Decisions, Decisions: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 3, Ep. 2

S3, Ep 302 – Of Their Sojourn Here

Her Time

Vi ran into the grocery store manager and learned that her pies sold out over the holidays in record time. Because of that, he made her an offer. If she doubled her order, he would increase her royalty by 25% and place her pies on a more visible display in the store. Deal.

Vi was ready to get to work. Sadly, she only has one assistant; and let’s not forget that she hasn’t been in the best of health and needs to sit down somewhere and rest sometimes. The warrior and hustler in her made a way, though. She made a deal with a woman she couldn’t stand so that she could use her ovens, used those at the High Yellow (without permission), and delivered the pies as she said she would. Then came the moment. The whole family joined her at the store so they could see her pies on the central display. Problem was her pies were stacked near the bakery again and some lunchbox snack cakes were displayed centrally. 

That was unacceptable. Vi immediately summoned a store associate and asked for the manager. Oh, he wasn’t there? Get him on the phone. Vi’s Pies were not where he’d promised. She grabbed a few boxes in preparation to move them herself. Recognizing her angst, the rest of the family helped. Once they were moved, Vi stepped away. She needed a moment. Hollywood went after her, and Nova followed. Vi explained to Hollywood that the location of her pies may not be a big deal to anyone else, but it meant everything to her. At sixty, it was finally her time to shine, and no one was going to make her wait any longer or put her in a corner. Little did she know she was inspiring her oldest niece as she stood behind her, listening. 

Going Public

Charley and her sidekick Vicky successfully leaked the video exposing Officer Orson for the dishonorable person he is, causing a media frenzy. However, Charley never considered that Micah would see the video and be affected all over again, and it took Davis to bring that to her attention. He understood her plight to get some type of justice for Micah and the other victims of Orson’s wrath, but he wanted her keep their son in mind before making major decisions. 

And yes, Micah saw the video. Micah has seen a lot these days. He’s learning and finding his place in the world and within his culture. And for him, going to public school will only enhance his journey. He wants to feel like he belongs, and when he’s around other Black teens, that’s how he feels. He’s tired of justifying his presence in private school or only being accepted because he’s the Black kid whose parents have money.

Davis didn’t mind him attending public school. Charley was the one to convince. Davis gave him advice on how to approach Charley, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Charley was all Hell nah without thinking twice. It wasn’t until she saw the photos Micah had taken of “us” while at the basketball game – of the unique qualities Black people possess -that she opened her mind. She agreed to let him try public school. 

Brand New

Welp. Blue is still cuttin’ up. RA told him he was going to put him in time out if he kept being disobedient, and that little boy said, “No, you’re going in time out.” Oop. Later, Ralph Angel almost snatched him in the clothing store because he refused to put some shoes back. In Blue’s defense, Hollywood basically told him he could have whatever he wanted, but Blue should have listened to his dad. RA’s

Queen Sugar Ep 302
Hollywood, Ralph Angel, and Blue go shopping. Photo by Skip Bolen © 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Courtesy of OWN

stern conversation with Blue caught the attention of a security guard in the store. He kept his eye on the father-son duo while Hollywood nervously explained that they were okay and would come back later.

While out having drinks with Charley, RA questioned whether he’s good for Blue. She assured him that he’s the best thing that could’ve happened to Blue. During their conversation, RA also told Charley that he wants to make sure she remembers what’s real in the midst of her “fake” flirting with Jacob. He can laugh with her about Jacob showing her his daddy’s boat and all, but he wants to make sure she’s not being wooed. I’m with RA.

Eventually, Sweet Blue made an appearance again. While RA was washing dishes, Blue walked in and apologized for being bad. RA”s response: “You definitely was acting brand new, but you ain’t got a bad bone in your body.” Awwwwwww!!!! (He was acting bad, though.) He then asked to help with the dishes, and the father-son bond was back to normal. Poor Blue. He’s just trying to work through his feelings about his mom. I really need Darla and RA to resolve their issues.


Nova interviewed the four teens who knelt during the national anthem, and anticipated seeing her article in the newspaper. Well, there was an article there, but it wasn’t hers. It was one about teens causing trouble at the game.  They couldn’t go with what she’d written because her previous controversial articles had cost the paper some of their major advertisers. They needed her to lay low for a while. Queen Sugar Ep 302

In meeting with her sister tribe, Nova had a discussion with them regarding whether she should quit her job writing for the newspaper and pursue the book venture. The responses were mixed. Some advised that she stick with what is a guaranteed paycheck. Others thought she’d be silly not to accept a six-figure book deal. The conflicting feedback was no help. It wasn’t until she saw Aunt Vi’s mini meltdown and heard her say it was her time that she made her decision. She pranced into her boss’s office and handed in her resignation.



  • I wanna know why the security guard was giving Ralph Angel such a side-eye for verbally chastising Blue. I guess he’d never gotten in trouble? I know there were many of us parents shouting at the screen, wanting RA to go pick out a switch or somethin’.
  • Charley’s got that sauce, baby! After partying with RA at the bar, she couldn’t start her car. A nice gentleman named Romero came to her rescue by giving her battery a jump, and they ended up exchanging numbers. Maybe he’ll jumpstart her love life again. Bye Remy!
  • Vicky has come back with more info for Charley. This time, she has dug up Landry Enterprises’ financial records and says ol’ Sammy is deep in debt. This makes Charley question why he would agree to buy out Queen Sugar.
  • Where did Vicky come from? I hope she’s Charley’s mom’s friend or something. I wanna make sure we can trust her.
  • Micah attending public school should be very interesting.
  • No, Ralph Angel, you won’t be good for Blue if you’re sexing everything moving in an effort to erase the pain from your breakup with Darla. I saw the previews for next week. It looked like he had another chick in the house and Blue walked in on something that we can file under “intimate.”
  • Now that Hollywood has all this money, I need him to help Aunt Vi with her pie business. Shopping is cool, but investing in a dream is even better.
  • Remy is stomping on my nerves already this season. I get that he is concerned about Charley’s tactics, but I want him to stay out of her business.

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