her holistic rituals and  make this go away. I wonder if it’s Zika. Cancer? I feel like cancer is too predictable. Maybe it’s lupus.  I’m trying not to go to WebMD, but uh…


Umph. We finally met Charley’s mother, and she was just like I expected: materialistic, superficial, bougie, and disconnected. I need to know how she and Ernest got together. She criticized Charley’s place, gave a weak apology for being across the world wrapped up in herself and her friend’s issues instead of making sure she was around to support her daughter through the most trying time of her life. I’ve had enough of her already. She can come back home now. Or to Japan. Though she shared a touching moment with Charley at the end of the episode, I don’t trust her.


Blue was creating a family and had some questions for RA and Darla. He wanted birthdays, pictures, wedding dates, etc. The telling moment was when he asked his mom what her parents’ names were. I knew Darla was estranged from her parents, but for that long??? It was obvious the conversation was uncomfortable for Darla, but she gave Blue the information he asked for. She and RA then shared with him that they were getting married. Of course Blue was ecstatic. This meant his mom and dad would be together forever. QS209_0143_Skip Bolen

During the surprise engagement party, Darla learned she’d been promoted. When she called Vi “Ms. Vi,” Vi corrected her. It was “AUNT Vi” now. Hot damn! As they talked about her being family now, Darla felt compelled to call her parents.  Now, I’m not sure what’s going on with their relationship, but Darla looks like she drank some spoiled milk every time her parents are mentioned. This was especially noticeable when Aunt Vi said she couldn’t wait to meet them. Anywho, she called and updated them on at least two years of her life. It broke my heart to listen to her say she was marrying her “son’s father” (They don’t know his name?), that Blue is six now, and that she’s been sober two years (So, they haven’t communicated in at least that long.) Jesus, take the wheel. Matter of fact, take the whole car. I can’t. Now I wonder who is responsible for cutting communication in the first place: her or them?



  • Where the hell did Chantal come from again?? I thought we were done with her? Nova bet’ not mess up her relationship with Robert behind this girl showing up with opinions of what she should be “woke” about. And the line below was loaded. Nova wasn’t just talking about
    • “When a lotta people moved on, I stayed. I’ve been here.” – Nova
  • Kofi’s teeth are soooo pretty!
  • I’m glad Micah and Davis filled Charley in on what really happened to him.
  • I wonder how much havoc Charley and Nova are going to wreak behind what happened to Micah.


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