Everything Changed: Queen Sugar Recap, Season 3, Ep. 4

S3, Ep 304 – “No Haven In My Shadow”

So, I’m in the middle of writing my next book, and I better keep at it while the words are flowing. In this episode, Aunt Vi said “Black folks ain’t got no time for writer’s block. Too much to say and not enough time to say it.” But I will quickly run this back.

  • Darla’s back, and Ralph Angel doesn’t know what to do with his feelings. He was able to avoid her when she was on his phone screen, but shit is different when someone is at your screen door. When he asked how long she’s staying, she told him she’ll be in St. Joe’s as long as her son is in St. Joe’s. And yeah, she referred to him as her son; but she quickly corrected herself, saying “our” son. Oops. RA clearly wasn’t prepared to address how they will co-parent Blue, but he eventually told Darla they would figure it out.
  • Aunt Vi is ti’ed. This pie business is wearing her out. And Sistah No Good (Miss Effie) who made the deal with her to use the church’s kitchen suddenly has amnesia and a case of IDGAF. She shut Vi down in the middle of baking, saying the space was reserved for the nice, church goin’ women of the supper club. While this was news to Vi and a breach of their agreement, Sistah No Good cared not. After transporting the pies, Hollywood notices some of the pies were smashed and offered to buy her a delivery truck. Vi wasn’t hearing it. She didn’t want to owe anybody anything – not even her man. Thankfully, she humbled herself and agreed to let him buy the truck by the end of the episode.
  • That damn Davis never ceases to piss me off. The latest: he has a thirteen-year-old daughter named Tia and wants Micah to meet her. And he’s known about her all this time. The hell??? Davis thought he was doing the right thing by coming clean, but he only spoke up because the girl’s mother died. (I wonder if that means he’ll get custody of her.) Though Micah was already floored when he spoke of Tia’s existence, he was through with Davis once he learned his mother doesn’t know about his secret sister.
  • While at Prosper’s house, Charley discovered an eviction notice from Sam Landry. Now, this foolery was hitting too close to home. Prosper and Ernest were very close, and he was like family. She tracked down Jacob and demanded answers. Let him tell it, the EPA was responsible for the evictions due to contaminated soil issues after the hurricane; but he supposedly wants to help fix things. Meanwhile, Vicky is still collecting bones and carrying them back to Charley. She’s slowing learning of the dysfunction within Landry Enterprises and among the shareholders.
  • Blue won’t celebrate his birthday after what happened to Ernest at his party last year. So, instead, they are having a bonfire to commemorate Ernest’s passing. Bonfires have a special meaning for Blue and his grandfather. Everyone was to write a note to Ernest and throw it in the fire so it would get to him in heaven. The notes were simple, yet meaningful.
    • Micah – “Grandpa, I wish we had more time.”
    • Nova – “Daddy, our story will live on.”
    • Vi – “Thank you for always taking care of me.”
    • RA – “Mom and Pop, I’ll raise him in your name.”
    • Charley – “Dear Daddy: I’ll take care of him.” YAAASSSSSS!!!


  • I’m calling it now. Remy is going to help Nova with her book, and one late night, they are going to kiss and whatnot. I didn’t forget what I saw between them last season.
  • Guess who works at Prosper’s doctor’s office… Romero! He’s the man who gave her car a jump after she’d been out kickin’ it with RA. She apologized for not contacting him but said she would.
  • Where is Darla staying? Where will she work? I hope she gets a bossy-ass job and proves all naysayers wrong.
  • It was cute when RA acknowledged that Darla cut her hair.
  • *hand clap* for the “Waterfalls” remix #TLCfan #TLC


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