Love Is _____ In the Details: Season 1, Episode 3

Episode 103: “Her Questions”

Whew!! Tonight was deep. I love how we’re experiencing Nuri and Yasir’s separate journeys as well as their journey together. This form of storytelling promotes understanding within relationships. The male and female experiences are surely being televised. Let’s run this back.

  • Things got hot and heavy with Nuri and Yasir after the concert. You know – kissing, caressing, bra unhooking and such. Nuri stopped Yasir before they went any further, reminding him that it was Ramadan. Besides, she was now on a path where she prefers to wait until she was making love to her husband in her home. (Not sure when she decided that, but okay, girl!) Yasir gave her no pushback. In fact, when she glimpsed below his belt and made a comment about his excitement no longer being visible, Yasir stated, “He’s a good listener when a woman says stop.” Oop! Okay, Yasir and Little Yasir! Say that!
  • Once they said their goodbyes, Yasir couldn’t leave because his car wouldn’t start. He spoke to God, reminding Him that he was going to fast and pray another day to make up for the foreplay that had taken place with Nuri. He just needed his car to start. Please. After a few more tries, he realized he was stuck. Instead of knocking on Nuri’s door, he leaned on the car and smoked a cigarette. Nuri spotted him and assumed he didn’t want to leave her as much as she didn’t want him to leave. So, she invited him back in. She read his script until she fell asleep, and they spooned in their clothes. She was awakened by the phone ringing. It was her boss. No, he didn’t notice she’d left the night before (Thank God.). He was calling to let her know they had the day off. Yay! More time with Yasir. Since he was there, she needed his assistance with the renovations she was making to her house.
  • While they took a break from renovating, Nuri’s phone rang again. She let it go to voicemail, forgetting that she had some boos still lurking in the shadows. Of course they wouldn’t call until she had company. First, Keith called about their upcoming ski trip. Nuri assured Yasir that the plans were made prior to them meeting and that she would cancel. Then, Derrick called. At this point, Yasir wanted to know how many men were in her life. She gave him the rundown on Keith, Derrick, and Will, and then asked about Ruby. When the next call came through, she picked the phone up with the quickness. (Peep my 90’s slang.) It was Angela that time, telling Nuri she was about to meet up with a man she’d met online.
  • Nuri and Yasir made plans to meet up later that evening at Insomnia. Of course he sat in his car and waited until she drove off to get back out and push his car down the road. He didn’t get far, but at least he was no longer in front of her house. With no other choice, he began walking. Along the way, he tried getting in touch with Sean to no avail. He finally spoke with Sean who would not let him use his AAA card to get his car towed. He reminded Yasir that he’d helped Ruby pay for AAA and was entitled to the same benefits as her.
  • Since he still had a key, Yasir showed up at Ruby’s place and rummaged through her things to see if he could find the card. She heard him and emerged from her room wearing a compression garment with drains hanging off the sides.  Turns out she had liposuction to fit in with the thinner, White yoga instructors she’s competing with for business. Because she was in pain, alone, and not being the most compliant patient, Yasir hung around to play nurse. His scheduled date with Nuri came and went. Though he was trying to find out how to reach her, he had no luck.  Nuri was trying to figure out where he was, too, calling the police station and hospitals looking for him (with no last name to provide).
  • After speaking with her mother and being stood up by Yasir, Nuri is starting to question the “love” she and Yasir have for each other. Her mother’s questions and advice began to make sense. She said getting to know each other was what makes falling in love a great experience. Nuri didn’t even know Yasir’s last name or birthday. Then, after her nosy neighbor, Pearlie, knocked on the door, she had more questions. Pearlie took her to Yasir’s car that was parked in front of her house. She knew Yasir spent the night the night before and saw Yasir push his car in front of her house. Pearlie’s nosy self had details. She’d looked on his mail (inside the car) to provide Nuri with his last name. Along with the mail was her number written on a scrap piece of paper. Unfortunately, Nuri also saw his clothes and realized he must be living out of his car.
  • Nuri showed up at the address listed on his mail. Bold move. Yasir stayed calm and told her he understood why she was upset; however, he couldn’t give her the answers she needed until the next day. Because he promised Ruby he’d keep her secret, he didn’t share with Nuri why he was at Ruby’s place. Nuri still wanted answers. Was he ever married? Does he have kids? Is Yasir his birth name? Is he homeless? Is he using her to level up? The question of whether he was using her offended him. With no more information to offer her, he “politely” closed the door in her face. Heartbreaking. 2018 Yasir said it best: “I closed the door on the woman I love to protect the woman that needed me.”


  • Can someone help me figure out why Nuri didn’t want to hold Yasir’s hand that he holds his cigarette with but she didn’t mind kissing him?
  • Shout out to them playing MASH!
  • I love the conversation about women confusing men by going on trips with them, sharing a hotel room, and thinking a man is wrong for expecting to have sex.
  • So, I was totally convinced Nuri was in love with Yasir (and vice versa) when they had an entire conversation millimeters from each other’s face and didn’t flinch at the whiffs of hot morning breath permeating their nostrils.

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