The Fairy Tale is Over: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 2, Episode 13

S2, Ep 213 – Heritage

I know I’ve been off the grid for a bit, but that’s because real life was kicking my butt. I’ve still been keeping up with my cousins (the Bordelons), though. I just haven’t had the time to pop in and do my official recap. Anyway, I’m here now, so let’s run this back.

The Truth

FIRST of all, I. told. y’all. I diagnosed Aunt Vi in the first episode this half of the season. I said it could be lupus. She met with her physician and had to accept that she has the medical condition that has been affecting her more than she cares to admit.

We finally met Darla’s parents, and they finally met Ralph Angel and Blue. Yes, I said, “Blue.” How old is he? Six? It’s been six years since they’ve been in touch with Darla. Anyway, there was no way either of them could resist his sweet personality. He almost brought Grandpa Quincy (Darla’s dad) to tears when he hugged him. Shoot… I almost cried, too! I picked up on the odd dynamic between Darla, Quincy, and Darlene (Darla’s mom) when they first arrived; but at dinner, her dad gave me the impression that Darla wasn’t good enough in his eyes and probably never was. He beamed with pride when congratulating Nova and Charley on their accomplishments. No, really. He actually said he was proud of them like he was their next door neighbor and watched them play in the yard when they were five. Meanwhile, everyone seemed a bit uncomfortable with the recognition. Charley told him that the mill wouldn’t be as successful had it not been for Darla’s assistance. He wasn’t moved. He clearly looks at Darla as a follower and not a leader.

Aunt Vi and Darlene were able to chat alone for a while. During that time, we learned Queen Sugar EP. 213 "TBD"that Darlene had been sending money to Vi to help her with Blue’s expenses. She apologized for not being more than a monthly check, but she genuinely seemed like she wanted that to change. I wasn’t ready for that. Here I thought they’d had nothing to do with their grandson or Darla all this time. Not so. I’m guessing Darla and Ralph Angel may not know that Darlene was sending money, either.

While Darlene and Darla shared mother-daughter time on the porch, Darlene reminded Darla that her truth may not necessarily be the truth. While Darla felt her parents abandoned her, she didn’t consider the times when she called them, high as a kite, demanding money; when they looked for her and couldn’t find her; etc. Darla apologized for breaking their hearts and asked for forgiveness. It was a precious moment.

Darla spoke with her dad out in the field. She apologized for her behavior in the past and wanted to make amends. He told her it was important to make amends to Ralph Angel as well, noting the importance of having a solid foundation for marriage. Next thing you know, she approached Ralph Angel and told him the story of how she’d gone back to D.C. with her friends years ago and had gotten the highest she’s ever been. While in that state, she had sex with a stranger. Long story short, Blue may not be Ralph Angel’s. RA was so hurt, he could barely breathe. Instead of swinging on her or pinning her against the house, he meandered a few feet away from her and squatted to the ground. Poor thing.

Navigating Love

Calvin is back!!! Well, kinda. He showed up at a coffee shop/eatery/whatever-that-was where Nova and her friend were catching up on the Robert fiasco. Lawd, when I saw how distracted Nova was while her friend was giving her the “Free Yourself” speech (re: Robert), I knew Calvin had to have walked in. It was the way she lost her breath. Like, I could feel her heart drop down to her stomach, causing the butterflies to scatter. When he spotted her, it was obvious he felt the same. And a la Fitz and Olivia on Scandal, they greeted each other with a simple but sexy “Hi.” Her friend was shocked by their interaction and asked for more of an explanation of who he was after he left. Nova simply called him her “past.” The past walked through her door that night and professed his undying love for her. Said he’d do anything to be with her again. All she had to do was tell him. He felt free when he was with her, and he had to pretend to be someone he wasn’t around everyone else close to him. He was sick of that life. Unfortunately, Nova being in a relationship with him was more like prison for her. He represented everything she fought against, and she would constantly have to defend being with a white cop in the midst of being all, “F the police.” She couldn’t be herself when she was with him. So, nah, it wasn’t gon’ work. (We’ll see if he’s in her bed again in the opening of the next episode. We know Nova is fickle as hell.)

Welp. I knew Charley and Remy were too giddy when this half of the season started. I hate that there’s such a thing as being too giddy or too happy. But you know, the devil is busy, so here we are. Charley has been wanting to meet “Little Remy” for quite some time now, but Remy has been hesitant to make that introduction. Turns out he hasn’t had sex with anyone since his wife died. He was finally ready to take the leap and make love to Charley. She put on her lacy lingerie, and he was totally engulfed in the moment. While they kissed and caressed, he referenced forever twice in a matter of a minute and a half. He could look at her forever. He believed in forever. Um… Charley stiffened up and he noticed. Did he mean, forever-forever?? Talk about awkward. That was the end of their sexy time. They realized they hadn’t discussed the future. Remy wanted to remarry. Charley wasn’t sure that was her plan. She just got divorced. Remy also wants children. Charley never entertained the thought of having more children. Hell, I don’t blame her. Micah is sixteen! Shop is closed! The good news is Remy didn’t run away. He’s okay with figuring it out as they go.  Hey now! Not today, Satan!


  • How precious was the moment when Blue asked his dad what he should call Darla’s father?
  • I’m happy that Ralph Angel’s soy bean crop brought in more of a profit than expected. Even though he’s a crybaby, he works hard.
  • Something’s up with Darla’s father.  Something doesn’t feel right.
  • I still remember Darla placing her hand on her stomach while trying on her wedding dress. #Illwait
  • Ralph Angel just might go HAM if Blue isn’t his. He went to prison for stealing, trying to take care of him. Darla may need to steer clear until their cheeks are swabbed. I’m nervous.
  • This was a pivotal episode. I believe this is only the beginning of the shenanigans.

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