2018 Billboard Music Awards Recap

It’s been a while, but I’m still around. Don’t get it twisted!

I won’t bore you with a long intro. Let’s run this thing back.

  1. One time for Kelly Clarkson KILLING the opening. (Her speech about Texas AND her musical medley) She was this year’s host.Kelly C
  2. Ariana Grande still impresses with her vocals. I was more impressed this year, though, because I could understand 94.2% of her lyrics. One time for articulation!
  3. Khalid won best new artist. He’s cool, but I’m not sure I agree.
  4. 21 Savage looked pissed much of the night. After he won, he gave us 21 smirks, though.
  5. Ciara kept pronouncing “women” the way most pronounce “woman,” and it made my soul itch.
  6. Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato sang a duet. It was cool until Demi hit some miscellaneous notes. I’ll chalk it up to her nerves. She was singing with Christina, who still has IT.
  7. John Legend performed, and gave us interesting hip action in his tight white pants.
  8. J-Lo performed her new song, “Dinero” with DJ Khaled’s hollerin’ self. She walked on her dancers’ hands as they suspended her in the air. Cardi B accompanied her on the big screen.
  9. I REALLY hoped she would come out in tribute to Janet and dance to “That’s the Way Love Goes.”
  10. But let’s talk about how Janet K-I-L-L-E-D the stage per usual. I could have used more old music, but I still grinned the entire time she performed.Janet
  11. Katherine and Reebie sat proudly in the audience and smiled proudly as she became the first African-American woman to receive the Billboard Icon Award.
  12. Call me greedy, but I wanted more. She is an icon. She has too many hits to count. I needed a song per album…minimum. I needed a tribute. Ciara was there, damnit.
  13. Camila took us to Havana. The way she kept poppin’ and such, I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t need a hip replacement at age 55. But carry on, girl!
  14. This Korean boy group/band named BTS caused an uproar among the girls in the crowd when they performed. I have never heard of them until tonight, and all I could think while they performed was, “What in the NSync meets Gucci Mane is happening here??? What in the appropriated hell am I witnessing???” I’m still waiting for an answer.
  15. Now I wonder what BTS means. “Black today! Shiiiiit” “Back to Sleep” “Blacker Than Some” “Buy the Shirt” ??? Somebody help.
  16. Salt, sal-salt, Salt-N-Pepa’s here!!!! Well, they were. And they did their thing. They shooped, pushed it, talked about sex, and talked about a mighty good man. (Did Salt say she didn’t have one yet? I need to hear that part again.) EnVogue 3.0 joined them on-stage. Kelly Clarkson even came out at the very end and sang a bit before she closed the show.
  17. This year’s show was pretty cool. I’m an 80’s baby, so I appreciated Janet and Salt-N-Pepa/EnVogue most. Until next year!


P.S. Taylor Swift won some awards, too. Nothing new.

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