2017 Soul Train Awards Recap

So, once again, Sistah Erykah Badu hosted the Soul Train Awards. This was her third year, and she still proves to be a great fit for the show. I won’t be surprised if she returns next year.

This show was okay. It’s been better in previous years. I was willing to still give it a thumbs up until I saw the Toni Braxton tribute. Let’s run it back.

  • SWV, recipients of the Lady of Soul Award this year, opened the show with a bang. LeLee hit us with a little cussing before they broke into some dance moves (something along the lines of “Let’s do this shit!”), which gave me LIFE. Coko sang as only Coko can, though she didn’t put great effort into it. She was real cool-like, giving us enough to remind us who she is in case anyone forgot. My girl Taj has been dealing with some knee issues, but she had on a bedazzled, sparkly knee brace to match her outfit. I wasn’t even mad. I guess she said, I’ma be compliant BUT I’m still gonna perform. Go ‘head, Taj!
  • The Soul Cypher was hot! Mali Music, Bilal, Fantasia, and Faith gave us blues and chu’ch, and harmonies for the gawds. ‘Tasia even warned us when she was about to take us to church.
  • Tamar sang “Blind,” and she SANG, hear? However-comma, since I’m not blind, I had to look away a couple times. Her eyes get to buckin’ and frightening me like usual. I’m not sure who scares me the most with this: her or Johnny Gill.
  • 112 is back. They performed a song off of their new album and also sang a medley of their classics.
  • Tank performed some song about all the nasty things he was gonna do to a woman. I don’t know. The song was cool, but his “performance” was a thirst trap. First he unbuttoned his shirt. Sang a little. Then, he took the shirt off. Sang a little more. He called this “getting comfortable.” Live your life, Tank.
  • Keyshia Cole was another performer. She was cool. *shrug*
  • BBD presented the Lady of Soul Award to SWV. Mike looked uncomfortable in his tight jeans.
  • Can you believe SWV has NEVER won an award until this show?????
  • The fuckery of the night: The Toni Braxton Tribute
    • Luke James, Ro James, and Jessie J were the artists who sang her songs. (I’ll give you a moment to blink that off.
    • Jessie J was the best out of the three.
    • Luke was cool, but not fitting.
    • Ro was a NO.
    • This fine Monday morning after, I’m still trying to figure out how in the entirety of hell Tamar Estine Braxton was in the audience and didn’t perform as part of the tribute. I hope it wasn’t her decision, because I mean, c’mon Tamar. We know you are an artist in your own right. It would not have been a step down to perform your sister’s song. We’ve seen her imitate Toni on Braxton Family Values. She kills it!
    • Oh, but not only that…ALL the sisters were there. Trina, Traci, and Towanda also sat their behinds in the audience whilst the train wreck of a tribute was happening. I was outdone.
    • Hell, I would’ve been good with Mama Evelyn singing “Seven Whole Days” or sum’n.
    • The only thing that kinda saved the tribute was the fact that Toni THE Braxton herself got up there and performed. I couldn’t even get happy when she walked down the steps and put the mic up to Tamar’s mouth for 12.5 seconds. Because WTF????
  • So because of the tribute fail, this one was MEH at best. I’d now like the BET Awards to honor Toni and get it right.


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